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The following are some common kashering situations that often arise (please note that these guidelines assume the
        more stringent opinion that plastic should not be kashered for Pesach):

      UTENSIL              PREPARATION                          UTENSIL              PREPARATION

      Baby Bottle          Since it comes into contact with chometz (e.g. washed   Mixer  Do not use, even with new blades and bowls.
                           with dishes, boiled in chometz pot), new ones should be
                                                                Pump Pot (Shabbat Urn)  If in contact with chometz (e.g. sponge) do not use. Oth-
                                                                                     erwise, does not need kashering.
      Baby High Chair      Thoroughly clean. Preferable to cover the tray with con-
                           tact paper.
                                                                Refrigerator, Freezer  Thoroughly clean. Lining shelves is not necessary.
      Blech                Should be replaced.
                                                                Towels, Tablecloths, etc.  Those used during the year with chometz may be used on
                                                                                     Pesach if they have been laundered with soap and hot wa-
      Blender/FoodProcessor   New or Pesachdik receptacle (plus any part of unit that   ter, even if the stains do not come out. The same applies
      Smoothie Machine     makes direct contact with food) required. Thoroughly      to potholders, bibs, and aprons. Synthetic material, such
                           clean appliance. The blade should be treated like any knife   as Rayon and Terylene, that can only withstand a warm
                           and kashered through hagola.                              water cycle, may be used on Pesach after they have gone
                                                                                     through a washing with detergent and only if there are no
                                                                                     visible stains after they have been cleaned. Transparent
      Can Opener           Manual or Electric – Clean thoroughly.
                                                                                     tablecloths may be coated with a powder and should be
                                                                                     rinsed off before use.
      Candlesticks/Tray    Clean thoroughly. Should not be put under hot water in a
                           kosher for Pesach sink.
                                                                Vases                Those used on the table during the year may be used on
                                                                                     Pesach if they are washed inside and out.
      Coffeemakers         Coffeemakers that have brewed only unflavored pure
                           caffeinated coffee. Clean thoroughly. Replace with new
                           or Pesachdik glass carafe and new filters. Coffeemakers   Washing cup (used in kitchen )  Metal – boiling water.
                           that have brewed flavored coffee or decaffeinated coffee   Plastic - put away with chometz dishes.
                           should be cleaned thoroughly and put away. According to
                           the OU, Keurig  coffeemakers can be kashered for Pesach.  Water Pitchers  Should be put away with chometz dishes.
      Colanders            Use new ones for Pesach.             Water Filters        Plastic water filters that are connected to the faucet
                                                                                     should be thoroughly cleaned, including the outside
      Dentures, Bite Plates, Braces  Clean thoroughly after one has finishing eating chometz.  and the coupling, and may be used on Pesach without
                                                                                     changing the filters. If they are metal and have been
                                                                                     on consistently since last Pesach, they should be left
      Dishwashers          See above.                                                on during kashering of the spigot. If they were first at-
                                                                                     tached some time after Pesach, they should be removed
                                                                                     before kashering the spigot and should be kashered
      Electric Burner Drip Pans  Clean thoroughly.                                   separately. Instant hot devices and individual hot/
                                                                                     cold water filters that are connected to the sink with a
                                                                                     separate spigot should be kashered along with the sink.
      Grater               Use new ones for Pesach.
                                                                                     Instant hot devices should be turned on during kashering
                                                                                     of instant hot spigot.
      Instant Hot Devices  See Water Filters.
                                                                Water Coolers        Cold water coolers should be cleaned thoroughly. The hot
      Metal Wine Goblets   Kasher in boiling water.                                  spigot on a water cooler should not be used if it came
                                                                                     into contact with chometz during the year.
                                                                Water Urn            If it has been washed with chometz utensils, then Metal
      Metal Wine Trays     Kasher in boiling water.
                                                                                     (uncoated) - Hagola; both inside and outside should be
                                                                                     kashered. Porcelain Enameled or Plastic - Do not use.

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