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Parshat Eikev                                                                   August 20, 2022  23 Av, 5782
                     TORAH                                  Rabbi Sacks on Eikev
                 ARTSCROLL  980
                   HERTZ  780           What is the real         all your physical needs are  to comfort, later delight
                   HAFTORAH             challenge of maintaining  met – when you have land  in pleasures, soon grow
                ARTSCROLL  1197         a free society? In parshat  and sovereignty and rich   dissolute in luxury, and
                   HERTZ  794           Eikev, Moses springs his  harvests and safe homes ­ finally go mad
                                        great surprise. Here are   – that your spiritual trial   squandering their
                Shabbat Mevarchim              his words:        will commence.              estates.”
                Rosh Chodesh Elul

             Molad: Shabbat August 27       Be careful that you do  The real challenge is not   Bertrand Russell put it
                    @ 8:16:5 AM         not forget the Lord your   poverty but affluence, not  powerfully in the
                  Rosh Chodesh:                God… Otherwise, when   insecurity but security, not  introduction to his
              Sat./Sun., August 27, 28   you eat and are satisfied,  slavery but freedom.    History of Western
                                        when you build fine      Moses, for the first time in  Philosophy. Russell
                   Bar Mitzvah          houses and settle down,  history, was hinting at a   thought that the two
                Jake Zuckerman          and when your herds and  law of history. Many        great peaks of
                                        flocks grow large and    centuries later it was      civilisation were
                     Aufruf             your silver and gold     articulated by the great    reached in ancient
               Solomon Birnbaum         increase and all you have  14th century Islamic      Greece and
                                        is multiplied, then your   thinker, Ibn Khaldun (1332 Renaissance Italy. But
                                        heart will become proud   -1406), by the Italian     he was honest enough
                     Times              and you will forget the   political philosopher      to see that the very
                                        Lord your God, who       Giambattista Vico (1668-    features that made
           Shabbat 8/20                  brought you out of      1744), and most recently    them great contained
                                         Egypt, out of the land of  by the Harvard historian   the seeds of their own
           Mincha                7:00pm   slavery… You may say to  Niall Ferguson. Moses was  demise:
           Candle Lighting       7:29pm   yourself, “My power and  giving an account of the
                                        the strength of my hands  decline and fall of            What had happened
           Hashkama              8:00am   have produced this     civilisations.              in the great age of
           Parsha Shiur          8:30am   wealth for me.”… If you                            Greece happened again
                                        ever forget the Lord your  Ibn Khaldun argued        in Renaissance Italy:
           Main                  9:00am   God… I testify against   similarly, that when a    traditional moral
                                        you today that you will   civilisation becomes great,  restraints disappeared,
           Beit Midrash          9:15am   surely be destroyed.    its elites get used to     because they were
           Gemara Shiur          6:20pm       Deut. 8:11-19      luxury and comfort, and     seen to be associated
                                                                 the people as a whole lose  with superstition; the
           Mincha                  7:20pm   What Moses was saying   what he called their     liberation from fetters
                                        to the new generation    asabiyah, their social      made individuals
           Shabbat Ends          8:35pm   was this: You thought   solidarity. The people then  energetic and creative,
                                        that the forty years of   become prey to a           producing a rare
           Week of 8/21
                                        wandering in the         conquering enemy, less      fluorescence of genius;
           Sunday            7:30/8:30am   wilderness were the real  civilised than they are but  but the anarchy and
                                        challenge, and that once  more cohesive and driven.  treachery which
           Mon. Thurs.       6:35/7:45am   you conquer and settle   Vico described a similar   inevitably resulted from
           Tues. Wed. Fri .   6:45/7:45am   the land, your problems   cycle:                 the decay of morals
           Mincha                7:20pm   will be over. The truth is                         made Italians
                                        that it is then that the       “People first sense what  collectively impotent,
                   Latest Times for     real challenge will begin.  is necessary, then consider  and they fell, like the
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei    It will be precisely when   what is useful, next attend  Greeks, under the
           August 27        9:34/10:41am
                                                             Kiddush is  Sponsored by
           September 3      9:38/10:43am
                                                           Solomon’s Family in Honor
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                       Re’eh                       of His Upcoming  Wedding To Vanessa Nassimi
           Mincha                7:00pm                And By Heidi & Glenn Zuckerman
           Candle Lighting       7:19pm                   In Honor of their Son Jake’s Bar Mitzvah
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