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                           President’s Message

                                            Jordan Wolf
                                                                 the world. After two years of Covid restrictions, I know we are
                                                                 all praying for the chance to return to some form of normalcy.
                                                                  I wish all of you a beautiful, fulfilling (and filling) chag and
                                                                 please know that when you get back to Great Neck, your
                                                                 spiritual home will be here waiting for you to daven within its
                                                                 walls, to talk and laugh in its halls, and share the strength and
                                                                 knowledge that it has amassed over these last 70 years.

                                                                 Rivka and I wish you and your families a Chag Kasher

                                                                 Jordan Wolf

       I am honored to have served as the President of the Great Neck
       Synagogue during its 70th anniversary year. This shul has been
       an integral part of my life and that of my family since we moved
       to Great Neck more than thirty years ago. I literally grew up in
       this shul and my fondest wish was to someday be able to serve
       as a lay leader here. Last month we celebrated the Great Neck
       Synagogue’s 70th anniversary at our Annual Dinner where we
       honored two exemplary families, Celia and Jack Lemonick and
       Davida and Marc Yehaskel. We thank them and acknowledge          Celia & Jack Lemonik   |   Davida & Marc Yehaskel
       their hard work and dedication to our shul.

       The number 70 has great significance in Jewish history. Adam
       gave 70 years of his life to David Hamelech; the Torah lists 70
       nations which descended from Noach after the Mabul; Yaakov’s
       family numbered 70 souls when they first descended to Egypt;
       the number 70 is viewed as a number of strength representing
       a lifetime; there were 70 men who presided in the Great Sanhe-
       drin; the number 70 is also associated with wisdom.

       At the beginning of the magid section of the Haggadah, we read
       the story of Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah, (who at the time was
       only 18 years old), “I am like a seventy-year old man…” While
       the gray in my beard, the extra tiredness and my achy muscles
       allow me some insight into what he may have meant, I am so
       proud to have been able to follow in my father’s footsteps and
       the footsteps of all those who have selflessly led in the past.
       As my time as President of the Great Neck Synagogue comes to
       an end, I feel confident saying that the Great Neck Synagogue
       in its 70th year is strong and vibrant, a place for congregants
       to seek wisdom and Torah knowledge. I have no doubt that we
       will continue to grow as a shul, a community and as a united    The number 70 has great significance
       Jewish people.                                                               in Jewish history.

       Many of our members will spend this coming Pesach with their
       extended families either in Great Neck or traveling throughout

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