Page 6 - Announcements Mon. March 8
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          We hope you enjoyed the GNS Virtual Gala in honor of Rabbi Jensen and Aksana and our Medical
          Heroes and First Responders. We thank all of our participants for supporting our Shul at this time.

          Special thanks to all the GNS Gala Chairs who made this possible!

          Virtual Gala Chairs:
          Bart Baum and Sharon Goldwyn

          Website and Invitation Chair:
          Rachel Spinner

          Video Chair:
          Scott Hercman

          Journal Chairs:
          Jamie & Michael Katz

          Youth and Alumni Chairs:
          Zehava & Mike Atlas and Dov Weinstein

          Mishloach Manot Chairs:
          Katie Lichter and Ross Zuckerman

          We thank our video participants:
          Rabbi Jensen and Aksana, Rabbi Polakoff, Rabbi Lichter & Katie, Chazzan Yitzy & Rachel Spinner,
          Dr. Mike and Zehava Atlas, Rabbi Moskowitz, Dov Sassoon, Jordan Wolf, Erran Kagan, Bart Baum,
          Charles Hercman, Sara Feldschreiber, Abe Sedgh and Sammy Kroll.

          To Mark Twersky, Jim Frisch, Dario and Jim O’Grady of Digital Arts, Inc. -We couldn’t have done it
          without you!
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