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The following are not considered kitniyot
          but may require special checking:                           Kashering - A Summary
               •  Anise
               •  Carob                                           1. Metal
               •  Chia Seeds                                      Silverware (only with all metal pieces and no parts glued to-
               •  Coriander                                       gether), pots used on top of the stove (no baking utensils or
               •  Cottonseed                                      frying pans) and other metal utensils may be kashered for
               •  Cumin                                           Passover use. They must first be cleaned thoroughly (if they
               •  Guar Gum                                        are silver they should be polished) and then allowed to stand
               •  Locust Bean Gum                                 unused for 24 hours. They are then completely immersed in
               •  Safflower                                       a large pot (made kosher for Passover) of boiling water and
               •  Saffron                                         rinsed in cold water after being removed from the pot. The boil-
                                                                  ing water must touch each part of the utensil, although it does
          The following  may be kitniyot and are therefore not used:  not need to touch all parts simultaneously. Large pots may be
                                                                  kashered by first cleaning them as above, allowing them to
               •  Amaranth                                        stand for 24 hours and then filling them with water to the very
               •  Peanuts                                         top, allowing the water to boil. A heated stone or some other
                                                                  noncombustible material is then placed inside the pot so that
                                                                  the boiling water overflows the top lip of the pot.
                                                                  China, pottery, earthenware, utensils that have different parts
        General food guidelines such as which products require spe-
        cial Pesach supervision as well as a listing of products that   glued together and items that cannot be thoroughly cleaned
                                                                  (such as a sieve) cannot be kashered for Passover use.
        can be used without special supervision are available in the
        Kosher  for  Passover  publications  that  are  produced  by  the   2. Glassware
        various kashrut agencies. The publication of the Orthodox   Glasses which have been used primarily for cold liquids during
        Union is available in limited quantities in the synagogue of-  the year may be “kashered” for Passover by immersing them in
        fice. These publications can also be accessed online at the   cold water for a period of 72 hours. The water must be changed
        websites of the different agencies as well as downloaded as   every 24 hours, and with the exception of the time when the wa-
        an app for your phones.                                   ter is being changed, the glasses must be continually submerged.
                                                                  Glasses, pyrex, corningware, and the like which are used with heat
              OU:                                must be treated as china and cannot be kashered for Passover.
              KOF-K:                      3. Oven
              STAR-K:                      A self-cleaning oven is kashered for Passover use by simply
                                                                  running it through the self-clean cycle. Special care must be
                                                                  taken to ensure that the area around the inside seal of the
        Since benefiting from chometz is prohibited over Pesach,   door is thoroughly cleaned
        one may not feed animals food containing chometz. Although
        there is no kosher for Pesach supervised animal food, several   A conventional oven, either gas or electric, may be kashered by
        kashrut agencies include a list of animal foods that do not con-  cleaning it twice with a caustic oven cleaner and then, after
        tain chometz. In general, grain free animal food may be used   waiting for 24 hours, turning it to its highest temperature for
        even though it contains kitniyot (as most do) since there is no   one hour. The broiler pan and tray may not be kashered in this
        prohibition of benefiting  from kitniyot.  While on the subject   manner. They should be removed from the oven and not used.
        of animal food it is important to remember that throughout
        the year animal food should not contain a mixture of meat and   Oven Racks - assuming that food is not cooked directly on the
        milk, since we are forbidden to benefit from such a mixture all   oven racks, they may be kashered by first cleaning them, al-
        year-long. This can be easily determined by reading the list of   lowing them to stand unused for 24 hours, and then placing
        ingredients on the bag.                                   them in the oven while the oven is being kashered. If food is
                                                                  cooked directly on the racks, a new set of racks should
        Dishes and utensils used for chometz year-round should be   be used for Pesach. Occasional spillovers on the racks do not
        packed away in preparation for Pesach. Certain dishes and   qualify as food being cooked directly on them.
        utensils normally used may also be used for Pesach once they
        are properly kashered and any chometz they have absorbed   A microwave oven may be kashered by cleaning it, and after
        has been removed. The following section provides a brief sum-  not using it for 24 hours, placing a styrofoam cup of water
        mary of the laws involved in kashering utensils and appliances   in the oven and boiling it until the oven fills with steam. If a
        for use on Pesach. Please contact any of our rabbis if you have   glass tray is used in the oven, it should be replaced for Pesach.
        additional questions.                                     Microwave-Convection ovens are kashered in the same way as
                                                                  a regular oven.

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