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Parshat Miketz, Shabbat Chanukah                                       December 24, 2022    30 Kislev, 5783
                                                           Rabbi Sacks on Miketz

                     TORAH              Mikketz represents the most   being centre-stage for much of   At the age of 30, Joseph is
                                        sudden and radical
                                                                                             the most powerful man in
                                                                 the time, Joseph was not in
               ARTSCROLL 222            transformation in the Torah.   control.              the region, and his
                  HERTZ  155            Joseph, in a single day,                             administrative competence
                                        moves from zero to hero,   Suddenly this changes, totally   is total. He travels round
                                        from forgotten, languishing
                                                                                             the country, arranges for
                                                                 and definitively. Joseph has
                  HAFTORAH              prisoner to viceroy of Egypt,   been asked to interpret   collection of the grain, and
               ARTSCROLL  1210          the most powerful man in the  Pharaoh’s dreams. But he does   ensures that it is stored
                  HERTZ  987            land, in control of the nation’s  far more than that. First he   safely. There is so much
                                        economy.                 interprets the dreams. Second,   that, in the Torah’s words,

                                                                                             he stops keeping records
                                                                 he maps that onto reality.
                                        Until now, Joseph has rarely   These were not just dreams.   because it is beyond
                     Times              been the author of events. He  They are about the Egyptian   measure. When the years
                                                                 economy in the course of the
                                                                                             of plenty are over, his
                                        has been the done to rather
                   (Monday Edition)     than the doer; passive rather  next 14 years. And they are   position becomes even
           Week of  12/18                 than active; object rather   about to become true now.   more powerful. Everyone
                                        than subject. First his father,   Then, having made this   turns to him for food.
                                        then his brothers, then the   prediction, he diagnoses the   Pharaoh himself commands
           Mon-Fri             6:30/7:45am
                                        Midianites and Ishmaelites,   problem. The people will starve  the people, “Go to Joseph
                                        then Potiphar and his wife,                          and do what he tells you.”
                                                                 during the seven years of
           Mincha                 4:15pm   then the prison warden, have  famine. Next, with a stroke of
                                        all directed his life. Among   sheer genius, he solves the   So far, so good. And at this
            Shabbat 12/24                 the most important things in   problem. Store a fifth of the   point the narrative shifts
                                        that life had been dreams,   produce during the years of   from Joseph, viceroy of
           Candle Lighting        4:13pm   but dreams are things that   plenty, and it will then be   Egypt, controller of its
                                        happened to you, not things   available to stave off starvation  economy, to Joseph, son of
           Early Mincha           3:00pm   you choose.           during the lean years.      Jacob, and his relationship
           Mincha                 4:15pm                                                     with the brothers who, 22
                                        What is decisive is the way   Margaret Thatcher was reported  years earlier, had sold him
           Hashkama               8:00am    last week’s parsha ends.   as having said, of another   as a slave. It is this story
           Parsha Shiur                      8:30am   Having given a favourable   Jewish adviser, Lord (David)   that will dominate the next
                                        interpretation to the dream of  Young, “Other people bring me   few chapters, rising to a
           Main                              9:00am   the chief butler, predicting   problems, David brings me   climax in Judah’s speech at
           Youth                             9:00am   that he would be restored to   solutions.” That was   the beginning of the next
                                        office, and realising that he   magnificently true in the case of  parsha.
           Beit Midrash                      9:15am   would soon be in a position to  Joseph, and we have no
                                        have Joseph’s case re-   difficulty understanding the   One effect of this is that it
           Gemara Shiur                      3:40pm
                                        examined and Joseph himself  response of the Egyptian court:  tends to move Joseph’s
           Mincha                            4:10pm   set free, the butler “did not   “The plan seemed good to   political and administrative
                                        remember Joseph, and forgot  Pharaoh and to all his   activity into the
           Shabbat Ends                      5:23pm   him.” Joseph’s most   officials. So Pharaoh asked   background. But if we read
                                        determined attempt to    them, ‘Can we find anyone like   it carefully – not just how it
                                        change the direction of fate   this man, one in whom is the   begins, but how it continues
                   Latest Times for
                 Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   comes to nothing. Despite   spirit of God?’” (Gen. 41:37-38)  – we discover something

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