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                                                             INTERESTED VOLUNTEERS
         CHANGE TO SHUL CLOUD                                GNS is looking for volunteers interested in security training
         In the coming weeks our shul will be making the transition   (i.e., awareness, recognizing suspicious activity, reducing
         from Chaverware and Chaverweb to Shul Cloud. The    threats) for a series of free classes at GNS for men and
         change will make it easier for everyone to access their    women of all ages. No background in security required.
         records and pay bills through the new portal. As such, we   Contact the office (516-487-6100) or email
         can no longer accept payments through Chaverweb. If you
         want to make a payment you can either call the office or   TIKVAH SCHOLARS PROGRAM
         make a payment on our website  The Tikvah Scholars Program is summer program at Yale
         -donation-to-great-neck-synagogue/ and in the message   University for current 10th and 11th graders from around
         box let us know what you are paying. We hope that in the   the world. The program brings together Jewish teens who
         future the process will be a much simpler and easier way   want to explore how Judaism informs and challenges
         to help with your synagogue obligations.            Western thought, philosophy, and politics. Two sessions:
                                                             6/27-7/7 and 7/25-8/4. More information at https://
         Throughout January until Feb. 10th, please drop off:
         a) men’s, women’s & children’s clothing in good condition   PLEASE NOTE NEW DROP OFF ADDRESS
         and stain free to the Lillien home, 35 Margaret Court     All Friday food donations for Hunger Initiative should be left
         b) backpacks, small rolling cases and sealed toiletries to   in the coolers at 19 Crampton Avenue. Please make sure
         the Yehaskel home, 17 Old Pond Rd. or the Sturm     your food is nearly packaged and labeled. If you have any
         home, 15 Robin Way                                  questions or need containers for donations please contact
         All donations will go to   Cindy Hodkin at or text at
         Please no drop offs during Yeshiva Break - Jan. 23-30.    516.317.9632.
         GNS JOURNEY SERIES IS BACK!                                              Monday, 22 Shevat
         Morocco: May 9-18                                                    Arnie Flatow for Morris Flatow
         Poland: July 19-24                                                   Diane Seidle for Louis Melnick
         See Chazzan Spinner for more info.                                   Rita Silverman for Dora Pentol
         PESACH SCOPE DEADLINE AND SPONSORSHIP                             Perry Schneider for Samuel Schneider
                                                                                  Tuesday, 23 Shevat
         Please submit all SCOPE magazine articles, recipes, photos,         Sheila Bachman for Max Bachman
         ads, sponsorships and any other material by Monday,                Halina Greenwald for David Greenwald
         February 7th to Diane Rein at Thank               Albert Safdieh for Irene Lipstein
         you very much to our SCOPE sponsors (we have about 80!)  Y         Philip Hanfling for Julius Schneider
         for their strong support by sponsoring 3 issues (Rosh                  Wednesday, 24 Shevat
         Hashanah, Chanukah and Pesach) for a total cost of $100   A    Matthew Gartenhaus for Stanley Gartenhaus
         for the year. We strongly encourage others who are not                  Thursday, 25 Shevat
         currently SCOPE sponsors to have their names added. You          David Birnbaum for Andor Jack Birnbaum
         can dedicate the sponsorship in honor or in memory of a   H       Moselle Berkowitz for Hannah Kerben
         loved one. Thank you so much!                                      Reuben Kerben for Hannah Kerben
                                                                              Joshua Olshin for Morris Olshin
         GNS has several members that live alone and would                 Carol Karbowitz for Johanna Schwarz
         warmly welcome an invitation for a Shabbat meal. If you            Lynn Steinberg for Johanna Schwarz
                                                                                   Friday, 26 Shevat
         are hosting Shabbat dinner or lunch and have room for   Z           Raphael Shaya for Tikvah Ambar
         another person to include, please contact Rabbi Polakoff at          Ruth Seif for Hadassa Dolinsky or Rabbi Lichter at who  E       Diane Rein for Helene Marcia Fink
         will provide you with the name and contact information of         Sharon Goldwyn for Abraham Kessler
         people you can invite. You may not know them, they may                  Saturday, 27 Shevat
         be from a different generation or they may daven in a            I   Sharon Herman for Joseph Adler
         different GNS minyan than you do, but we are all part of              Uri Rosin for Miriam Aldouby
         the same GNS family. Hachnasat Orchim - welcoming                    Jayne Rosenthal for Ron Altman
         guests into your home - is a big mitzvah!            T               Doreen Zobel for Sabina Geist
                                                                             Morris Seidman for Mala Seidman
         Please welcome Liron and Shira to your homes for Shabbat   S             Sunday, 28 Shevat
         meals. The meal train link is:                Frank Bachrach for Ludwig Bachrach
                                                                             Howard Lorber for Ronald Lorber
         SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                          Monday, 29 Shevat
         Pre-order your 2022 National Mahjongg League Cards                    Ben Jampel for Henry Jampel
         through the Sisterhood. For more information, please                    Murray Rabinowitz for Lea Rabinowitz
         contact Cynthia Wiesenfeld at            Stephen Rabinowitz for Lea Rabinowitz
         Deadline is January 24, 2022.                                     Jerrald Weinstein for Fanny Weinstein
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