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                                                             Mazal Tov to Meryl & Mark Friedman on the birth of a
                                                             grandson, born to their children Jared & Serah Friedman.
         Order Deadline is Monday, March 1, 2022. Click here to
         order online or email order form to   TIKVAH SCHOLARS PROGRAM
         Packages: $26 (inc. shipping to NY, NJ, CT)         The Tikvah Scholars Program is a summer program at Yale
         Order and pickup at GNS to deliver yourself: $18    University for current 10th and 11th graders. The program
         Sponsor a Bikur Cholim package: $18                 brings together Jewish teens who want to explore how
                                                             Judaism informs and challenges Western thought,
         Chaverim Center has restarted meets every other         philosophy, and politics. There will be two summer sessions:
         Wednesday from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Listed below are   June 27-July 7 and July 25-August 4. Visit https://
         the remaining dates and programs until Pesach. to learn more about it.
         March 2nd - NSHA students speak about their Chesed Trip  SEFORIM GEMACH
         to Kentucky                                         Seforim Gemach of Queens has reopened and we are
         March 23rd - Relaxation session with Robyn Blumner   restocking. If you have used seforim that are good shape
                                                             and would like to put them to good use please contact
         April 6th - Pesach talk with Speaker TBA            Rabbi Steve Moskowitz at
         BLOOD DRIVE                                         or by cell/text at 516-220-7177. We will come to your home
         The Men’s Club Blood Drive will be held on Sunday, March   to pickup. We do not take shaimot. All proceeds from
         13th from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm in the GNS Gym. To    seforim go to Tomchei Shabbos of Queens.
         book an appointment, visit and click on “Donate   PLEASE NOTE NEW DROP OFF ADDRESS
         Blood” or email All donors welcome   All Friday food donations for Hunger Initiative should be left
         and appreciated!”                                   in the coolers at 19 Crampton Avenue. Please make sure
         GNS BIKUR CHOLIM AND GNS CONNECTIONS -              your food is nearly packaged and labeled. If you have any
         SPONSOR MISHLOACH MANOT/VOLUNTEER TO MAKE           questions or need containers for donations please contact
                                                             Cindy Hodkin at or text at
         For Purim, GNS Bikur Cholim and GNS Connections are   516.317.9632.
         planning to distribute beautiful mishloach manot packages   BNEI AKIVA SHLUCHOT
         from Kandi King to members of our shul that could benefit   Please welcome Liron and Shira to your homes for Shabbat
         from our outreach. If you would like to volunteer to make   meals. The meal train link is:
         deliveries (could be used for high school chesed hours) or
         sponsor mishloach manot ($18/package and there are   INVITATION FOR SHABBAT MEALS
         about 60 recipients), please contact Diane Rein at   GNS has several members that live alone and would warmly For sponsorship payment, please either   welcome an invitation for a Shabbat meal. If you are hosting
         venmo to @vivian-kron or mail check payable to GNS          Shabbat dinner or lunch and have room for another person
         Sisterhood. Thank you very much!                    to include, please email Rabbi Polakoff at
                                                             or Rabbi Lichter at who will provide you
                                                             with the name and contact information of people you can
         Thank you to those who collected and participated by
                                                             invite. You may not know them, they may be from a
         dropping off much needed clothing, toiletries and back   different generation or they may daven in a different GNS
         packs. This was a tremendous success with many car loads   minyan than you do, but we are all part of the same GNS
         being dropped off to the Gemach.                    family.
         GREAT NECK COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                   Monday, 27 Adar I
         In order to avoid any conflicts, it is suggested that when             Alan Adler for Bella Adler
         planning a simcha or event that you send your request to              Alan Adler for Murray Adler
         both to book at GNS as well as to the   Y               Tuesday, 28 Adar I
         community calendar at    A             Philip Berman for Marks Berman

         CHANGE TO SHUL CLOUD                                 H              Michael Aryeh for Morris Schultz
         In the coming weeks our shul will be making the transition   R         Wednesday, 29 Adar I
         from Chaverware and Chaverweb to Shul Cloud. The                       Fred Shaw for Selma Shaw
         change will make it easier for everyone to access their    Z     Mansour Farhadian for Nazanin Sohayegh
         records and pay bills through the new portal. As such, we   E             Friday, 1 Adar II
         can no longer accept payments through Chaverweb. If you             Joyce Dacher for Marvin Wolfman
         want to make a payment you can either call the office or   I             Saturday, 2 Adar II
         make a payment on our website  T         Harry Lumerman for Todrys Lumerman
         -donation-to-great-neck-synagogue/ and in the message   S                Sunday, 3 Adar II
         box let us know what you are paying. We hope that in the             Milton Mitzner for Pearl Drucker
         future the process will be a much simpler and easier way                 Monday, 4 Adar II
         to help with your synagogue obligations.                           Steven Berkowitz for Jack Berkowitz
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