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                                  AIPAC POLICY CONFERENCE 2019
             MARCH 24-26                                                      WASHINGTON, D.C.

                              TO REGISTER, VISIT POLICYCONFERENCE.ORG

                            FOR ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT STEVE BLUMNER
                            516.639.8941 OR STEVENBLUMNER@GMAIL.COM
                                                    JOIN US!!

                             Peyman Ahdut                              Farzin Khorramian
                             Nathaniel Aryeh                           Herman Kotler
                             Penny Aryeh                               Mina Kotler
                             Marc Aryeh                                Celia Lemonik
                             Justin Aryeh                              Jack Lemonik
                             Bart Baum                                 Cindy Ludwig
                             Emma Baum                                 Daniel Marciano
                             Steven Blumner                            Susan Mayer
                             Robyn Blumner                             Claire Moskowitz
                             Jeroen Bours                              Benjamin Ohebshalom
                             Robin Bours                               Rabbi Dale Polakoff
                             Arnold Breitbart                          Ellen Polakoff
                             Viviane Breitbart                         Payman Rabiei
                             Dana Brody                                Dov Sassoon
                             Deborah Chadow                            Ariel Sassoon
                             Hal Chadow                                Zac Schwartz
                             Gary Chubak                               Farangiss Sedaghatpour
                             Lillian Chubak                            Ronnie Shaban
                             Shawn Cohen                               Harriet Sherman Schimel
                             William Frumkin                           Robert Spitalnick
                             Farla Frumkin                             Karen Spitalnick
                             Sharon Goldwyn                            Alan Steinberg
                             Natan Hamerman                            Orly Steinberg
                             Dina Hamerman                             Daniel Tavakoli
                             Joseph Hecht                              Ron Wasserman
                             Erran Kagan                               Tiffany Wasserman
                             Lisa Kagan                                Howard Wolf
                             Gloria Kaylie                             Michele Wolf

           As a result of the generosity of some Great Neck Synagogue members, scholarships are being made
            available to HS Seniors and College students. This offer is extended exclusively to GNS members
                                                  until February 14th.

           The student must attend all three days of the conference in order to be eligible for the scholarship.
           Additionally, a $100 deposit must be made to Great Neck Synagogue to reserve a place. The entire
           deposit will be returned to the student at the conclusion of the conference. To request a student to
             be placed on the scholarship list, please contact the synagogue office: 516.487.6100 Ext. 10 or
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