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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5781                        MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
            is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
                                                             Mazal Tov to Lillian & Gary Chubak on the birth of a
               For other such opportunities please contact
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               granddaughter born to their children Jenny & Etan
                                                             Mazal Tov to Stephanie & Ruvane Vilinsky on the
         GNS BIKUR CHOLIM AND GNS CONNECTIONS–               marriage of their daughter Alexandra to Joshua Kamali.
         DELIVERIES                                          HUNGER INITIATIVE
         For Shavuot, the GNS Bikur Cholim and GNS Connections   During these difficult times, we are providing food for
         Committees are planning to distribute beautiful orchids   numerous families in our community and nearby areas. If
         (purchased to support Meorot Programming) to members   you cook in  excess during the week, please freeze your
         of our shul that could benefit from our outreach. If you   extras, neatly wrap them and drop them off in the cooler on
         would like to volunteer to make deliveries (could be used   the porch at 91 Baker Hill road on Friday from 7am-1 pm.
         for high school chesed hours) or sponsor orchids  ($18/  PLEASE DO NOT DROP PERISHABLE FOOD OFF DURING THE
         person and there are about 50 recipients), please contact   WEEK. Canned goods, cereal, any grocery items, fruit and
         Diane Rein at or Rachel Brecher   vegetables are also appreciated. If you would like to
         at Thank you very much!   volunteer to make a deliveries and help collect food for
                                                             these families, Please contact Cindy Hodkin at 516.317.9632
         SISTERHOOD NEWS                                     or at
         The Sisterhood is working on a new cookbook which we
         intend to gift to newly engaged couples, new members,   Robert Katz & Family would like to thank Rabbi Polakoff,
         and will also be for sale. We welcome all contributions. If   Rabbi Lichter and the entire community for their outpouring of
         there is some history involved in the recipe, we would love   support following the passing of his beloved mother, Magda
         to have a small blurb or who the recipe came from              Katz z”l.
         included. For those of us that are visual cooks, if possible,
         please send us a photo of the finished product. We are   Renee Schwartz & Family would like to thank Rabbi Polakoff
         planning on sections with specialty recipes, such as gluten   and the entire community for their outpouring of support
         free, sugar free, vegan, etc. Looking forward to all the      following the passing of her beloved mother, Miriam Wieder z”l.
         delicious recipes from our great cooks. For information or
         submissions, contact Judy Lillien at or                    Tuesday, 29 Iyar
         Cynthia Wiesenfeld at                      Seymour Cooper for Isaac Cooper
         Open to all Sisterhood Members, Canasta on Tuesday         Ebrahim Gabbaizadeh for Tala bat Yoseph Gabbaizadeh
                                                                           Michal Rosenzweig for Simcha Khazzam
         nights at 7 pm. Masks & Vaccination required. For more                 Jack Lipsky for Rose Mayer
         information, contact Cynthia at               Ellie Werber for Rosa Preis
                                                                              Jerrald Weinstein for Mae Rubin
         CHAVERIM CENTER                                                  Abraham Soleimani for Yasher Soleimani
         Chaverim Center is restarting in person on Wednesday   Y          Moussa Soleimani for Yasher Soleimani
         May 26th outside in the tent of the GNS parking lot from                Wednesday, 1 Sivan
         2:00-3:00 pm.                                        A                 Regina Gil for Israel Keller
         GNS GRADUATION & CONGREGATIONAL KIDDUSH              H               Ellen Allen for Eleanor Schaffer
         Celebrate your simcha or honor the memory of a loved one                 Thursday, 2 Sivan
         at Great Neck Synagogue’s Graduation and Congregational   R         Lauren Hyman for Joseph Hyman
                                                                                    Friday, 3 Sivan
         Kiddush taking place on Shabbat, June 5th. Please click               Adam Hutt for Frances Hutt
         HERE to participate or email to provide   Z         Cindy Ludwig for Bertha Siegal
         information. Cost is $100 per family.                                     Saturday, 4 Sivan
         KIDDUSH SPONSORSHIPS                                 E              Trudy Jettelson for Jules Jettelson
         We encourage our members to continue thinking about                    Alan Levy for Cheryl Levy
         sponsoring the safe and socially distant Kiddush at the   I        Karen Wydra for Henry Stein-Wallach
         conclusion of davening or the Kiddush Bags to go. Kiddush            Goldie Lorber for Nathan Winter
                                                                                   Sunday, 5 Sivan
         may be sponsored in honor of in memory of a loved one.   T          Osnass Shein for Isaac Charchat
         Please email for more details.      S             Marc Gottlieb for Bernhard Gottlieb
         GNS CONNECTIONS                                                       Edward Mazur for Rose Mazur
         GNS Connections is a new initiative to reach out to                Robert Spitalnick for Oscar Spitalnick
         members of our synagogue – many who usually attend                   David Werber for Millie Werber
         services but are not able to during this COVID pandemic              Martin Werber for Millie Werber
                                                                                   Monday, 6 Sivan
         for health and safety reasons. If you are interested in              Rita Gordonson for Lewis C. Gordonson
         volunteering to make phone calls 1-2x month to keep in              Carol Karbowitz for Leah Katzwer
         touch with these members, please email the Chair of GNS             Lynn Steinberg for Leah Katzwer
         Connections, Rachel Brecher at           Roselin Wagner for Fannie Tamofsky
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