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Parshat Metzorah/Shabbat HaGadol                                        April 13, 2019  8 Nisan, 5779
                                         Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb on Shabbat HaGadol
              ARTSCROLL  620           For several years now, I   identity. So I told him, “Yes, I   have benefited us, both to
                  HERTZ  470           have been taking a train   am a Rabbi, and what do you   humans in our daily
                                       to work every day. Not a  do?” He answered, “I am a   interactions, and to God –
                                                               questioner. I have many
                                       subway train, mind you,
                                                                                           or perhaps as you would put
                  HAFTORAH                                                                 it, to the Higher Power who
                                       but an old-fashioned inter questions about all sorts of
             ARTSCROLL  1220           -city railroad train,   things, not the least of which is  shows us His grace every
                 HERTZ   1005          complete with a         religion. Do you mind if I ask   moment of our lives, if we
                                       conductor who collects   you some of my questions?” I   are but open to
                     Times             the passengers’ tickets   could see my jealously guarded  experiencing Him as the
                                                                                           ultimate source of all the
                                       and even shouts, “All
                                                               commuting time vanishing
                                       aboard!” I enjoy my daily  before my eyes. But I felt I had  good in our lives.” I
           Mincha               7:00 pm   train ride because it gives  no alternative but to respond,   anticipated a challenging
                                       me an opportunity to sit   admittedly insincerely, “Of   retort from Paul, but I was
           Candle Lighting      7:13 pm
                                       by myself and think,    course I would not mind. Ask   taken aback when he
           Hashkama             8:00 am   read, or study       away!”                      nodded in agreement. He
                                       undisturbed.                                        said, “I can agree with you
           Youth Minyan         8:30 am   Occasionally, my peaceful   Before he began, he told me   but somehow never
                                       solitude is interrupted by   about his studies in   associated gratitude and
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   someone who sits down   comparative religion and   thankfulness with Judaism.”
                                       next to me and starts a   asserted that he was a spiritual
           Main                 9:00 am                        person, although not        I told him that I had two
                                       conversation. Generally,   technically a religious one. I   reactions to his failure to
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   the conversation consists   told him that I shared his   associate my faith with
                                       of the usual niceties and   interest in comparative   these essential spiritual
           Mincha               6:50 pm   endures no more than a   religion, although Judaism was  sentiments. “I must first
           Please eat Seudah           few moments. But Paul
           Shlishit at home            was an exception to the   my professed faith and the   point out to you,” I insisted,
                                                               specific religion of which I had
                                                                                           “that the very meaning of
           Shabbat HaGadol      7:10 pm   rule. Paul is his real   the most knowledge. I also told  the term Jew is ‘he who
           Drasha                      name, and he boards the   him that I completely     thanks.’ We are called Jews
                                       train just one station stop
           Shabbat Ends         8:22 pm                        understood the distinction he   in English because of our
                                       after I do. The first time I   made between spirituality and   ancestor Judah. When he
           R’ Reisman Video    10:00 pm   met him, he looked   religion, although we might   was born, his mother, Leah,
                                       around and spotted quite
           Sun. April 14     7:30/8:30 am   a few empty seats before   easily quibble about the   exclaimed: ‘This time I will
                                                                                           thank the Lord,’ and named
                                       my presence caught his   precise meaning of both of
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   attention and he   those terms.                him Judah, which means ‘he
                                                                                           who thanks.’” With a smile
           Tue., Wed.        6:45/7:45 am   deliberately sat down   He then asked me what I   on his face, he said, “I
                                       next to me. No sooner   consider to be the essence of
           Fri. Erev Pesach   6:30/7:45 am   had he sat down that he                       thank you for that insight,
           Mincha               7:20 pm   asked me the question I   Judaism. It was not difficult for   which I never heard before.
                                                               me to answer him because I
                   Latest Times for    have come to dread:     have long pondered that     I will thank you even more
                                                                                           if you share your second
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   “You are a Rabbi, aren’t   question myself, and I had my
                                       you?” Sitting with my   answer at the ready. “The   reaction with me.” I told
                                                                                           him that my second
           April 13         9:37/10:43 am   black yarmulke and an   essence of Judaism,” I   reaction was associated
                                       open book of Mishna     responded emphatically, “is a
           April 20         9:31/10:39 am   before me, it was hard to  sense of gratitude, of   with the portion in the
                                                                                           Bible, Parshat Tzav
                                       deny my rabbinical      thankfulness to those who
                    Next Shabbat                                                           (Leviticus 6:1-8:36).
                                         Kiddush is provided by Great Neck Synagogue and
           Mincha               7:20 pm                  co-sponsored by Malka Gad
           Candle Lighting      7:20 pm                  in memory of her mother Dina Tvuz Hakimi z”l
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