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                                                                  applies only to the eating of such products; their posses-
                          Preparing for Pesach                    sion is permissible, as is using them for other (non-eating)
                                                                  purposes. Whereas the rabbis of the sephardic communi-
                               5782 | 2022                        ty never instituted such a prohibition, Jews of sephardic
                                                                  descent who eat kitniyot also need to be sure that they
                                                                  are free from any chometz mixtures. A reliable list of kitni-
                                                                  yot items permitted for sephardim may be obtained from
        Preparing for Pesach                                      JSOR 732-531-4872 ( Instructions can also be
                                                                  found there for inspecting rice before Pesach. Additionally,
        Chometz results when one of the five type of grains (wheat,   the OU and the Star-K have begun certifying kitniyot prod-
        barley, rye, oats or spelt) comes in contact with water and   ucts for use by sephardim. The OU indicates that the prod-
        is allowed to stand for a brief period of time without being   ucts are kitniyot and the Star-K uses a Star-S to indicate
        baked. We are forbidden during Pesach to eat, own or de-  kitniyot for Sephardim.
        rive any benefit from such a mixture that has been allowed
        the time to rise. Therefore, all grain products, their deriva-  Those who avoid eating kitniyot need to be particularly
        tives or mixtures are forbidden.                          diligent in purchasing products for Pesach. Often products
                                                                  bear kosher for Pesach labels even though they contain
        Compliance with the prohibitions of eating, owning or pos-  kitniyot, and sometimes stores are not careful to separate
        sessing chometz, or deriving any benefit from chometz     between the kitniyot and non-kitniyot products.
        takes three forms. The first is the actual removal of
        chometz from our homes, either through consuming it or    Following is a list of products that are usually considered
        disposing of it. This culminates in a search for chometz on   as kitniyot. As with all other Pesach matters, please feel
        the evening before Pesach (bedikat chometz), and in the   free to contact our rabbinic staff with any questions.
        symbolic burning of the chometz (biur chometz) on Erev
        Pesach morning. The second is the recitation of a formula
        of nullification of ownership (found in the hagaddah or sid-  The following are considered kitniyot:
        dur) over any chometz which we might still inadvertently          •  Aspartame
        have in our possession (bitul chometz). This nullification        •  Beans
        is recited twice, once after bedikat chometz and then a           •  Bean Sprouts
        final time after biur chometz. Finally, any chometz which         •  Black Eyed Peas
        can neither be consumed nor disposed of before Passover           •  Buckwheat
        may be sold to a non-Jew (mechirat chometz). The form for         •  Caraway
        mechirat chometz is found elsewhere in this publication           •  Cardamom
        and is available online at as well.                   •  Corn
                                                                          •  Corn Oil
        Quinoa                                                            •  Corn Syrup
                                                                          •  Edamame
        This “grain-like” seed has caught on in recent years as a         •  Fennel Seeds (not fennel bulbs and leaves)
        welcome addition to our traditional Pesach diet. It will be       •  Fenugreek
        available again this year with the kosher for Pesach su-          •  Flaxseed (Linseed)
        pervision of major kashrut organizations. Certification en-       •  Green Beans
        sures that the quinoa is produced in a manner that avoids         •  Hemp Seeds
        any contact with actual grains or with machinery on which         •  Licorice
        such grains were processed. Such certification is neces-          •  Lentils
        sary due to the increased demand for quinoa all year long         •  Millet
        and its growing popularity, which often results in it being       •  Mustard
        processed with actual grains.                                     •  Peas
                                                                          •  Popcorn
                                                                          •  Poppy Seeds
        Kitniyot                                                          •  Rapeseed
        Jews of ashkenazic descent also avoid legumes (kitniyot)          •  Rice
        such as beans, peas, rice, corn, or other such foods. There       •  Sesame Seeds
        are two traditional reasons given for the institution of this     •  Soybeans
        rabbinic prohibition. Some of the foods could be ground           •  String Beans
        into flour and confused with chometz flour, whereas oth-          •  Sunflower Seeds
        ers normally grow in close proximity to chometz products          •  Teff
        and might not be free of mixed in grains. This prohibition        •  Tofu

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