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           Dear Friends,

                It’s never too late to say thank you. Our Team was swamped with the overwhelming need for
         food in our community and through the Jewish agencies which source food from us. The need was
         unprecedented and we are grateful to live in the midst of such a generous and thoughtful
         community. This year, we said goodbye to our co-founder Nechama Liss-Levinson, who has retired
         from our Initiative and moved on to new opportunities for Chesed closer to her children. We are sure
         she will be an inspiration to her new community.
                Once again, because of the restraints of COVID, most of our food was sourced from Shop
         Delight. Despite a flood and loss of power the day before our initiative, once again, Eddie pulled
         through, packing for us and providing our meals and groceries at pricing too good to be true to
         almost 250 families this year. The total number of meals we delivered was well over 1000.
                Our listing of gratitude follow in no particular order.

                This year was a particular challenge as our Initiative was held the day after the terrible storm
         that flooded so many parts of Great Neck. Despite terribly adverse circumstances, Michelle Berman
         and Marla Lemonik spearheaded our deliveries, ensuring food was delivered to all in need.
                Thank you again to Marla Lemonik for baking and sourcing bakers to us so that we can ensure
         extra sweets to our recipients. An extra thank you to David Lemonik and Emmanuel Leibowitz and
         Anica and Elija Leibowitz who, despite a day off from school, helped us enormously.

                Understanding the great need this year, Sisterhood and the Men’s Club gave very generous
         donations to us. Sisterhood once again sponsored the roses we give our recipients but gave a
         generous contribution as well. Equally important, they sent the word to our Men’s Club which
         matched their contribution. Thank you also to Diane Rein who arranges for the roses our recipients
                Harriet Cooper and her family have been making hundreds of beautiful cards for us over the
         years and once again did not disappoint! This year, our Chaverim members also participated in
         making beautiful cards.
                This year we asked the agencies which receive food from us for their members to help with
         delivering food to their recipients. That does not cover all of our deliveries, so thank you to all of you
         who helped deliver food this year. We would also like to thank those who help us deliver food on a
         weekly or monthly basis for us. If you are interested in helping out once a month, please contact
         Cindy Hodkin at

                We couldn’t succeed without the help of Dario and his staff. They set up, clear our refuse and
         shlep for us. The generous donations we receive from our Shul Community, often unsolicited ensure
         our continuity. You know who you are, and we are very appreciative of each and every donation.
         Every dollar we receive goes toward providing food for people in need.

                Finally, thank you to Mark and Jimmy for all of the administrative support and to Rabbi
         Polakoff and Rabbi Lichter who encourage our Shul Community to get involved. Please forgive us if
         your name is omitted, we have so many volunteers it is impossible to name you all. We are so
         thankful for those of you who have been with us over the past 13 years and for all of our

                Passover is coming! Contact one of us to join our team! May Hashem continue to bestow
         blessings on all of us so that we can continue this worthwhile project!

         Cindy, Michelle and Marla
         Co-chairs Pass it Forward
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