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Parshat Vayigash                                                       December 31, 2022    30 Kislev, 5783
                                                         Rabbi Sacks on Vayigash

                     TORAH              In his introduction to   the Hebrew Bible where      [vayigash] to him and
               ARTSCROLL 250            the Rabbinical Council   the word Vayigash, “and  said: Please, my lord,
                  HERTZ  169            of America’s version of   he drew close,” is used in  let your servant speak
                                                                                             a word to my
                                        the Artscroll Siddur,
                                        Rabbi Saul Berman has    connection with prayer.     lord” (Gen. 44:18).
                  HAFTORAH              a lovely essay on the    The first is the moment
               ARTSCROLL  1144          opening word of today’s  when Abraham hears of       The third appears in
                  HERTZ  178            sedra, Vayigash, “And    God’s intention to destroy  the great
                                        he drew close.” Because  Sodom and Gemorah and  confrontation at

                                        the work is not widely   the cities of the plain.    Mount Carmel
                     Times              available outside        “Abraham approached         between the Prophet
                   (Monday Edition)     America, I summarise     [vayigash] and said: Will  Elijah and the 450
                                          the essay here.        You sweep away the          false prophets of Baal.
           Week of  12/25                                        righteous with the          Elijah proposes a test.
                                        It is our custom to take  wicked? . . . Shall the    Let each side prepare
           Mon                6:30/7:45am   three steps forward   Judge of all the earth not  a sacrifice and call on
           Tue/Wed/Fri        6:45/7:45am   before beginning the   do justice?” (Gen. 18:23- the name of their
           Thur               6:35/7:45am   Amidah, the “standing   25).                     deity. The one that
                                        prayer.” These steps                                 sends fire is the true
           Mincha                 4:20pm
                                        symbolise a formal       The second occurs in        God. The 450
            Shabbat 12/31                 approach to the Divine   today’s sedra. Joseph’s   prophets do so. They
                                        presence. It is as if we   silver goblet has been    prepare the sacrifice
           Candle Lighting        4:19pm   had been ushered into   found in Benjamin’s sack.  and ask Baal to send
                                        the innermost chamber  Joseph – whose true           fire. Nothing happens.
           Mincha                 4:20pm
                                        of the palace, and we    identity is still unknown   They cry all day,
           Hashkama               8:00am
                                        “draw close” to present  to the brothers – says      shouting, gyrating,
           Parsha Shiur                      8:30am   our petition to the   that Benjamin will now   lacerating themselves
           Main                              9:00am   supreme King of kings.  be held as his slave. The  and working
                                        R. Eleazar ben Judah     others may go free.         themselves into a
           Youth                             9:00am
                                        (c.1165-c.1230), author  Judah, having given         frenzy but no fire
           Beit Midrash                      9:15am
                                        of the Sefer Rokeach,    Jacob his personal          comes. Then “Elijah
           Gemara Shiur                      3:45pm   made the fascinating   guarantee of Benjamin’s   stepped forward
           Mincha                            4:15pm   suggestion that these   safe return, now pleads   [vayigash] and
                                        three steps correspond  for his release. “Then       prayed: O Lord, God
           Shabbat Ends                      5:28pm
                                        to the three times in    Judah drew close            of Abraham, Isaac
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