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Pesach I                                                                  April 16, 2022  15 Nissan, 5782
                                            Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on The Haggadah
               TORAH - DAY 1 & 2
            ARTSCROLL  354, 690        The Four Children       not want to be. This, too, is   other nation known to
               HERTZ  257, 518                                        who we are.          humankind has been united
               SIDDUR 954, 956         The section of the Four                             because its members lived
                                       Children in the Haggadah  The Jewish people is an   in the same place, spoke
             MAFTIR - BOTH DAYS        is based on the four    extended family. We argue, we   the same language, were
               ARTSCROLL  892          different verses in the   differ, there are times when we   part of the same culture.
                                       Torah which describe
                  HERTZ  695                                   are deeply divided. Yet we are   Jews alone, dispersed
                  SIDDUR 954           children asking their   part of the same story. We   across continents, speaking
                                       parents about the story   share the same memories. At   different languages and
                                       of the Exodus. Rather   difficult times we can count on
            HAFTORAH - DAY 1 & 2                                                           participating in different
           ARTSCROLL  1221-1222        than seeing these as just  one another. We feel one   cultures, have been bound
                                                               another’s pain. Out of this
                                       four examples of asking
              HERTZ  1009, 1012                                    multiplicity of voices comes   together by a narrative, the
                                       the same question, the
               SIDDUR 955, 957         Rabbis noticed four     something none of us could   Pesach narrative, which
                                       distinctive personalities   achieve alone. Sitting next to   they tell in the same way on
                                                                                           the same night. More than
                     Times             from the different ways   the wise child, the rebel is not   the Haggadah is the story of
                                       the verses are phrased –  fated to remain a rebel. Sitting   a people, Jews are the
                                       and this inspired the idea  next to the rebel, the wise
           Weekly Times                                                                    people of a story.
                                       for four kinds of children.  child may share his wisdom
                                                               rather than keep it to himself.   The Ten Plagues
           Shacharit: Sun.    7:30/8:30 am   The four children are a   The one who cannot ask will, in
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   vignette of the Jewish   time, learn how. The simple   One of the most exciting
                                       people. One asks because                            and colorful parts of the
           Tues. & Wed.      6:45/7:45 am   he wants to hear the   child will learn complexity. The   story of the Exodus is the
                                                               wise child will learn simplicity.
           Mincha               7:20 pm   answer. A second asks   Each draws strength from the   Ten Plagues. There is a
                                       because he does not                                 custom to spill a drop of
           Friday                            6:30/7:45 am   want to hear the answer.   others, as we all draw strength   wine as we say the name of
           Erev Pesach                                         from belonging to a people.
                                       A third asks because he                             each plague. There are
                                       does not understand. The  Through the Haggadah, more   many reasons given for this,
           Shabbat/Times                 fourth does not ask   than a hundred generations of  but the most beautiful is
                                       because he doesn’t      Jews have handed on their   that of Abudraham, (a 14th
           Candle Lighting      7:16 pm   understand that he   story to their children. The   century Rabbi from Spain
           Friday Mincha        7:20 pm   doesn’t understand. Ours  word “haggadah” means   who is best known for his
                                       has never been a        “relate,” “tell,” “expound.” But  commentary on the siddur),
           Hashkama             8:00 am   monolithic people.   it comes from another Hebrew  who interprets it in
           Youth                9:00 am                        root, [a-g-d] that means    accordance with the verse,
                                       Yet there is a message of   “bind”, “join”, “connect”. By   “Do not rejoice when your
           Main Sanctuary       9:00 am   hope in this family   reciting the Haggadah, Jews   enemy falls” (Proverbs
                                       portrait. Though they
           Mincha               7:15 pm                        give their children a sense of   24:17). We give thanks for
                                       disagree, they sit around   connectedness to Jews   the miraculous plagues
                   Latest Times for    the same table, telling   throughout the world and to   which brought our ancestors
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   the same story. Though   the Jewish people through   out of Egypt and granted
                                       they differ, they stay   time. It joins them to a past   them freedom, but at the
           April 16         9:34/10:41 am   together. They are part   and future, a history and   same time, we also shed a
                                       of a single family. Even                            symbolic tear for those who
           April 23         9:28/10:37 am   the rebel is there,   destiny, and makes them   suffered.
                                       although part of him does   characters in its drama. Every
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                    Pesach VIII
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           Candle Lighting      7:23 pm                         Rabbi Esor BenSorek
                                                        in honor of his beloved children
           Mincha               7:25 pm
                                                   Sharona, Ethan Samuel and Liora Miriam
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