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Great Neck Synagogue Magazine
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                                                                Passover 2022

                                                                    Nissan 5782

                                                                                  Comparing the Torah to Homer:

                                                                                     Problematic or Enlightening?
                                                                                                      By Sophia Rein

                                                                                            In Search of Abraham’s

                                                                                           Birthplace of Ur Kasdim
                                                                                              By Dr. Arnold Breitbart

                                                                                           When Was the Exodus?

                                                                                               By Stanley H. Fischer

                                                                                                      The Haggadah
                                                                                                  Through the Ages

                                                                                                 By Carol Buckmann

                                                                                                        This Pesach:
                                                                                        Where Do You Want to Go?

                                                                                                       By Kayla Hutt

                                                                                              Great Neck Synagogue

                                                                                    celebrates its 70th anniversary!
                                                                              Special section inside with memories

                                                                                     and photos from our members!

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