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26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023 (516) 487-6100                                                              Shabbat Announcements Pekudei 5782
         charitable provisions was almost inconceivable. Later in the
         same book, Maimonides says: We are obligated to be more
         scrupulous in fulfilling the commandment of tzedakah than
         any other positive commandment because tzedakah is the
         sign of the righteous person, a descendant of Abraham our
         father, as it is said, “For I know him, that he will command
         his children…to do tzedakah”…If someone is cruel and does
         not show mercy, there are sufficient grounds to suspect his
         lineage, since cruelty is found only among the other
         nations…Whoever refuses to give charity is called Belial, the
         same term which is applied to idol worshippers (Laws of
         Gifts to the poor, 10:1-3). Maimonides is here saying more
         than that Jews give charity. He is saying that a charitable
         disposition is written into Jewish genes, part of our
         inherited DNA. It is one of the signs of being a child of
         Abraham, so much so that if someone does not give charity
         there are “grounds to suspect his lineage.” Whether this is
         nature or nurture or both, to be Jewish is to give.

         There is a fascinating feature of the geography of the land
         of Israel. It contains two seas: the Sea of Galilee and the
         Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee is full of life. The Dead Sea, as
         its name implies, is not. Yet they are fed by the same river,
         the Jordan. The difference is that the Sea of Galilee receives
         water and gives water. The Dead Sea receives but does not
         give. To receive but not to give is, in Jewish geography as
         well as Jewish psychology, simply not life. So it was in the
         time of Moses. So it is today. In virtually every country in
         which Jews live, their charitable giving is out of all
         proportion to their numbers. In Judaism, to live is to give.

                                                               GNS Class Schedule
                                                               9:15 am: Midrash Class - Rabbi Polakoff

                                                               8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Froimowitz
                                                               8:30 pm: Gemara Sota - Rabbi Polakoff
                                                               8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Polakoff
                                                               8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Dr. Alan Mazurek
                              Great Neck Synagogue             9:00 pm: WNL Chabura - Rabbi Lichter
                     26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck , NY 11023
                                  516-487-6100                 Thursday
                                                               8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Lichter
                         Rabbi Dale Polakoff, Rabbi            9:15 am: Women’s Chumash - Rabbi Polakoff
                      Rabbi Ian Lichter, Assistant Rabbi
                   Rabbi Yehoshua Lefkowitz, Intern Rabbi      Friday
                    Dr. Ephraim Wolf, z”l, Rabbi Emeritus      8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Froimowitz
                           Yitzy Spinner, Cantor
                    Eleazer Schulman, z”l, Cantor Emeritus     Shabbat
          Rabbi Dr. Michael & Zehava Atlas, Youth Rabbi & Youth Director   8:30 am: Parsha Shiur
                      Mark Twersky, Executive Director         before Mincha: Gemara Moed Katan
                     Dr. James Frisch, Assistant Director      Rabbis Polakoff & Lichter
                          Jordan Wolf, President
                     Dov Sassoon, Chairman of the Board
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