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                                       Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - Ta’anit Esther
                                      Fast begins at 5:37 am and ends at 7:41 pm
                                       Shacharit 6:20 am/7:45 am (with selichot)
                                                     Mincha at 6:40 pm

                                   Wednesday night, March 20, 2019 - Purim Evening
                          Please note that there will be four Megilah readings this year
            1) Family Friendly Maariv & Megilah Reading at 7:30 pm in Main Sanctuary (Ethan Heisler)
                       2) Maariv & Megilah Reading at 7:30 pm in Beit Midrash (Dr. Paul Brody)
                                3) Maariv & Megilah Reading at 7:45 pm in Youth Center
                      (Michael Pagovich, Danny Kroll, Eric Kalimi, Holden Appelbaum, Justin Mirharoon,
                            Noah Hutt, Ben Pagovich, Scott Mayer, Ruben Prawer, & Sammy Kroll)
                             4) Megilah Reading at 8:45 pm in Beit Midrash (Eli Mendelson)

                                       YOUTH PROGRAMMING FOR ALL AGES
                       FUN BEGINS FOR ALL AGES AT 8:15 pm MENDER AUDITORIUM

                                    Purim Extravaganza at 9:00 pm in Main Ballroom
             Purim Tisch (Over 21 only) 10:30 pm in Youth Center Non-members suggested donation $20

                                          Thursday, March 21, 2019 - Purim Day
                                              Earliest Talit & Tefillin 6:08 am
                                 1st shacharit at 6:10 am in Beit Midrash (Ethan Heisler)
                                2nd shacharit at 7:30 am in Youth Center (Michael Atlas)
                         3rd Shacharit (Zechariah Lichter’s Bar Mitzvah) at 9:00 am in Main Shul
                            Megilah reading approximately 25 minutes after start of minyan

                  Women’s Tefilah 9:15 am davenning, 10:00 am Megilah reading in Beit Midrash
                             Megillah Reading 12:45 pm (Dr. Brody) Early Mincha 1:35 pm
                                                 Regular Mincha 6:50 pm

                                                                              Sisterhood’s new Purim card
                                                                               designed by Celia Lemonik
                                                                               now available for purchase
                                                                            $18 for 10 cards or $2.50 each

                                                                                 You may pick up in the
                                                                                         shul office
                                                                                     or call Judy Lillien
                                                                                     at 516.487.6845

                                                                             We will have a limited amount
                                                                                       so please buy
                                                                                   as soon as possible.
                                                                                         Thank you!
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