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There will be one minyan on Shabbat

           Parshat Vayeshev                                                       December 17, 2022    23 Kislev, 5783
                     TORAH                              Rabbi Sacks on Vayeshev
               ARTSCROLL 198
                  HERTZ  141            We live life looking forward   understand life only when it   dream of a fellow
                                        but we understand it only
                                                                                             prisoner, who had once
                                                                 has become our past.
                                        looking back.                                        been Pharaoh’s cup-
                  HAFTORAH                                       Nowhere is this set out more   bearer, he predicted his
               ARTSCROLL  1142          As we live from day to day,  clearly than in the story of   release and return to his
                  HERTZ  152            our life can seem like a   Joseph in this week’s parsha.  former elevated role. And
                                        meaningless sequence of   It begins on a high note:   so it happened. Joseph
                                        random events, a series of   “Now Israel loved Joseph   asked only one thing in
               Shabbat Mevarchim              accidents and                                  return: “Remember me
               Rosh Chodesh Tevet                                more than all his sons,
                                        happenstances that have no  because he was a son of his   when it goes well with
               Molad: Friday Dec 23     shape or inner logic. A   old age, and he made a richly  you, and please show me
                    @11:12:9 AM         traffic jam makes us late for  embroidered robe.” But with   kindness: mention me to
                  Rosh Chodesh:                an important meeting. A   dramatic speed, that love and  Pharaoh, and get me out
            Sat/Sun December 24, 25     stray remark we make     that gift turn out to be    of this place. For I was
                 Bar Mitzvah            offends someone in a way   Joseph’s undoing. His     forcibly taken from the
                                        we never intended. By a
                                                                                             land of the Hebrews, and
                                                                 brothers began hating him.
                 Avi Lemonik            hair’s-breadth we fail to get  When he told them his dream,  here also I have done
                                        the job we so sought. Life   they hated him even more.   nothing to deserve being
                     Times              as we experience it can   His second dream offended   put in this pit.”
                   (Monday Edition)     sometimes feel like Joseph   even his father. Later, when
                                        Heller’s definition of history:  he went to see his brothers   The last line of the parsha
           Week of  12/11                 “a trashbag of random   tending their flocks, they first  is one of the cruelest
                                        coincidences blown open in   plotted to kill him, and   blows of fate in the Torah:
           Mon/Thurs           6:35/7:45am   a wind.”            eventually sold him as a    “The chief cupbearer did
           Tues/Wed/Fri        6:45/7:45am                       slave.                      not remember Joseph; he
                                        Yet looking back, it begins                          forgot him.” Seemingly his
           Mincha                 4:15pm   to make sense. The    At first, in Potiphar’s house,   one chance of escape to
                                        opportunity we missed here  he seemed to be favoured by  freedom is now lost.
            Shabbat 12/17                 led to an even better one   fortune. But then his master’s  Joseph, the beloved son in
                                        there. The shame we felt at  wife tried to seduce him and   his magnificent robe has
           Candle Lighting        4:11pm   our unintentionally offensive  when he refused her   become Joseph, the
                                        remark makes us more     advances she accused him of   prisoner bereft of hope.
           Mincha                 4:15pm
                                        careful about what we say   attempted rape and he was   This is as near the Torah
           Hashkama               8:00am    in the future. Our failures,   sent to prison with no way of   gets to Greek tragedy. It
           Parsha Shiur                      8:30am   seen in retrospect many   proving his innocence. He   is a tale of Joseph’s hubris
                                        years later, turn out to have  seemed to have reached his   leading, step after step, to
           Main/Beit Midrash                      9:00am   been our deepest learning   nadir. There was nowhere   his nemesis. Every good
           Youth                             9:00am   experiences. Our hindsight   lower for him to fall.   thing that happens to him
                                        is always more perceptive                            turns out to be only the

                                        than our foresight. We live   Then came an unexpected ray  prelude to some new and
           Gemara Shiur                      3:35pm
                                        life facing the future, but we  of hope. Interpreting the   unforeseen misfortune.
           Mincha                            4:05pm

           Shabbat Ends                      5:20pm
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