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Parshat Vayakhel/Shekalim/Shabbat Mevarchim                           February 26, 2022  25 Adar I, 5782
                     TORAH               Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Parshat Vayakhel
               ARTSCROLL  516
                  HERTZ  373           How do you remotivate a  and so become a laughingstock  heights of a mountain but in
                                       demoralized people? How  to their enemies.” The verb   the midst of the camp. He
                    MAFTIR             do you put the pieces of    ,ערפlike the similar  ,ארפmeans  appeals to the same sense
               ARTSCROLL  484          a broken nation back    “loose, unbridled,          of generosity that made
                  HERTZ  352           together again? That was  unrestrained.” There is an   them offer up their gold
                  HAFTORAH             the challenge faced by   assembly that is disciplined,   ornaments. The difference is
              ARTSCROLL   1212         Moses in this week’s    task-oriented and purposeful.   that they are now acting in
                  HERTZ  992           parsha. The key word    And there is an assembly that   accordance with God’s
                                       here is vayakhel, “Moses  is a mob. It has a will of its   command, not their own
             Shabbat Mevarchim         gathered.” Kehillah     own. People in crowds lose   spontaneous feelings. He
                                       means community. A
                 Rosh Chodesh                                  their sense of self-restraint.   asks the Israelites to make
                  Adar Sheini          kehillah or kahal is a   They get carried along in a   voluntary contributions to
                                       group of people         wave of emotion. Normal     the construction of the
            Molad: Thurs. March 3
                  @ 3:51:17 am         assembled for a given   deliberative thought-processes  Tabernacle, the Sanctuary,
                                       purpose. That purpose   become bypassed by the more  the Mikdash. They do so
                Rosh Chodesh:              can be positive or   primitive feelings or the group.  with such generosity that
            Thurs. & Fri. March 3-4    negative, constructive or  There is, as neuroscientists put  Moses has to order them to
                                       destructive. The same   it, an “amygdala hijack.”   stop. If you want to bond
                     Times             word that appears at the  Passions run wild. There have   human beings so that they
                                       beginning of this week’s   been famous studies of this:   act for the common good,
           Weekly Times
                                       parsha as the beginning   Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary  get them to build something
           Shacharit: Sun.    7:30/8:30 am   of the solution, appeared  Popular Delusions and the   together. Get them to
           Mon.              6:35/7:45 am   in last week’s parsha as   Madness of Crowds (1841),   undertake a task that they
           Tues. & Wed.      6:45/7:45 am   the start of the problem:  Gustave Le Bon’s The Crowd: a  can only achieve together,
           Thurs. & Fri.  RC   6:30/7:45 am   “When the people saw   study of the popular mind   that none can do alone.
           Mincha               5:25 pm   that Moses was so long in  (1895), and Wilfred Trotter’s   The power of this principle
                                       coming down from the    Instincts of the Herd in Peace
           Shabbat Times                 mountain, they gathered  and War (1914). One of the   was demonstrated in a

           Candle Lighting      5:23 pm   [vayikahel] around Aaron  most haunting works on the   famous social-scientific
                                                                                           research exercise carried
                                       and said, ‘Make us a god  subject is Jewish Nobel prize-
           Friday Mincha        5:25 pm                                                    out in 1954 by Muzafer
                                       to lead us. As for this   winner Elias Canetti’s Crowds
           Hashkama             8:00 am   man Moses who brought   and Power (1960, English   Sherif and others from the
                                       us up out of Egypt, we   translation 1962).         University of Oklahoma,
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am                                                    known as the Robbers’ Cave
                                       don’t know what has
           Main Sanctuary       9:00 am   happened to him.’”   Vayakhel is Moses’ response to  experiment. Sherif wanted
           Youth Minyan         9:00 am                        the wild abandon of the crowd   to understand the dynamics
                                       The difference between   that gathered around Aaron   of group conflict and
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   the two kinds of kehillah   and made the golden calf. He   prejudice. To do so, he and
                                       is that one results in   does something fascinating. He  his fellow researchers
           Gemara Shiur         4:45 pm
                                       order, the other in chaos.  does not oppose the people, as  selected a group of 22
           Mincha/SS            5:15 pm   Coming down the      he did initially when he saw the  white, eleven-year-old boys,
           Shabbat Ends         6:32 pm   mountain to see the   golden calf. Instead, he uses   none of whom had met one
                                       golden calf, we read that  the same motivation that drove  another before. They were
                   Latest Times for    “Moses saw that the                                 taken to a remote summer
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei                           them in the first place. They
                                       people were running wild  wanted to create something   camp in Robbers Cave State
           February 26      9:20/10:16 am   and that Aaron had let   that would be a sign that God   Park, Oklahoma. They were
           March 5          9:14/10:12 am   them get out of control   was among them: not on the   randomly allocated into two
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           Candle Lighting      5:31 pm                             Michael Aryeh
           Mincha               5:35 pm                   in memory of Morris Schultz z”l
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