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           Parshat Toldot                                                        November 6, 2021  2 Kislev, 5782
                                            Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Parshat Toldot
              ARTSCROLL  124           The Netziv (Naftali Zvi   25:23). That, apparently, is   given to Abraham, so that
                  HERTZ  93            Yehuda Berlin, 1816–    one reason she loved Jacob   you may take possession of
                                       1893, dean of the       rather than Esau, knowing that  the land where you now
                  HAFTORAH             yeshiva in Volozhin)    he was the one chosen by God.  reside as a foreigner, the
             ARTSCROLL   1137          made the astute         If Isaac had known this     land God gave to
                                                               foretelling of their sons’
                                       observation that Isaac
                                                                                           Abraham.’” (Gen. 28:3-4).
                  HERTZ  102           and Rebecca seem to     futures, would he still have   Isaac never intended to give
                                       suffer from a lack of   favored Esau? He probably did  the blessing of the covenant
                     Times             communication. He noted  not know, because Rebecca   to Esau. He intended to give
                                       that Rebecca’s          had not told him. That is why,   each child the blessing that
                                       “relationship with Isaac   many years later, when she   suited them. The entire
           Weekly Times                  was not the same as that  hears that Isaac was about to   deceit planned by Rebecca
                                       between Sarah and       bless Esau, she is forced into a  and carried out by Jacob
           Shacharit Sun.       8:30 am
                                       Abraham or Rachel and   plan of deception: she tells   was never necessary in the
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   Jacob. When they had a   Jacob to pretend he is Esau.   first place. Why did Rebecca
           Tue. & Wed.       6:45/7:45 am   problem, they were not   Why does she not simply tell   not understand this?
           Fri. Rosh Chodesh   6:30/7:45 am   afraid to speak about it.   Isaac that it is Jacob who shall  Because she and her
           Mincha               5:30 pm   Not so with Rebecca.”    be blessed? Because that   husband did not
                                       (Ha’amek Davar to Gen.   would force her to admit that   communicate.
                                         24:64) The Netziv senses  she has kept her husband in
           Shabbat Times                 this distance from the   ignorance about the prophecy   Now let us count the
                                                                                           consequences. Isaac, old
                                       very first moment       all the years the children were
           Candle Lighting      5:28 pm   Rebecca sees Isaac, as   growing up.             and blind, felt betrayed by
                                                                                           Jacob. He “trembled
                                       he is “meditating in the
           Friday Mincha        5:30 pm   field” (Gen. 24:63), at   Had she spoken to Isaac on the  violently” when he realized
                                       which point she fell off   day of the blessing, Isaac   what had happened, saying
           Hashkama             8:00 am                        might have said something   to Esau, “Your brother came
                                       her camel and “covered   that would have changed the   deceitfully.” Esau likewise
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   herself with a veil” (Gen.   entire course of their, and their  felt betrayed and
                                       24:65). He comments,
           Main Sanctuary       9:00 am   “She covered herself out   children’s, lives. I imagine   experienced such violent
                                       of awe and a sense of   Isaac saying this: “Of course I   hatred towards Jacob that
           Youth Minyan         9:00 am   inadequacy, as if she felt   know that it will be Jacob and   he vowed to kill him.
                                       she was unworthy to be   not Esau who will continue the  Rebecca was forced to send
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am                        covenant. But I have two quite  Jacob into exile, thus
                                       his wife, and from then   different blessings in mind, one  depriving herself of the
           Gemara Shiur         4:20 pm   on this trepidation was   for each of our sons. I will give  company of the son she
                                       fixed in her mind.”
           Mincha/SS            5:20 pm                        Esau a blessing of wealth and   loved for more than two
                                       Their relationship,     power: ‘May God give you the   decades. As for Jacob, the
           Shabbat Ends         6:35 pm   suggests the Netziv, was  dew of heaven and the   consequences of the deceit
                                       never casual, candid, and  richness of the earth…May   lasted a lifetime, resulting in
                   Latest Times for    communicative. The      nations serve you and peoples  strife between his wives and
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   result was, at a series of   bow down to you.’ (Gen. 27:28 even between his children.
                                       critical moments, a     -29) I will give Jacob the   “Few and evil have been the
           November 6      10:04/10:56 am   failure of communication.  blessing God gave Abraham   days of my life” (Gen.
                                       For instance, it seems   and me, the blessing of    47:9), he said to Pharaoh
           November 13       9:09/9:59 am
                                       likely that Rebecca never  children and the promised   as an old man. So many
                                       informed Isaac of the
                    Next Shabbat                                             land: ‘May God Almighty bless   lives scarred by one act
                     Vayeitzei         oracle she had before the  you and make you fruitful and   which was not even
                                       twins, Esau and Jacob,   increase your numbers until   necessary in the first place
           Candle Lighting      4:21 pm   were born, in which God   you become a community of   – Isaac did in fact give
                                       told her “the elder will   peoples. May He give you and   Jacob “the blessing of
           Mincha               4:25 pm
                                       serve the younger” (Gen.  your descendants the blessing
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