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                                                             Mazal Tov to Ariella & Abe Sedgh on the birth of a
         TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14TH                              daughter. Mazal Tov as well to grandparents Susan &
         This Tuesday is Asara B’Tevet, the fast of the 10th of
                                                             David Sedgh and to Sharona & Oriel Balakhane.
         Tevet. Fast Begins: 5:43 am; Shacharit: 6:30/7:45 am;
         Mincha: 4:00 pm; Fast Concludes: 5:06 pm            Mazal Tov to Rabbi Dale & Ellen Polakoff on the birth of
                                                             a granddaughter, born to their children Rabbi Ephraim &
         Our Shul is celebrating 70 Years! The Great Neck                   Tova Polakoff.
         Synagogue’s first minyan took place Pesach 1951. Please   SINGLES SHABBATON
         join in the 70th Anniversary by submitting your family      There will be a Singles Shabbaton for Shomer Shabbat
                                                             Singles (Ages 25 - 42) on Dec. 17-18 at the Young Israel of
         stories, experiences and photos at the Great Neck
         Synagogue to be featured in a special 70th Anniversary   Great Neck. If you are able to house guests, please call
                                                             Sharon (646) 529-8748.
         booklet. Please submit to Mark Twersky at or  TIKVAH SCHOLARS PROGRAM
         gns-70th-anniversary/                               The Tikvah Scholars Program is summer program at Yale
         CHAVERIM CENTER                                     University for current 10th and 11th graders from around
         Please join us Wednesday, Dec. 22nd from 11:30 –    the world.
         1:30 for Chaverim Center.                                                 Monday, 9 Tevet
         MEN’S CLUB/SISTERHOOD SECURITY SEMINAR                               Harold Seider for Sheila Seider
         Join us on zoom for a community security seminar with                    Tuesday, 10 Tevet
         CSS on Monday evening, December 20th at 8:00 pm.             Kourosh Gouyghadosh for Yehezkel Gouyghadosh
         Please register at           Nathan Rosenblatt for Seymour Rosenblatt
                                                                                 Wednesday 11 Tevet
         security/.                                                          Tami Kramer for Irving Secunda
         RUCHIE FREIER AT GNS                                               Pari Schwartz for Aziz Rebbe Torkan
         Please join us for an evening with Hon. Ruchie Freier, on         Jerrald Weinstein for Shiffra Weinstein
         Sunday, January 2nd at 7:30 pm, sponsored by Debbie                      Thursday 12, Tevet
         & Hal Chadow in memory of their beloved friend Bonnie   Y            Martin Griffel for Marion Griffel
         Maymie, Tzivia bat Aharon HaLevi z”l.                               Ivan Kaufman for Anita Kaufman
         GNS JOURNEY SERIES IS BACK!                         A               Edwin Rosman for Romy Rossman
         Morocco: May 9-18                                                         Friday 13, Tevet
         Poland: July 19-24                                                 Nathaniel Weisel for Jennifer Kaplan
         See Chazzan Spinner for more info.                  H                Milton Mitzner for Gitl Mitzner
                                                                                  Saturday, 14 Tevet
         SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                       Andrew Adler for Gola Adler
         The Sisterhood is working on a new cookbook which we                Rebcecca Weisel for Valerie Gallin
         intend to gift to newly engaged couples, new members,              Helen Ishofsky for Willie Herskovits
         and will also be for sale. We welcome all contributions. If   Z      Judy Blatter for Raymonde Katz
         there is some history involved in the recipe, we would love          Henry Katz for Raymonde Katz
         to have a small blurb or who the recipe came from                           Michael Katz for Raymonde Katz
         included. For those of us that are visual cooks, if possible,   E   Sadie Frank for Meyer Leshkowitz
         please send us a photo of the finished product. We are               Marlene Rutkin for Philip Rutkin
         planning on sections with specialty recipes, such as gluten   I       Bruce Rutkin for Philip Rutkin
         free, sugar free, vegan, etc. Looking forward to all the             Robin Marder for Philip Rutkin
         delicious recipes from our great cooks. For information or           Murray Weiss for Harry Weiss
         submissions, contact Judy Lillien at or   T              Sunday, 15 Tevet
         Cynthia Wiesenfeld at                        Leon Fuks for Emanuel Fuks

         Pre-order your 2022 National Mahjongg League Cards   S           Mansour Farhadian for Nasser Kewmehr
         through the Sisterhood. For more information, please                    Jerome Lippman for Max Lippman
         contact Cynthia Wiesenfeld at              Kenneth Magida for Jacob Magida

                                                                             Ellen Polakoff for Casper Pinsker
         Please welcome Liron and Shira to your homes for Shabbat             Goldie Lorber for Ethel Winter
         meals. The meal train link is:                      Monday, 16 Tevet
                                                                            Gary Chubak for Benjamin Chubak
         GREAT NECK COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                   Dorothy Reiser for Theodore Cohen
         In order to avoid any conflicts, it is suggested that when              Ron Malen for Eli Malen
         planning a simcha or event that you send your request to             Paul Brody for Philip Rostoker
         both to book at GNS as well as to the              Henry Schwartz for Max Schwartz
         community calendar at                  Mitchell Siegel for Morris Turner
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