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26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023 (516) 487-6100                                                             Shabbat Announcements Vayechi 5782
         It cannot be avoided. Politics without conflict is a   enthusiasm.” It may be that what sustains people through
         contradiction in terms.                              repeated setbacks is belief in themselves, or sheer
                                                              tenacity, or lack of alternatives. What sustained Joseph,
         Any leader elected to anything, any leader more loved or   though, was his insight into Divine Providence. A plan was
         gifted than others, will face envy. Rivals will question, “Why   unfolding whose end he could only dimly discern, but at
         wasn’t it me?” That is what Korach thought about Moses   some stage he seems to have realized that he was just one
         and Aaron. It is what the brothers thought about Joseph   of many characters in a far larger drama, and that all the
         when they saw that their father favored him. It is what   bad things that had happened to him were necessary if the
         Antonio Salieri thought about the more gifted Mozart,   intended outcome was to occur. As he said to his brothers,
         according to Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus.
                                                              “It was not you who sent me here, but God.”
         As for false accusations, they have occurred often enough   This willingness to let events work themselves out in
         in history. Joan of Arc was accused of heresy and burned at   accordance with providence, this understanding that we
         the stake. A quarter century later she was posthumously   are, at best, no more than co-authors of our lives, allowed
         declared innocent by an official court of inquiry. More than   Joseph to survive without resentment about the past or
         twenty people were put to death as a result of the Salem   despair in the face of the future. Trust in God gave him
         Witch Trials in 1692-3. Years later, as their innocence   immense strength, which is what we will all need if we are
         began to be perceived, a priest present at the trials, John   to dare greatly. Whatever malice other people harbor
         Hale, admitted, “Such was the darkness of that day… that   against leaders – and the more successful they are, the
         we walked in the clouds, and could not see our way.” The   more malice there is – if they can say, “You intended to
         most famous false accusation of modern times was the trial   harm me, but God intended it for good,” they will survive,
         of Alfred Dreyfus, a French officer of Jewish descent who   their strength intact, their energy undiminished.
         was accused of being a German spy. The Dreyfus affair
         rocked France during the years 1894 and 1906, until
         Dreyfus was finally acquitted.
         Setbacks are almost always a part of the life-story of the
         most successful. J. K. Rowling’s initial Harry Potter novel
         was rejected by the first twelve publishers who received it.
         Another writer of a book about children suffered twenty-one
         rejections. The book was called Lord of the Flies, and its
         author, William Golding, was eventually awarded the Nobel   GNS Class Schedule
         Prize for literature. In his famous commencement address
         at Stanford University, the late Steve Jobs told the story of
         the three blows of fate that shaped his life: dropping out of   Sunday
         university; being fired from Apple, the company he    9:15 am: Midrash Class - Rabbi Polakoff
         founded; and being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
         Rather than being defeated by them, he turned them all to   Monday
         creative use.                                         8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Froimowitz
         For twenty-two years I lived close to Abbey Road in North   8:30 pm: Gemara Sota - Rabbi Polakoff
         London, where a famous pop group recorded all their hits.
         At their first audition, they performed for a record company   Tuesday
         who told them that guitar bands were “on their way out.”
         The verdict on their performance (in January 1962) was:   8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Polakoff
         “The Beatles have no future in show business.” All this
         explains Winston Churchill’s great remark that “success is   Wednesday
         the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of    8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Dr. Alan Mazurek
                                                               9:00 pm: WNL Chabura - Rabbi Lichter
                              Great Neck Synagogue
                     26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck , NY 11023   Thursday
                                  516-487-6100                 8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Lichter
                                                               9:15 am: Women’s Chumash - Rabbi Polakoff
                         Rabbi Dale Polakoff, Rabbi
                      Rabbi Ian Lichter, Assistant Rabbi
                   Rabbi Yehoshua Lefkowitz, Intern Rabbi      Friday
                    Dr. Ephraim Wolf, z”l, Rabbi Emeritus      8:30 am: Scholars’ Kollel - Rabbi Froimowitz
                           Yitzy Spinner, Cantor
                    Eleazer Schulman, z”l, Cantor Emeritus     Shabbat
                  Zehava & Dr. Michael Atlas, Youth Directors   8:30 am: Parsha Shiur
                      Mark Twersky, Executive Director
                     Dr. James Frisch, Assistant Director      1 hr. before Mincha: Gemara Moed Katan
                          Jordan Wolf, President               Rabbis Polakoff & Lichter
                     Dov Sassoon, Chairman of the Board
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