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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5781                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
            is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
                                                             Mazal Tov to Ellen & Rabbi Polakoff on the birth of a
               For other such opportunities please contact
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               baby boy to Aliza and Lior Tor in Israel.
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Mazal Tov to Orly & Alan Steinberg on the engagement
                                                             of their daughter Tara to Shimmy Feintuch. Mazal Tov to
         SISTERHOOD EVENT & WHATSAPP                         grandmothers Pearl Ginsburg and Chava Shalmon as well
         Please join the Sisterhood on March 9th at 7:00 pm for a  as to siblings, Phil, Donny, Ira, Gabriella & Eliana.
         Pre-Pesach Cooking Demo with Aussie Gourmet chef, Nao-
         mi Nachman. You can pre order her book “Perfect for Pe-  Mazal Tov to Abbey & Eric Wolf on the Bat Mitzvah of
         sach” with the Sisterhood.                          their daughter Lily.

         To join the Sisterhood WhatsApp, call Judy Lillien at   Mazal Tov to Israel & Hava Freeman on the Bar Mitzvah
         516.659.2848                                        of their grandson Daniel, son of Yael Freeman & Avi
         MEN’S CLUB                                          Mazal Tov to Roz Wagner on the birth of a great grandson
         Thursday, March 11th at 7:30 pm: Pre-Pesach Virtual Wine
                                                             born to her grandchildren Rabbi Eli & Devorah Levinson,
         Tasting with Dr. Arnold Breitbart                   son of Marcia & Barry Levinson.
         Thank you very much to Rabbi Polakoff for hosting a          Mazal Tov to Roslyn & Zachary Dicker on the birth of a
         wonderful Zoom Purim Lunch and Learn. We are grateful   great grandson, born to their grandchildren, Tova & Daniel
         for our generous sponsors of this event:            Mosesson of Baltimore, son of Rachel Dicker & Carl
         Milt and Ruth Mitzner in memory of Milt’s three siblings:   Mosesson.
         Chana Rochel bat Alexander Zusha – Anne Shapiro                           Monday, 24 Adar
         Moshe Dovid ben Alexander Zusha – Morris Mitzner                      Cindy Ludwig for Alvin Gelber
         Pinya bat Alexander Zusha – Pearl Ducker                           Myles Mittleman for Sophie Mittleman
         David and Diane Rein in memory of her mother Helene                 Edwin Rosman for Pearl Pfefferman
         M. Fink z”l on the occasion of her 16  yahrzeit.                  Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek for Shimon Winer
                                                                                   Tuesday, 25 Adar
         GNS CONNECTIONS                                                       Hal Chadow for Diane Chadow
         GNS Connections is a new initiative to reach out to                  Hal Chadow for Minnie Chadow
         members of our synagogue – many who usually attend                    Paul Brody for Rose Goldsmith
         services but are not able to during this COVID pandemic            Isaac Kohannim for Avraham HaKohen
         for health and safety reasons. If you are interested in               Erran Kagan for Shlomo Kagan
         volunteering to make phone calls 1-2x month to keep in   Y            Jack Lipsky for Corinne Lipsky
         touch with these members, please email the Chair of GNS             Irene Dicker for Dora Mermelstein
         Connections, Rachel Brecher at   A         Raphael Shaya for Victoria Shaya
                                                                              Mark Twersky for David Twersky
         PASS IT FORWARD                                                          Wednesday, 26 Adar
         Pass it forward is preparing for its Pesach program and is   H       Charles Berger for William Berger
         facing the largest communal need it has seen in its 14              Elena Berkowitz for Florita Fridman
         years. In light of the Pandemic, we are unable to accept   R        Annie Mendelson for Robert Meisel
                                                                                  Thursday, 27 Adar
         food donations, which makes it more important for you to                Alan Adler for Bella Adler
         donate money this year. We have been helping families on   Z           Alan Adler for Murray Adler
         a weekly basis, and the communal need is growing. Many                Leslie Kahn for Sam Krawchuk
         young families are living week to week. It is absolutely   E         Paul Brody for Dorothy Rostoker
         heartbreaking.                                                      Aaron Seligson for Hyman Seligson
         We did not do our annual Rosh Hashana drive this year,   I            Cheryl Sneag for Esther Sneag
         despite the fact that we delivered Rosh Hashana                            Friday, 28 Adar
                                                                               Joan Katz for Frank Sadinoff
         packages. Please consider making a donation to support   T           Michael Aryeh for Morris Schultz
         Pass it Forward. The work we do is critical to our                         Saturday, 29 Adar
         Community. Please make your donation through the Shul   S             Charles Berger for Joan Berger
         and Note that it is for Pass it Forward.                               Fred Shaw for Selma Shaw
         Cindy, Nechama, Michelle and Marla                               Mansour Farhadian for Nazanin Sohayegh
                                                                                   Sunday, 1 Nissan
         CHESED OPPORTUNITY                                                 Steven Blumner for Chaya bat Chaim
         This March, Ruben Prawer will be running in the Jerusalem               Henry Katz for Ema Katz
         marathon for Yachad. The work Yachad does for children               Edwin Rosman for Flora Rosman
         with special needs is unparalleled and every dollar that is         Myles Mittleman for Annie Tischler
         donated will be well spent by this amazing cause. Please            Rabbi Shimon Wolf for Arnold Wolf
         help donate to this amazing cause. Link to join:                          Monday, 2 Nissan                  Payman Rabiei for Junjan bat Mashala
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