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                               Meet Me Halfway

                                          By Kayla Hutt

                                                                 The miracles that occurred were of two different types: the
                                                                 defeat of the Greeks is not discussed in the Talmud, although
                                                                 it is mentioned in our daily prayers. This miracle is less obvi-
                                                                 ous. Meanwhile, the oil lasting far longer than it should have
                                                                 is an obvious miracle as it defies the laws of nature. Due to
                                                                 the clear hand God played in this miracle, we are able to attri-
                                                                 bute God’s hand in the war as well. According to United With
                                                                 Israel, “for this reason the Talmud emphasizes the miracle of
                                                                 the lights. In order to draw attention to God’s involvement in
                                                                 everything, the scholars emphasized the obvious miracle.”

                                                                 When we clearly see how God helps with something in an
                                                                 obvious way, we must then take that instance and apply it to
                                                                 our lives, understanding how He plays a role in every aspect.
                                                                 Once we understand this, we can then confidently ask God
                                                                 for what we want and need, being grateful for whichever
                                                                 outcome He believes is best for us. No matter what, He is per-
                                                                 forming miracles for us each and every day, being the guiding
                                                                 hand for us, lighting and leading the way.

        So, here we are again. Another year, another anti-Semitic
        incident, or one hundred for that matter. But as we have seen   Kayla Hutt is currently a freshman at NYU with the intent to major
        throughout our history, we will persevere. The story of Chanu-  in journalism. Her passions include writing and fashion. She works
        kah is no different. We all know the timeless tale of the weak   for the End Jew Hatred grassroots movement as well as a part time
        and few Maccabees beating the mighty, mighty Greeks and the   job in fashion. She writes for the NYU newspaper, the Times of Israel
                                                                 Blogs and of course, the GNS SCOPE magazine.
        oil which miraculously lasted for eight days. “Miraculous” is an
        interesting word. It comes from the word “miracle” which is
        defined as “a surprising and welcome event that is not expli-
        cable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered
        to be the work of a divine agency.” The existence of the Jewish
        people as a whole can be characterized as a miracle. Unfor-
        tunately, we cannot rely on miracles alone to get us through
        life and through Jew hatred. We all must do our part and come
        together to create a better world.

        One of the most common ways we learn to receive miracles
        from God is through praying. It is the way we can go 50%, and
        hopefully have God meet us halfway. Though we have com-
        pleted the Hebrew new year, Jews in the diaspora are lucky
        enough to have two new years, and thus two chances to start
        anew. As we approach the new year, we can begin to think
        about what miracles we wish to see in our lives. What do we
        want to pray for? What do we want to use our 50% on? How
        willing are we to go the extra mile so God can meet us at our
        meeting spot?
        The Maccabees asked God for two miracles in their time. They
        didn’t want to die, understandably, so they wished to beat the
        Greeks. But, they also didn’t want Judaism to die with them,
        hence the oil. The oil which miraculously lasted for eight days
        kept the light of the Jewish people alive. Therefore, this was a
        spiritual miracle. And now, when we light our menorahs in our
        windows, we are showing the world our Jewish light, and that
        is miraculous.

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