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Shabbat & Passover Schedule

                                        5782 | 2022                   5782

                Thursday, April 14
                Bedikat Chometz this evening

                EREV PESACH
                Friday, April 15
                Shacharit with Siyum for first born    6:30 am        PESACH VII
                                                    7:45 am           Thursday night, April 21
                Chometz may not be eaten after:                       An Eiruv Tavshilin should be made
                   Magen Avraham                    10:13 am                Candle lighting               7:22 pm
                   Vilna Gaon                       10:42 am                Mincha                        7:25 pm
                   Chometz must be destroyed by:                      Friday, April 22
                   Magen Avraham                    11:34 am                  Hashkama                    8:00 am
                   Vilna Gaon                       11:48 am                  Youth                       9:00 am
                   Candle lighting                  7:16 pm                   Main Shul                   9:00 am
                   Mincha                           7:20 pm                   Beit Midrash                9:15 am
                                                                              Mincha                      7:25 pm
                PESACH I
                Friday night, April 15                                PESACH VIII
                Kiddush after (first Seder) 8:17 pm                   Friday night, April 22
                Shabbat, April 16                                     Candle lighting before       7:23 pm
                     Hashkama                       8:00 am           Shabbat, April 23
                     Youth                          9:00 am           Shir HaShirim and Yizkor recited this morning
                     Main Shul                      9:00 am                Hashkama                8:00 am
                     Beit Midrash                   9:15 am                Youth                   9:00 am
                     Mincha                         7:15 pm                Main Shul               8:45 am
                     Please eat Seudah Shlishit at home                    Beit Midrash            9:15 am
                                                                           Mincha                  7:15 pm
                                                                           Yom Tov ends            8:32 pm
                PESACH II
                PESACH II
                Shabbat, April 16
                    Candle lighting after           8:18 pm           Magen Avraham (Rabbi Avraham Gombiner 1633-1683)
                    Preparations for the second Seder                 and Gra (Vilna Gaon, 1720-1797)
                    should not begin before         8:18 pm
                Sunday, April 17                                      There is a major dispute among the Aharonim as to how to
                                                                      figure Sha’ot Z’maniot - the “halachic” hours (1/12 of the day)
                      Hashkama                      8:00 am           upon which these times are based. According to the Magen
                      Youth                         9:00 am           Avraham, the day is reckoned from amud hashahar (dawn)
                      Main Shul                     9:00 am           until nightfall. According to the Gra, the day begins at sunrise
                      Beit Midrash                  9:15 pm           and ends at sunset. Therefore, the Magen Avraham’s times
                                                                      will always be earlier than that of the Gra. For example, if
                      Mincha                        7:15 pm           sunrise is at 6:00 a.m. and sunset is at 6:00 p.m., the Gra’s
                      Yom Tov ends after            8:26 pm           ending time for K’riat Sh’ma will be 9:00 a.m., whereas the
                                                                      Magen Avraham’s ending time will be 8:24. Our shul policy is
                                                                      to follow the Gra.
                CHOL HAMOED
                Monday, April 18 - Thursday, April 21                Shabbat
                     First minyan                   6:30 am
                     Second minyan                  7:45 am
                     Mincha                         7:25 pm          & Pesach


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