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GREAT NECK SYNAGOGUE 70 YEAR TIMELINE                                                                                        1960s – 1980s

      1961                             1967 (continued)                    1971 (continued)           1976                      1980

                                                                                                                                Dual dedication of Sefer Torahs for
                                                                                                                                GNS and the Sephardic Synagogue.

                                                                                                                                GNS Leisure Lounge opens Senior
                                                                                                                                citizens group Youth Department
                                                                                                                                partakes in social action, visit elderly
                                                                                                                                Jews in The Bronx.
                                       The Sanctuary is dedicated in memory
                                       of Solomon S.Goldwyn  – President
                                       1956-1966 and the first high holiday                                                     1981
      Additional 4 acres are purchased   services are held in the new building.
      from Dr. David Schwartz. A new                                       North Shore Mikvah                                   Rabbi Wolf celebrates his 25th
      sanctuary, catering facilities, and                                  incorporated as                                      Anniversary at GNS. The new ark
      NSHA building are planned.                                           independent organization.                            doors are dedicated in his honor.
      Percival Goodman hired as
                                                                           1973                       Dedication of new ark in   Rabbi Norman Amsel becomes
                                                                                                                                Assistant Rabbi.
      1965                                                                                            synagogue marks Rabbi
                                                                                                      Wolf’s 20th anniversary
                                                                           GNS raises money for Yom   with shul. Bronze doors
                                                                           Kippur War, helping soldiers   designed by Adek
      Joel Paul hired as Youth Director.                                   in Israel.                 Apfelbaum.                1983
                                       Steel sculpted Menorah created by Ira                                                    Ner Tamid created by Ira Lubin
      1966                             Lubin mounted on wall next to the aron.  1974                  New fleishig kitchen opens   dedicated in memory of Belle
                                                                                                      next to gym.              Goldwyn z”l.
                                       Shlomo Carlebach sings at GNS.
                                                                           First Great Neck NCSY
                                                                           chapter begins at GNS.                               1985
                                       Mac Mender becomes Chairman of the
                                                                           1975                                                 Mikvah renovated and dedicated in
                                                                                                                                memory of Belle Goldwyn z”l.
                                       The GNS forms first Little League
                                       baseball team.                                                 Oswaldo Colon Head
                                       Youth lounge is completed. The GNS                                                                     Rabbi Dale
                                       holds its first Perek on the Lawn.                                                                     Polakoff is
      Foundation of new building with the                                                             1979                                    appointed the
      Mikvah is laid.                                                                                                                         Rabbi of GNS.
                                       Stuie Warner hired as Youth Director.                                                    Mayor ED Koch is guest speaker
      GNS sends 40 diapulse machines                                                                                            at GNS for the 50th anniversary of
      to help the wounded of the Six Day                                                                                        Kristallnacht.
      War. Teen club raises funds to buy               The gym is          Eiruv - town of North
      an ambulance.                                    dedicated and       Hempstead approves         Elie Wiesel speaks at GNS.
                                                       named in honor                                                           1989
                                                       of Mac & Billie
                                                       Mender.                                                                  Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz speaks at GNS.
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