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Parshat Vaetchanan, Shabbat Nachamu                                             August 13, 2022  16 Av, 5782
                    TORAH                             Rabbi Sacks on Vaetchanan
              ARTSCROLL  958            One of the most          Khazars were a Turkish      of the imagined
                 HERTZ  755             profound disagreements  people who, between the      conversation between
                                        in Judaism is the one    seventh and eleventh        the King and a Rabbi
                  HAFTORAH              between Moses            centuries, ruled a          that led to the King’s
                                        Maimonides and Judah
                                                                 considerable area between  conversion. In it, Halevi
             ARTSCROLL  1196            Halevi on the meaning of  the Black Sea and the      draws a portrait that is
                 HERTZ  776             the first of the Ten     Caspian Sea, including      diametrically opposed
                                                                 southern Russia, northern  to what would later
                                                                 Caucasus, eastern           become Maimonides’
                     Times              For Maimonides (1135-    Ukraine, Western            account. Judaism, for
                                        1204), the first         Kazakhstan, and             Halevi, is not
           Shabbat 8/13                  command is to believe in  northwestern Uzbekistan.   Aristotelian but counter
                                         God, Creator of Heaven                              -Aristotelian. The God
           Mincha                7:00pm   and Earth: The basic   Many Jewish traders and     of the prophets, says
                                        principle of all basic   refugees lived there, and   Halevi, is not the God
           Candle Lighting       7:39pm   principles and the pillar   in 838 the Khazar King   of the philosophers.
                                        of all sciences is to    Bulan converted to          The key difference is
           Hashkama              8:00am   realise that there is a   Judaism, after supposedly  that whereas the
                                        First Being who brought   holding a debate between   philosophers found God
           Parsha Shiur          8:30am   every existing thing into  representatives of the   in metaphysics, the
                                        being. If it could be    Jewish, Christian, and      prophets found God in
           Main                  9:00am   supposed that He did not  Muslim faiths. The Arabic   history.
                                        exist, it would follow that  writer Dimashqi writes that
           Beit Midrash          9:15am   nothing else could     the Khazars, having         This is how Halevi’s
                                        possibly exist. If however  encountered the Jewish   Rabbi states his faith:
           Gemara Shiur          6:35pm   it were supposed that all  faith, “found it better than  I believe in the God of
                                        other beings were        their own and accepted it”.  Abraham, Isaac and
           Mincha                  7:35pm   non-existent, He alone   Khazaria thus became,   Israel, who led the
                                        would still exist . . . To   spiritually as well as   children of Israel out of
           Shabbat Ends          8:45pm   acknowledge this truth is  geographically, an      Egypt with signs and
                                         a positive command, as   independent third force    miracles; who fed them
                                         it is said: “I am the Lord  between the Muslim      in the desert and gave
           Week of 8/14                  your God”. Ex.20:2, Deut  Caliphate and the Christian  them the land, after
                                        5:7, Yesodei ha-Torah    Byzantine Empire. After     having brought them
           Sunday            7:30/8:30am    1:1-5                their conversion, the       through the sea and
                                                                 Khazar people used Jewish  the Jordan in a
           Mon. Thurs.       6:35/7:45am   Judah Halevi (c. 1080-  personal names, spoke     miraculous way. Kuzari
           Tues. Wed. Fri .   6:45/7:45am   c.1145) disagreed. The   and wrote in Hebrew, were  I:11
           Mincha                7:30pm   greatest of medieval   circumcised, had
                                        Hebrew poets, Halevi     synagogues and Rabbis,      He goes on to
                                        also wrote one of        studied the Torah and       emphasise that God’s
                                        Judaism’s philosophical   Talmud, and observed the  opening words in the
                   Latest Times for     masterpieces, The        Jewish festivals.           revelation at Mount
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei    Kuzari. It is framed as a                            Sinai were not, “I am

           August 20        9:31/10:40am   dialogue between a    The Kuzari is Judah         the Lord your God,
                                        Rabbi and the King of the  Halevi’s philosophy of    creator of heaven and
           August 27        9:34/10:41am   Khazars. Historically, the  Judaism, cast in the form   earth” but “I am the
                    Next Shabbat                          Kiddush is  Sponsored by
           Mincha                7:00pm                   Hedva & Edmund Kessler
           Candle Lighting       7:29pm                             In Honor Of
                                                   Their 50th Wedding Anniversary
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