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Parshat Mishpatim/Shabbat Mevarchim                                   January 29, 2022  27 Shevat, 5782
                    TORAH               Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Parshat Mishpatim
              ARTSCROLL  416
                  HERTZ  306           Our parsha takes us     pride in their labor and work   on principles of justice,
                                       through a bewildering   harder and better. Great    human dignity and respect
                  HAFTORAH             transition. Up until now,   leaders communicate a vision.   for life.
             ARTSCROLL   1156          the book of Shemot has   But they are also meticulous,   But neither historical events
                  HERTZ  323           carried us along with the   even perfectionists, when it   nor abstract ideals – not
                                       sweep and drama of the
            Shabbat Mevarchim          narrative: the Israelites’   comes to the details. Thomas   even the broad principles of
            Rosh Chodesh Adar I        enslavement, their hope   Edison famously said, “Genius   the Ten Commandments –
                                                               is one percent inspiration,
                                                                                           are sufficient to sustain a
            Tues. & Wed. Feb. 1-2      for freedom, the plagues,   ninety-nine percent     society in the long run.
                                       Pharaoh’s obstinacy, their
             Molad: Tues. Feb. 1                               perspiration.” It is attention to  Hence the remarkable
                                       escape into the desert,
                 @ 3:07:16 pm          the crossing of the Red   detail that separates the great  project of the Torah: to
                                       Sea, the journey to     artists, poets, composers,   translate historical
                     Times             Mount Sinai and the     filmmakers, politicians and   experience into detailed
                                       great covenant with God.   heads of corporations from the  legislation, so that the
           Weekly Times                  Suddenly, we now find   merely average. Anyone who   Israelites would live what
                                                               has read Walter Isaacson’s
                                                                                           they had learned on a daily
           Shacharit: Sun.    7:30/8:30 am   ourselves faced with a   biography of the late Steve   basis, weaving it into the
                                       different kind of literature
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   altogether: a law code   Jobs knows that he had an   very texture of their social
           Tues., Wed. & Fri   6:45/7:45 am   covering a bewildering   attention to detail bordering on  life. In the parsha of
                                                                                           Mishpatim, vision becomes
                                                               the obsessive. He insisted, for
                                       variety of topics, from
           Mincha                4:50 pm   responsibility for   example, that all Apple stores   detail, and narrative
                                                               should have glass staircases.
                                                                                           becomes law. So, for
           Shabbat Times                 damages to protection of   When he was told that there   example: “If you buy a
                                       property, to laws of
           Candle Lighting      4:49 pm   justice, to Shabbat and   was no glass strong enough,   Hebrew servant, he is to
                                                               he insisted that it be invented,  serve you for six years. But
                                       the festivals. Why here?
           Friday Mincha        4:50 pm   Why not continue the   which is what happened (he   in the seventh year, he shall
                                                                                           go free, without paying
                                                               held the patent).
           Hashkama             8:00 am   story, leading up to the                         anything” (Ex. 21:2-3). At a
                                       next great drama, the sin  The genius of the Torah was to
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   of the Golden Calf? Why   apply this principle to society   stroke, in this law, slavery
                                       interrupt the flow? And   as a whole. The Israelites had   is transformed from a
           Main Sanctuary       9:00 am                                                    condition of birth to a
                                       what does this have to do  come through a transformative   temporary circumstance –
           Youth Minyan         9:00 am   with leadership? The   series of events. Moses knew   from who you are to what,
                                       answer is this: great   there had been nothing like it
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   leaders, be they CEOs or  before. He also knew, from   for the time being, you do.
                                       simply parents, have the  God, that none of it was   Slavery, the bitter
           Gemara Shiur         4:15 pm                                                    experience of the Israelites
                                       ability to connect a large  accidental or incidental. The   in Egypt, could not be
           Mincha/SS            4:45 pm   vision with highly specific  Israelites had experienced   abolished overnight. It was
                                       details. Without the    slavery to make them cherish
           Shabbat Ends         5:58 pm   vision, the details are   freedom. They had suffered, so   not abolished even in the
                                       merely tiresome. There is  that they would know what it   United States until the
                   Latest Times for                                                        1860s, and even then, not
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   a well-known story of   feels like to be on the wrong   without a devastating civil
                                       three workers who are   side of tyrannical power. At   war. But this opening law of
           January 29       9:38/10:28 am   employed cutting blocks   Mount Sinai, God, through   our parsha is the start of
                                       of stone. When asked    Moses, had given them a
           February 5       9:35/10:26 am   what they are doing, one  mission statement: to become   that long journey.
                                       says, “Cutting stone,” the  “a Kingdom of Priests and a
                    Next Shabbat                                                           Likewise, the law that
                     Terumah           second says, “Earning a   holy nation,” under the   “Anyone who beats their
                                       living,” the third says,   sovereignty of God alone. They  male or female slave with a
           Candle Lighting      4:58 pm   “Building a palace.”   were to create a society built   rod must be punished if the
                                       Those who have the                                  slave dies as a direct
           Mincha               5:00 pm
                                       larger picture take more
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