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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5779                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Debbie Wang on the upcoming marriage of her
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               son Jonathan to Laila Masghati. Mazal Tov as well to
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       grandparents Leon & Gloria Miller.
         GREAT NECK AREA PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW.         Mazal Tov to Tova & Isaac Elyassoff on the birth of their
         OFFICE HOURS FOR RABBI POLAKOFF                     daughter. Mazal Tov to grandparents Laden & Elyahou
         Tuesdays 10:00-12:00; Thursdays 1:00-3:00. He can            Mehdizadeh Elyassoff and Yafa & Behnam Azizian.
         always be reached via cell 516.637.3674/    Mazal Tov to Lisa & Michael Aryeh on the birth of a
         HASHKAMA MINYAN KIDDUSH                             granddaughter, Malia, born to their children Elana &
         Hashkama Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Hindi & Benjamin   Nathaniel Shmuelian. Mazal Tov as well to great
         Lunzer in honor of the engagement of their daughter Ariella to   grandmother Mahin Aryeh.
         David Dachoh.
                                                             Mazal Tov to Alice & Brian Boczko on the birth of a
         ANNUAL KASHER-IN                                    granddaughter Elisheva Leba, born to their children Arielle &
         Monday evening, April 15th form 7:45-9:30 pm. Items should   Jeremy Boczko and siblings Moshe Yosef, Racheli and Eliana.
         be cleaned and not used for 24 hours. Silver should be polished.
                                                             MEOROT EVENTS
         YOM HASHOAH COMMEMORATION                           Meorot Community Lecture & Fundraiser, featuring guest speaker
         Wednesday, May 1st at 8:00 pm: Ruth Mermelstein     Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, will be held on Monday, May 6 at
         MEN’S CLUB EVENT                                    8pm at the lovely home of Drs. Ada & Dov Berkowitz, 160 W.
         Sun. May 5th at 9:30 am: Annual Rabbinic Dialogue, hosted   Shore Road in Kings Point.
         this year at Great Neck Synagogue.                  Meorot Open House on Thursday, May 16 at 7pm at NSHA
         SISTERHOOD ANNUAL DINNER                            Cherry Lane Campus. Dr. Gutkind and the Meorot Staff will be
         Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30 pm @ Cho-sen Village Restaurant.   providing a hands on opportunity to learn about the program's
         Speaker will be Janice Kaplan, author of “The Gratitude Diaries”,   curriculum and individualized approach.
         each attendee will receive a free book! Cost is $40/member and   OHEL XTREME CHALLENGE CLASSIC
         $45/non-members. Sponsorships are available.        On Sunday May 19, Tami Secunda-Kramer will be participating
                                                             with a team of women from Great Neck, Team IMOVE & SWEAT,
         NORTH SHORE MIKVAH ASSOCIATION EVENT                     in the OHEL Xtreme Challenge at Camp  Kaylie. She will be
         Annual North Shore Mikvah Association event will be Tuesday   challenging her body & testing her limits in support of children
         May 14th at 7:15 pm in the GNS ballroom.
                                                             and adults with disabilities, foster children, children in OHEL's 3
         MENACHEM BEGIN LEGACY PROJECT EVENT                 domestic violence shelters, and the elderly. Please donate to her
         Wednesday evening, May 15th at 8:30 pm. Join us for a   page and help the Great Neck team be the highest fundraising
         very special event to learn more about the amazing life of           team! Thank you!
         Menachem Begin from Menachem Begin Heritage Center CEO                    Saturday, 8 Nisan
         Herzl Makov.                                                            Ron Braun for Renee Braun
         ISRAEL BONDS EVENT                                                   David Bronheim for Lenny Bronheim
                                                                                Mark Bunim for Gladys Bunim
         Great Neck Synagogue Men’s Club and Young Israel of Great          Amy Goldberg-Reiss for Joseph Goldberg
         Neck together with Israel Bonds invite you on Tuesday, May              Malka Gad for Tvuz Hakimi
         21st at 8:00 pm with guest speaker Charley Harari.                     Donna Hecht for Tvuz Hakimi
                                                                              Nathaniel Weisel for Bessie Kaplan
         SIGN UP FOR A MEAL TRAIN                            Y               Nechama Liss-Levinson for Morris Liss
         Many of you are familiar with the meals that are prepared and        Vivian Kron for Yvette Diana Mahlab
         delivered to families in our community after a new born baby   A       Joyce Dacher for Ida Wolfman
         arrives. These “Meal Baby” invitations are emailed out to a                Sunday, 9 Nisan
         general list and individuals sign up to be responsible for a meal.   Randi Luxenburg for Bernard Beeber
                                                                                Elie Cohen for Michael Cohen
         The meal can be prepared at home or provided by a store with   H          Monday, 10 Nisan
         acceptable hashgacha within our community. Although this is           Iraj Kashani for Yousef Kashani
         usually done for a new baby, it is sometimes also done to assist   R   Sheila Bachman for Mildred Lewit
         a family during a time of illness. If you have not been receiving    Sharon Goldwyn for Nathan Skolnick
         these emails or want to check that your name is on the list,   Z      Rita Gordonson for Linda Werb
                                                                                   Tuesday, 11 Nisan
         please send an email to                        Paul Brody for Harvey Brody
         SHABBAT LUNCH FOR PREVIOUSLY MARRIED SINGLES                         Sharon Goldwyn for Belle Goldwyn
                                                                               Laura Danoff for Ernest Herman
         There is an upcoming Shabbat lunch for previously married men         Phyllis Jadidian for Diana Shapiro
         and women ages 35 to 50 years old that will take place in Great      Lev Dynkin for Meishe Ber Shifman
         Neck. If you or anyone you know may be interested in                                Semyon Dynkin for Meishe Ber Shifman
         attending, please be in touch with Rabbi Polakoff at               Steven Zuckerman for Evelyn Zuckerman or Rabbi Lichter at so they   T       Wednesday, 12 Nisan
                                                                             Miriam Glaubach for Rachel Herlinger
         can give your information to the event organizers.                  Kamran Rastegar for Massoud Rastegar
         ARE YOU MAKING SCHLISSEL CHALLAH AFTER PESACH?                        Mitchell Siegel for Edith Turner
                                                                                   Thursday, 13 Nisan
         If you are and would like to deliver one or more of your                   Rabbi Moshe Kwalbrun for Miriam Raizel bat Moshe Nachman
         delicious homemade challahs to an ill or homebound member of          Josh Windsor for Adela Obsfeld
         our shul for Bikur Cholim, please email Diane Rein at                      Friday, 14 Nisan or text her at (516) 522-1262 to get their          Robert Herman for Frank Herman
         contact information. It will really lift their spirits for Shabbat!    Rhonda Lipsky for Marlene Olk
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