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Parshat Re’eh, Rosh Chodesh Elul                                                August 27, 2022  30 Av, 5782
                     TORAH                                    Rabbi Sacks Re’eh
               ARTSCROLL  998
                  HERTZ  799            If you seek to understand  tzedakah – the word usually  humiliates, shames.
                                                                 translated as “charity” but
                                        Judaism’s social vision,
                                                                                             Tzedakah, ruled the
                                        look at its anti-poverty   which also means          rabbis, must be given in
                    MAFTIR              legislation:             “distributive justice, equity”.  such a way as to
               ARTSCROLL  890             “If there is a poor man     The rabbis interpreted the   minimize these feelings:
                                                                                             When Rabbi Yannai saw
                  HERTZ  695            among your brothers in   phrase “sufficient for his   a certain man giving a
                                        any of the towns of the   needs” to mean the basic   coin to a poor person in
                                                                 requirements of existence:
                                        land that the Lord your
                                                                                             front of everyone, he
                  HAFTORAH              God is giving you, do not   food, clothing, shelter and   said: It would have been
              ARTSCROLL  1208           be hardhearted or tight-  so on. “That which he lacks”  better not to have given
                  HERTZ  944            fisted toward your poor   was understood as referring  it to him than to have
                                                                 to a person who was
                                        brother. Rather be open-
                                                                                             given it and put him to
                                        handed and freely lend   previously wealthy but has   shame. Hagigah 5b
                                        him sufficient for his needs  now become impoverished.
                                        in that which he lacks. Be   He too must be helped to   In a famous passage,
                     Times              careful not to harbour this  recover his dignity: It is   Maimonides describes
                                        wicked thought: ‘The     related about Hillel the Elder  the eight levels of
           Shabbat 8/27                   seventh year, the year for  that, for a certain poor man  charity: There are eight
           Rosh Chodesh 1               cancelling debts, is near,’   who was of good family, he  degrees of charity, one
                                        so that you do not show ill  bought a horse to ride on   higher than the other.
                                        will toward your needy   and a slave to run before
           Hashkama              8:00am   brother and give him   him. When on one occasion  The highest degree,
                                        nothing. He may then     he could not find a slave to   exceeded by none, is
           Parsha Shiur          8:30am
                                        appeal to the Lord against  run before the man, he   that of one who assists a
           Main                  9:00am   you, and you will be found  himself ran before him.   poor person by providing
                                          guilty of sin. Give    Ketubot 67b                 him with a gift or a loan
           Youth                 9:00am   generously to him and do                           or by accepting him into
                                        so without a grudging    The force of this passage   a business partnership
           Beit Midrash          9:15am   heart; then because of   lies in the fact that Hillel   or by helping him find
                                        this the Lord your God will  himself was notoriously   employment – in a word
           Gemara Shiur          6:15pm   bless you in all your work   poor, yet he gave of his   by putting him in a
           Mincha                  7:15pm   and in everything you put  money and time to help a   situation where he can
                                        your hand to. There will   rich man who had lost his   dispense with other
           Shabbat Ends          8:26pm   always be poor people in   money regain his self-  people’s aid. With
                                        the land. Therefore I    respect. Its double aspect is  reference to such aid it
                                          command you to be open- evident throughout the laws  is said, ‘You shall
           Week of 8/28                 handed toward your       of tzedakah.                strengthen him, be he a
           Sunday Rosh                    brothers and toward the                            stranger or a settler, he
           Chodesh 2          7:30/8:30am   poor and needy in your   On the one hand, they are   shall live with you’ (Lev.
                                        land.” Deut 15:7-11
                                                                 directed to the brute fact of  25:35), which means:
           Mon. Thurs.        6:35/7:45am                        poverty. No one must be     strengthen him in such a
           Tues. Wed. Fri .   6:45/7:45am   Ostensibly the passage is   deprived of basic physical   manner that his falling
           Mincha                7:10pm   about the cancellation of   necessities.           into want is prevented.
                                        debts in the seventh year

                                        (shemittah, the year of   On the other, they address   A step below this is the
                                        “release”). The oral     with astonishing sensitivity   one who gives alms to
                   Latest Times for     tradition, however,      the psychology of poverty.   the needy in such a way
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei    extended it to the laws of   It demeans, embarrasses,   that the giver does not
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