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Parshat Nitzavim                                                        September 24 2022  28 Elul, 5782
                     TORAH                               Rabbi Sacks on Nitzavim
                ARTSCROLL 1086
                   HERTZ  878           The sedra of Nitzavim is   again.” This constitutes the   Nachmanides locates
                                        always read on the Shabbat  essence of confession. The   teshuvah in a completely
                   HAFTORAH             before Rosh Hashanah,    fuller and more detailed the   different source, namely
                                        when our thoughts are
                                                                 confession one makes, the
                                                                                             in today’s sedra. Moses,
                ARTSCROLL  1202         directed toward teshuvah –  more praiseworthy he is.   having set out the terms
                   HERTZ  883           the great mitzvah of the ten                         of the covenant and its
                                        days that begin with Rosh   According to Maimonides,   attendant blessings and
                     Times              Hashanah and culminate on  teshuvah has its origin in the   curses, then says this:
                                        Yom Kippur. Where, though,  Temple and its sacrifices,
                                        in the Torah itself do we   specifically those brought for   When all these blessings
           Shabbat 9/24                   find the mitzvah of    transgressions (sin offering,   and curses I have set
                                        teshuvah? On this, two of   guilt offering etc.). Part of the  before you come upon
           Candle Lighting       6:32pm   the greatest Sages of the   rite for such offerings was a   you and you take them to
                                        Middle Ages, Maimonides   verbal confession – vidui – on  heart wherever the Lord
           Mincha                6:35pm   and Nachmanides, differed   the part of the wrongdoer.   your God disperses you
                                        fundamentally.           The conditions for the      among the nations, and
           Hashkama              8:00am                          sincerity of such confessions   when you and your
                                        Here is Maimonides’      were an acknowledgement     children return to the Lord
           Parsha Shiur          8:30am   account: With regard to all   that one did wrong; remorse   your God and obey him
                                        the precepts of the Torah,   or shame; and a         with all your heart and
           Main                  9:00am
                                        positive and negative, if a   determination not to repeat   with all your soul
           Youth                 9:00am   person transgressed any   the offence in future. These   according to everything I
                                        one of them, either willfully  are the fundamental elements  command you today, then
           Beit Midrash          9:15am   or in error, and repents and  of teshuvah.         the Lord your God will
                                        turns away from his sin, he                          restore your fortunes and
           Gemara Shiur          5:25pm   is under a duty to confess   There are obvious questions.   have compassion on you
                                        before God, blessed be he,   If teshuvah is linked to the   and gather you again
           Mincha                  6:25pm
                                        as it is said, “When a man   sacrificial order, what   from all the nations where
           Shabbat Ends          7:38pm   or a woman shall commit   happened to it once the   He scattered you. Even if
                                        any sin that men commit, to  Temple was destroyed and   you have been banished
           Week of 9/25                   do a trespass against the   the sacrificial system came to  to the most distant land
                                        Lord, and that person be   an end? What of teshuvah   under the heavens, from
           Sunday             7:00/8:30am   guilty, then they shall   outside Israel and outside the  there the Lord your God
           Slichot               7:30am   confess their sin which they  confines of the Temple?   will gather you and bring
           Candle Lighting       6:28pm   have done” (Numbers 5:6-  Maimonides answers these   you back. He will bring
                                        7).                      questions in his Sefer      you to the land that
           Mincha                6:30pm                          Hamitzvot (positive command  belonged to your fathers,
                                        This means confess in    73) by reference to the     and you will take
           Mon.-Wed.     See Times Page 2   words, and this confession   Mechilta. The Mechilta uses   possession of it. He will
           Thurs.            6:25/7:45pm   is a positive command. How  various textual warrants to   make you more
                                        does one confess? The    show that confession is in fact  prosperous and numerous
           Slichot               7:10am   penitent says, “I beseech   a separate command in its   than your fathers. You will
           Fri.               6:35/7:45am   you, O Lord, I have sinned,  own right, and applies with or  again obey the Lord and
                                        I have acted perversely, I   without a sacrifice, in and   follow all His commands I
           Slichot               7:10am
                                        have transgressed before   outside the land of Israel.   am giving you today.
           Mincha                6:20pm   you and have done such   Verbal confession, vidui, is   Then the Lord your God
                                        and such, and I repent and   the outer act, teshuvah its   will make you prosperous
                   Latest Times for     am ashamed of my deeds,   internal correlate.        in all work of your hands
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei    and I will never do this                             and in the fruit of your
           September 24      9:45/10:45am

           October 1         9:47/10:46am
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