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                                                             Mazal Tov to Debbie & Hal Chadow on the birth of a
                                                             grandson, born to their children Daniel & Rachel
         Our Shul is celebrating 70 Years! The Great Neck
         Synagogue’s first minyan took place Pesach 1951. Please
         join in the 70th Anniversary by submitting your family             Mazal Tov to Zara & Eli Moradi on the birth of a
                                                             grandson, born to their children Claudia & Avi Azizian.
         stories, experiences and photos at the Great Neck
         Synagogue. Whether you joined 1 year ago, 5 years ago,
         20 years ago or 30-50 years ago, be a part of GNS’s 70th   Mazal Tov to Orly & Steven Kashan on the engagement
                                                             of their son David to Chantal Keypour.
         Anniversary Memories which will be featured in a special
         70th Anniversary booklet. Please submit by November 1st   CLOTHING DRIVE
         to Mark Twersky at or   SHAI, Sephardic Heritage Alliance Inc., is hosting a drop-off           coat and clothing drive to benefit the Great Neck Public
                                                             Schools Clothing pantries, as well as other need-based
         The Women’s Tefillah Group of GNS presents a night out   organizations on Sunday, November 14th from 11:00 am
         for women to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Kislev on Thurs.   to 3:00 pm.
         Nov. 4. at 7 pm. The Topic will be Hanukkah: Thoughts,   GREAT NECK COMMUNITY CALENDAR
         Comments, Inspiration, and we welcome everyone to share   In order to avoid any conflicts, it is suggested that when
         their related insights and experiences. Details are as           planning a simcha or event that you send your request to
         follows. Location: La Pizzeria Party Room, 114 Middle Neck   both to book at GNS as well as to the
         Road, Great Neck, RSVP to       community calendar at
         CHAVERIM CENTER                                                        Monday, 26 Cheshvan
         Please join us Wednesday, Nov. 10th from 11:30–1:30                 Yve Fouladi for Michael Fruhling
         in the Youth Lounge. Dr. Alan Mazurek will present on               Osanass Shein for Hode Pinsovitz
         “How do I Preserve my Memory and What is New in                    Andrew Zinaman for Judith Zinaman
         Alzheimer Treatment.” RSVP to                   Tuesday, 27 Cheshvan
                                                                               Joel Crane for Morris Crane
         MEN’S CLUB & SISTERHOOD DINNER SHOW                                 Stanley Lupkin for Sylvia Lupkin
         Sat. evening, Nov. 13th at 7:00 pm: Comedy Show at GNS                        Paul Marcus for Sylvia Marcus

         featuring Talia Reese as MC and Danni Cohen, with                      Alex Weiss for Chaim Weiss
         headliner Danny Naturman. Payment and reservation by                  Peter Weiss for Chaim Weiss
         Nov. 8th by calling Mark Friedman at 516.384.5491.             Y     David Werber for Jacob Werber
         Cost for members is $75 and for non-members is $100.                Martin Werber for Jacob Werber
         Sponsorships are available starting at $250.                          Wednesday, 28 Cheshvan
         CHANUKAH BOUTIQUE                                    A             Martin Hoffman for Harold Hoffman
         Sunday, Nov. 21st from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm: Chanukah                   Elena Flax for Janie Matzkin
         Boutique at Great neck Synagogue. To be a featured           H       Cheryl Sneag for Janie Matzkin
                                                                                Thursday, 29 Cheshvan
         vendor, please email                           Gloria Faizakoff for Burton Cohen
         GNS YOUTH, GNS CONNECTIONS AND BIKUR CHOLIM          R             Leo Goldstein for Avraham Goldstein
         CHANUKAH HOMEMADE CHALLAH (AND/OR BAKED                           Stephen Karbowitz for Ben Karbowitz
         GOODS) DELIVERY                                      Z              Judy Hoffman for Ben Karbowitz
         All bakers are invited to make challahs (and/or other baked        Jeffrey Kaufman for David Kaufman
         goods) for our elderly, ill and/or homebound GNS members   E         Evelyn Henis for Fannie Noah
         to enhance their Chanukah. There are approximately 50                     Friday, 1 Kislev
         recipients. Volunteers for delivery are also needed. If you   I      Joseph Hecht for Pinchas Hecht
         are interested in this wonderful chesed opportunity, please         Elizabeth Ort for Lawrence Suss
         contact Zehava Atlas (GNS Youth Director) at                                             Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek for Feiga Winer
                                                                                  Saturday, 2 Kislev, Rachel Brecher (GNS                                  Cindy Ludwig for Florence Gelber
         Connections Chair) at or Diane            Michal Malen for Rhoda Hoschander
         Rein (GNS Bikur Cholim Chair) at   S               Arthur Kirsch for Ruth Kirsch
         SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                   Carol Karbowitz for Leopold Schwartz
         The Sisterhood is working on a new cookbook which we               Lynn Steinberg for Leopold Schwartz
         intend to gift to newly engaged couples, new members,                     Sunday, 3 Kislev
         and will also be for sale. Looking forward to all the              Anthony Berkowitz for Barney Berkowitz
         delicious recipes from our great cooks. For information or           Cindy Ludwig for Frank Gelber
                                                                             Evelyn Henis for A. Richard Henis
         submissions, contact Judy Lillien at or           Reuben Kerben for Lawrence Kerben
         Cynthia Wiesenfeld at                   Moselle Berkowitz for Lawrence Kerben
         Canasta on Tuesday nights at 7 pm. Masks & Vaccination                    Monday, 4 Kislev
         required. Contact Cynthia at             Michal Rosenzweig for Claire Khazzam
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