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                                                             Mazal Tov to Steve & Robyn Blumner on the birth of a
         Hashkama Kiddush is sponsored by Ralene & Andy   Ad-  granddaughter, Violet Emma, sister of Stella, born to their
         ler in memory of his father, Bernard Adler, z”l.    children Sarah & Doug Dolitsky of Bergenfield NJ.
                                                             Mazal Tov to Sari & Stuart Braunstein on the birth of
         BACK TO SHUL BBQ                                    a  grandson to their children Shannon & Ben Braunstein.
         Join the  Men’s Club & Sisterhood on September 5th,   Mazal Tov to Jamie & Michael Katz on the birth of a
         10:30AM-2:00PM and meet our interim Associate Rabbi   grandson born to their children Ray & Roman Khasidov.
         Eli Slomnicki and his family.                       Mazal Tov also to great grandparents Joan & Henry Katz.

         PASS IT FORWARD                                      BUTTERFLY PROJECT
         This week marks the 15th year that Pass It Forward is         On Sunday, August 28, Joe Notovitz will begin a 5,600-mile
         distributing Rosh Hashanah meals to those in need in our    journey across the United States, round trip, by motorcycle in
         Community and other parts of Long Island and Queens. The   support an important charity known as the Butterfly Project.
         program was developed to help provide Yom Tov meals at a   Hundreds of Jewish motorcyclists from all over the US will
         time the economy was faltering and many of our elderly,    converge to the Ride2Remember conference in San Diego.
         young families as well as others were unable to celebrate Rosh   The goal is to help support the Butterfly Project, and increase
         Hashonah with the basic Yom Tov necessities.  We  thought   Holocaust education throughout the world.
         this would be a temporary stopgap program. Since 2008, our   The Butterfly Project honors our commitment to the Survivors
         recipient list has grown exponentially; the need in the Jewish   to Never Forget.
         community has exploded and we are still in business!  Many   To learn more about the charity visit: https://
         families now rely on us for help with Yom Tov meals during The Butterfly Project
         these difficult times.                               site:
         Food prices have skyrocketed which limits our ability to        You can visit
         provide the same quantity of essentials as we have in the past.  On the form, please specify your gift amount, enter Joseph No-
         We are imploring the community to help this year.    tovitz under "Who solicited your donation to the Ride2Remem-
         But for a modest grant from the OU, we rely on individual do-  ber?", and under "Club Affiliation" choose "No Club Affiliation"
         nations to sustain the program. Please consider making a     at the bottom of the dropdown list.
         donation to Pass It Forward. Any amount would be
         appreciated. An $18 donation will provide cooked food for 1               Saturday, 30 Av
         elderly person!                                               Leslie & Michael Kule for Chana Emuna Kuhl
         You can send a check to GNS (please note that it is for Pass it   Carl Rosenberg for Henry Rosenberg
         Forward) or Venmo @cindy-hodkin (please indicate that it is        Gitty Louzoun for Albert Louzoun
         for Pass it Forward).                                Y                Ruth Seif for Zelig Dolinsky
         In addition, this year, we need your help in any of the          Tina Machnikoff for Sophie Machnikoff
         following ways:                                      A             Joyce Dacher for Jacob Wolfman
         1. Volunteer to deliver to our recipients on Thursday            H   Lillian Chubak for Edmund Graf
         September 22. Each route should take less than 2 hours.                    Sunday, 1 Elul
         2. Make a chicken and freeze it.                     R
         3. Make chicken noodle soup or chicken soup with matzo balls   Z   Vivianne Breitbart for Chaoul Dabah
         and freeze it.                                                            Monday, 2 Elul
         4. Host a cooking event.                              E                Ellen Siegel for Mel Crair
         5. Bake brownies or a cake (contact Marla Lemonik for cake or   I   Marlene Rutkin for Ann Fishman
         brownie mix).                                                             Tuesday, 3 Elul
         We will have freezers available to store your cooked food if you   T   Steven Edelman for Esther Edelman
         do not have space in your own. Each homemade item must be   S        Gisele Katz for Fay Gastwirth
         well wrapped and labelled. Please contact us if you need soup       Sue Talansky for Ruth Stromer
         containers.                                                      Adeline Markowitz for Marcia Perlman
         If you are cooking, please send an email to                              Wednesday, 4 Elul telling us exactly what you are          Anita Beretz for Erna Levi Reichenberg
         making. We can reduce the quantities we purchase with each           Elana Flax for Morris Matzkin
         item you provide.                                                   Cheryl Sneag for Morris Matzkin
         If you want to host a cooking event, contact Cindy or Marla.              Thursday, 5 Elul
         Wishing you a healthy, inspired, prosperous year!                 Jayne Rosenthal for Lorraine Altman
         Cindy Hodkin
                                                                            Harriet Cooper for Jacob Rothstein                                        Janet Kashani for Jacob ben Avraham

         Michelle Berman                                                            Friday,  6 Elul                                               Marlene Rutkin for Morris Fishman
                                                                              Sadie Frank for Murray Frank
         Marla Lemonik                                                     Chava Shalmon for Esther Grinszpan                                           Helaine Helmreich for Leo Helmreich
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