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Great Neck Synagogue Magazine                                                      GNS2022
         SCOPE                                                 Great Neck Synagogue
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                                                               26 Old Mill Road
                                                               Great Neck, New York 11023
                                                               T: 516 487 6100
          Pesach Issue | 2022         Table of Contents
          A Message from the Editor                            Dale E. Polakoff, Rabbi
          By Diane Rein                       p.3              Ian Lichter, Assistant Rabbi
          A Message from our Rabbi                             Rabbi Yehoshua Lefkowitz, Rabbinic Intern
          By Rabbi Dale Polakoff              p.4              Yitzy Spinner, Cantor
          A Message from our Assistant Rabbi                   Mark Twersky, Executive Director
          By Rabbi Ian Lichter                p.5              James Frisch, Assistant Executive Director
          President’s Message                                  Rabbi Dr. Michael & Zehava Atlas, Youth Rabbi & Youth Director
          By Jordan Wolf                      p.6              Dr. Ephraim Wolf, z”l, Rabbi Emeritus
          A Message from our Chazzan                           Eleazer Schulman, z”l, Cantor Emeritus
          By Yitzy Spinner                    p.7
                                                               Executive Board
          A Message from our Rabbinic Intern
          By Yehoshua Lefkowitz               p.8
                                                               Chairman of the Board        Dov Sassoon
          Book Review Corner                                   President                    Jordan Wolf
          By Andy Allen                       p.9
                                                               Executive Vice President     Daniel Aharon
          When Was the Exodus?                                 First Vice President         Bart Baum
          By Stanley H. Fischer               p.12
                                                               Second Vice President        Sharon Goldwyn
          In Search of Abraham’s Birthplace of Ur Kasdim       Third Vice President         Erik Hertz
          By Dr. Arnold Breitbart             p.16
                                                               Treasurer                    Abraham Sedgh
          Comparing the Torah to Homer: Problematic or Enlightening?  Recording Secretary      Diane Rein
          By Sophia Rein                      p.20
                                                               Corresponding Secretary      Steven Rosenzweig
          Chasing the Sunset                                   Financial Secretary          Ruby Askowitz
          By Annie Karpenstein                p.21
                                                               Service Officer              Steven Blumner
          Pesach Perplexities                                  Service Officer              Gary Chubak
          By Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D.            p.22
                                                               Gabbai                       Natan Hamerman
          This Pesach: Where Do You Want to Go?                Beit Midrash Gabbai          Josh Shatzkes
          By Kayla Hutt                       p.24
                                                               Beit Midrash Service Officer   Aaron Wallenstein
          The Haggadah Through the Ages
          By Carol Buckmann                   p.26
                                                               SCOPE Editorial Board
          GNS 70 Year Timeline
          GNS 70th Anniversary Special Section of Memories    p.29  Editor                  Diane Rein
          70th Year Anniversary for GNS;                       Art Director                 Andrew Allen
          26 Years of Dr. Paul Brody Reading the Megillah at GNS  Contributing Editor       Dr. Esor Ben-Sorek
          By Leo Goldstein                    p.43
                                                               Contributing Editor          Stanley Fischer
          Featured Artist Dr. Robert Knepper        p.46       Contributing Editor          Carol Buckmann
          Featured Artist Zachary Blumner         p.47         Contributing Editor          Dr. Arnold Breitbart
                                                               Youth Editor                 Sophia Rein
          Ask the Rabbi                                        Youth Editor                 Tsofia Atlas
          By Rabbi Dale Polakoff              p.48
          Prophet and Priest
          By Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D.            p.49
          Let’s Bake Someone’s Day Together                    SCOPE magazine is published three times a year,
          By Tsofia Atlas                     p.51             Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Pesach,
                                                               by Great Neck Synagogue,
          Rebbetzins’ Recipe Corner           p.52             26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, New York 11023
          The Schlissel Challah                                T: 516.487.6100  |  F: 516.487.6149  |
          By Sharona Abraham                  p.53
          Sisterhood of Great Neck Synagogue                   It is distributed by mail to members and friends of the synagogue.
          By Vivian Kron and Judy Lillien         p.54         Paid subscriptions are available for non-members at $18 per year.
          Great Neck Synagogue Men’s Club                      Copyright ©2022 Great Neck Synagogue
          By Mark Friedman                    p.56             All articles, logos & material used for another publication or lecture
          Youth News                                           must be expressly requested in writing from GNS. The views ex-
          By Rabbi Dr. Mike Atlas and Morah Zehava Atlas     p.58  pressed in this magazine are those of the author and may or may not
                                                               reflect the diversity of our membership.
          My Trip to Kentucky with NSHA
          By Orly Spinner                     p.59             View previous issues of SCOPE online;
          A Visit From Elijah                        
          By Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D.            p.60             or scan the QR code.
          The Language of Kindness
          By Annie Karpenstein                p.61
          Leaving Mitzrayim and Creating a Language
          By Robyn Blumner                    p.63
                                                               Cover watercolor illustration by Andy Allen ©2022
          Laws of Pesach                      p.65
          Pesach Schedule of Times            p.69
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