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GREAT NECK SYNAGOGUE 70 YEAR TIMELINE                                                                                                    1950s

      1951                               1952                              1953                    1955                              1958

                     Herman Wouk
                     holds parlour
                     meeting in Kings
                     Point to discuss
                     the viability of an

                     Passover: 6
                     families begin
                     a minyan in
                     a small room        Rabbi Murray H. Lustig becomes
                     over the Squire     Rabbi of Great Neck Synagogue.    Rabbi Carol Klein is                                      GNS 7th Anniversary:
                     Movie Theatre.                                        appointed  Rabbi of                                       Richard Tucker, tenor of the
                     Rabbi Moshe                                           Great Neck Synagogue.                                     Metropolitan Opera invited as
                     Tendler, a new                                                                                                  a guest Chazzan.
                     Yeshiva University                                                             Dedication of GNS & NSHA building.
                     graduate, takes                                       1954
      on post of rabbi  and leads passover                                                                                           1959
      services. George Weinstein davens                                                            Assistant Rabbi Nisson Shulman
      shacharit and Herman Wouk davens                                                             begins.

      April 27, 1951:
      These pioneers of modern orthodoxy
      apply for charter from Union of    Founding families purchase “The
      Orthodox Congregations. The charter   Grey House” on a 1.5 acre site on 26
      is signed by the following members:   Old Mill Road, a.k.a. Synagogue Row.
      Charles Gold, Jules Gordon, Shelley   Membership dues per year are set for
      Goren, Maxwell Slote, Jacob        $50 per family.
      Widelitz, George Weinstein, and
      Herman Wouk.
                                                                           Ground breaking
                                                                           construction of the first                                 Cantor Eleazer Schulman
                                                                           Great Neck Synagogue                                      joins GNS.
                                                                           and North Shore Hebrew   Gala Weekend dedication of new
                     George Weinstein                                      Academy building,       synagogue. Installation Reception in
                     is elected first                                      overseen by Solomon S.   honor of Rabbi Dr. Ephraim &
                     President.                                            Goldwyn, Chairman of    Mrs. Elaine Wolf.
                                                                           the Construction

                                                                           September: The NSHA
                                                                           is established.
      Selma Widelitz becomes first
      President of Sisterhood.

      Pre-School Institute opens for
      ages 3-5. Adult Education and
      Hebrew School Classes are offered.
      The first High Holidays are held
      at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall
      to accommodate an expanding
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