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           Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei/HaChodesh/Shabbat Mevarchim                     March 13, 2021  29 Adar, 5781
                                        Rabbi Sacks on Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei
                ARTSCROLL  516
                  HERTZ   373          WRITTEN LAST YEAR       Somehow there will be an answer   If you have a look at the
                                       This is an extraordinary   to our question now in the word of  beginning of the parsha of
                     MAFTIR                                                                Vayakhel, you will see that
                                       moment for the world, when  God then. But how on earth can
                ARTSCROLL  348         a virus is sweeping across   that be true this year, this week,   Moshe Rabbeinu assembled the
                  HERTZ   253          humanity, bringing it to its   as the Coronavirus sweeps the   people to instruct them to build
                                       knees in a way that the   world, bringing humanity to its   the Mishkan, the Sanctuary,
               ARTSCROLL   1216        world hasn’t known to quite  current position? We read the   the Tabernacle. But before he
                                                                                           goes on to the details of how
                                       this extent for 100 years.
                                                               double parsha of Vayakhel and
                  HERTZ   1001         And who knows whether   Pekudei, which is about building   to do that, he tells us
                                       this new technology of   the Mishkan, the first house of   something else. He gives them
              Shabbat Mevarchim
             Rosh Chodesh Nissan       allowing us to be close   God, the precursor of the Temple   a command to keep Shabbat.
                                       mentally, yet physically
                                                               and the synagogue. Yet through
                                                                                           Now, why would Moshe
                Sunday, Mar. 14        distant, was not created for  Britain and many other parts of   Rabbeinu need to tell the
                                       just such a moment as this?  the world on this Shabbat,
                     Molad:                                                                Israelites to keep Shabbat at
               Today at 7:03:5 pm      The Jewish way when facing  synagogues will be closed. This is   this point? He had already
                                       difficulty [Chosh b’roso   something unprecedented. Even   explained Shabbat to them at
                     Times             ya’aso Torah]. “If you have   during the height of the Second   Mara, when the miraculous
                                       a headache, study Torah.”   World War, synagogues remained   manna first came and he gave
           Weekly Times                  The world today has a   open. Our world has always   them laws not to collect manna
                                       headache, so let’s study   included our communal    on Shabbat, but instead to
           Shacharit: Sun       8:30 am                        gatherings, in our synagogues   collect a double portion in
                                       Torah together. Let me
           Mon. - Fri.          7:45 am   begin this way: It is said   across the world.   advance. They learned about
           Scholars’ Kollel     9:00 am   that the Alter Rebbe, (the   The word vayakhel itself comes   Shabbat a second time as it is
                                       first Rebbe of Lubavitch,                           the 4th of the 10
           Mincha               5:40 pm   Rebbe Shneur Zalman of   from the same root as kehillah,   commandments, given by God
                                         Liadi) once said to his   meaning community. And yet, just   Himself to the people at Mount
                                                               when we most want and need
                                       disciples, “One must live   community, we are being deprived   Sinai. Then they were told a
           Shabbat                       with the times.” The   of it by social distancing, by self-  third time in last week’s parsha
                                                                                           of Ki-Tissa, which contained
                                       disciples were puzzled as to
           Times                       precisely what he meant,   isolation, by quarantine. And it   the command of Shabbat.
           Candle Lighting      5:40 pm   because surely that’s   feels not so much like the   They’ve learned this three
                                                               parshiyot of Vayakhel-Pekudei as
                                       exactly what Judaism isn’t                          times. They know about
           Friday Night         5:40 pm   supposed to be. Judaism is   the parshiyot of Tazria-Metzora,   Shabbat. So why is Moshe
           Mincha                      timeless. It doesn’t change   where we read, badad yeisheiv   Rabbeinu telling them this
           Hashkama Minyan      8:00 am   from generation to   mi’chutz lamachaneh moshavo,   week, in Parshat Vayakhel,
                                                               “He shall dwell alone in self-
                                       generation or from year to                          before talking about building
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   year. So what on earth did   imposed isolation outside the   the Mishkan, why now does he
                                                               camp.” (Vayikra 13:46) In New
           Main                 9:00 am   the Rebbe mean when he   York, in London, in cities where   repeat the commandment of
                                       said one must live with the                         keeping Shabbat?
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   times? Well, eventually they   we are normally a thriving
                                       turned to the Rebbe’s   community, today we feel almost   Well, the conventional
           Youth Minyan         9:45 am                        like the beginning of Megillat   explanation, and it is of course
                                       brother, Rabbi Yehudah Leib
           Gemara Shiur         5:05 pm   who explained, “You know   Eichah, which we read on erev   authoritative. Rashi, for
                                       what the Rebbe meant    Tisha B’Av. Eichah yashva vadad   instance, brings it, is that this
           Mincha               5:35 pm   when he said one must live   ha’ir rabai am “The city that was   passage shows us that
           Shabbat Ends         6:49 pm   with the times? He meant   once so thronged with people,   Shabbat takes priority over the
                                                                                           building of the Mishkan. And
                                                               today seems alone.” (Eichah 1:1)
                                       one must live with parshat
                   Latest Times for    hashavua, with the weekly   So what on earth is the relevant   this is fundamentally true. All
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   parsha.” Somehow or other,   message in our parsha, when the   creative activities which were
           Mar. 13          9:07/10:06 am   that must be the time zone   parsha is about shul and   needed to build and maintain
                                       in which you live. In other   community, on an extraordinary   the Mishkan were forbidden on
           Mar. 20         10:00/11:01 am   words, we have to live in   week when shuls are closed and   Shabbat. But this year,
                                       the intersection between the
                    Next Shabbat                                             communities have been   specifically this year, we can
                                                                                           see that the passage has
                                                               disbanded? The answer I think is
                      Vayikra          timely and the time-less,   extraordinary. It is as if this   another meaning all together.
                                       between what is happening
           Candle Lighting      6:48 pm   now and what God said to   parsha were written specifically for  And this is what the meaning
                                       us over 3,000 years ago.
           Mincha               6:50 pm                        us here, now. Let me explain.   is: Through Moshe, these two
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