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Parshat Vaera                                                          January 21, 2023    28 Tevet, 5783
                     TORAH                                 Rabbi Sacks on Vaera
               ARTSCROLL 318
                  HERTZ  232            The Torah sometimes says   spirit was broken and     with his failures as a
                                                                                             leader or a public
                                        something of fundamental
                                                                 because the labour was
                                        importance in what seems   harsh. Ex. 6:9            speaker. In fact it had
                  HAFTORAH              like a minor and incidental   The italicised phrase seems   nothing to do with Moses
               ARTSCROLL  1149          comment. There is a fine   simple enough. The people   at all. They did not listen
                  HERTZ  244            example of this near the   did not listen to Moses   “because their spirit was
                                        beginning of today’s
                                                                 because he had brought them  broken and because the

                                        parsha.                  messages from God before    labour was harsh.” In
                                                                 and it had done nothing to   other words: if you want
              Shabbat Mevarchim                                  improve their situation. They  to improve people’s
                                        Last week, we read of how
                                        Moses was sent by God to   were busy trying to survive   spiritual situation, first
                                        lead the Israelites to
             Rosh Chodesh Shevet                                 day by day. They had no time  improve their physical
                                        freedom, and how his initial  for utopian promises that   situation. That is one of
           Molad: Saturday Jan 21       efforts met with failure. Not  seemed to have no grounding  the most humanising
                  @11:56:10 PM          only did Pharaoh not agree  in reality. Moses had failed to  aspects of Judaism.
                                        to let the people go; he   deliver in the past. They had
                 Rosh Chodesh:               made the working    no reason to think he would   Maimonides emphasises
                Mon January 23          conditions of the Israelites   do so in the future. So far, so  this in The Guide for the
                                        even worse. They had to   straightforward.           Perplexed. The Torah, he
                                        make the same number of                              says, has two aims: the
                     Times              bricks as before but now   But there is something more   well-being of the soul and
                   (Monday Edition)     they had to gather their   subtle going on beneath the   well-being of the body.
                                          own straw. The people   surface. When Moses first   The well-being of the soul
           Week of  1/15                complained to Pharaoh,   met God at the Burning Bush,  is something inward and
                                        then they complained to   God told him to lead, and   spiritual, but the well-
           Mon/Thurs           6:35/7:45am   Moses, then Moses   Moses kept refusing on the   being of the body requires
           Tue/Wed/Fri         6:45/7:45am    complained to God. “Why   grounds that the people   a strong society and
                                        have You brought trouble to  would not listen to him. He   economy, where there is
           Mincha                 4:40pm
                                        this people? Why did You   was not a man of words. He   the rule of law, division of
                                        send me?”                was slow of speech and      labour and the promotion
            Shabbat 1/21
                                                                 tongue. He was a man of     of trade. We have bodily
           Candle Lighting        4:39pm   At the beginning of this   “uncircumcised lips”. He   well-being when all our
                                        week’s parsha God tells   lacked eloquence. He could   physical needs are
           Mincha                 4:40pm
                                        Moses that He will indeed   not sway crowds. He was not  supplied, but none of us
           Hashkama               8:00am    bring the Israelites to   an inspirational leader.   can do this on our own.
           Parsha Shiur                      8:30am   freedom, and tells him to   It turned out, though, that   We specialise and
                                        announce this to the     Moses was both right and    exchange. That is why we
           Main                              9:00am   people. Then we read this:   wrong, right that they did not  need a good, strong, just
           Youth                             9:00am   So Moses told this to the   listen to him but wrong about  society.
                                        Israelites but they did not   why. It had nothing to do
           Beit Midrash                      9:15am
                                        listen to him, because their
           Gemara Shiur                      4:00pm

           Mincha                            4:35pm   Kiddush is sponsored by Donna & Joseph Hecht
           Shabbat Ends                      5:48pm       in honor of their Granddaughter born
                                                        to their children Ariella & Daniel Raykher
                    Latest Times for                       and by the Steinberg-Ginsburg family
                 Shema/Shemoneh Esrei                 who are  excited to be sponsoring the kiddush
                                                        in honor of the 96th birthday of their Dear
           January 21         9:40/10:28am   Mother, Grandmother and Great-grandmother Pearl Ginsburg.

           January  28        9:38/10:28am
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