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                                                                 and available to help them if they are in need. If you would
              A Message from the Editor                          like to be a member of the Bikur Cholim committee to call,
                                                                 visit or bring food to someone or if you know someone
                                         Diane Rein              who can benefit from our outreach, please email me at

                                                                 On behalf of my husband, David, and our children,
                                                                 Alexander, Oliver and Sophia (and our puppies Pecan
                            Great Neck Synagogue Magazine        and Winter), I wish you all a Chag Sameach!
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                                                                 Diane Rein

       Happy Pesach! I am honored to present this special Pesach
       issue of SCOPE magazine which celebrates the Great Neck
       Synagogue’s 70th anniversary. To commemorate this mile-
       stone, this issue contains a special tribute section with
       many beautiful stories, anecdotes and photos, along with
       a timeline of GNS’s growth over the past 70 years. So many
       members wrote about their meaningful and special connec-
       tion with our shul. Enjoy reading memories from members
       including, Roz Wagner, Evelyn Henis, Brenda Parver, Pam
       Toledano, Ilene Schuman, Stanley Fischer, Jerry Weinstein
       and so many more. Thank you to Sharon Goldwyn, whose
       family has played a foundational role in GNS’s history, for
       collecting and providing these stories for SCOPE publication.

       We are grateful and thankful to the generous SCOPE
       sponsors and loyal advertisers who financially support this
       publication. Please consider sponsoring SCOPE for $100 a year
       for all three issues (Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Pesach). We
       welcome your advertisements in the magazine which is
       distributed to approximately 600 families and friends of
       Great Neck Synagogue.

       Thank you very much to Rabbi Polakoff, Rabbi Lichter,
       Mark Twersky, Jimmy Frisch and Paula Minsky for all their
       help on each magazine issue. I appreciate the time and
       effort they contribute to ensure SCOPE is a success.

       My amazing Art Director, Andrew Allen, created this spec-
       tacular edition of SCOPE in honor of our shul’s 70th anni-
       versary. He spends hours planning, creating and laying out
       each article, photo and artwork so that it all comes together
       beautifully, artistically and cohesively. Please email him at to thank him for his sincere
       dedication, effort and hard work.
                                                                                                      Photograph, Andy Allen ©2021
       As always, please remember to reach out to the ill, elderly
       and homebound members of our shul to wish them a
       Happy Pesach and let them know we are thinking of them

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