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09                                            new SCOPE collected a litany of marvelous contributors. I reread

                                                                articles in early issues by Milton Mitzner, David Werber, Nechama
                                                                Liss-Levinson, Charles Stein z”l and our Assistant Rabbi Shalom
                                 Sunrise, Sunset                Axelrod. We have had a Rebbetzin’s Recipe Corner from the start,
                                                                adding delicious menus to our holidays. Ellen Polakoff and Katie
                      By Andy Allen, Art Director SCOPE         Lichter continue broadening our palate. Robyn Blumner partici-
                                                                pated with noble writings of bikur cholim and has continued with
                                                                heartwarming articles over the years.
                                                                Our first issues contained Charles Hercman writing about our
                                                                youth activities, David Werber on saluting Oswaldo Colon, long-time
                                                                custodian, Roz Wagner on Yiddish Theatre and Helene Gersten z”l
                                                                on the new Sisterhood Gift Shop. The young contributors, always in
                                                                a mature fashion, interviewing and proudly recording for the Youth
                                                                Section. Hillel Milun, as President of the Mens Club, was a stalwart
                                                                in giving of himself to making all aware of the many upcoming
                                                                events and always graciously thanking participants.
                                                                SCOPE magazine continues to share stories, articles and events.
      Sunrise, sunset                                           Thank you to Rabbi Polakoff and Rabbi Lichter for the time-con-
      Sunrise, sunset                                           suming proofreading of each issue. Thank you to Dr. Arnold Breit-
                                                                bart, Stanley Fischer, Carol Buckmann, Rabbi Jensen, Dr. Mike and
      Swiftly fly the years                                     Morah Zehava Atlas for your steady participation. Thank you to
      One season following another                              our Rabbis, Rebbitzins, Chazans, Rabbinic Interns, Presidents and
      Laden with happiness and tears                            Committee Chairs who help make every issue remarkable. Thank
      One season following another                              you to our continued sponsors and advertisers throughout the
                                                                years and to the “behind the scenes” troop, Mark Twersky, Jim
      Laden with happiness and tears *                          Frisch, Paula Minsky and Dario Tavares. Thank you to our readers
                                                                and please forgive me for anyone I have left out.
      I have been working on the Great Neck Synagogue SCOPE Maga-
      zine for fifteen years, ten of them remotely from South Carolina.   This journey has created an archive of the history of our commu-
      Yes, we do live in a remarkable world and time does move swift-  nity. GNS SCOPE stands as a testament of commitment and intel-
      ly. Reading Esor Ben-Sorek’s article in this issue of SCOPE makes   lectual pride and I am honored to have a part in this challenge.
      me recall the first issues of SCOPE back in 2006. The lyrics from   When you see my smiling editor, Diane, offer to join this team
      one of my mother’s favorite songs come to mind, Sunrise, Sunset,   effort through contributions and sponsorship.
      from the immortal play Fiddler on the Roof. Appropriately, this   Ellen and I wish everyone a beautiful and meaningful Pesach.
      stanza poetically represents my emotional thoughts “laden with
      happiness and tears.”                                                          * © Songwriters: Sheldon Harnick/Jerry Bock

      In 2006, Rabbi Dale Polakoff blessed us with this challenge to re-
      start the shul’s magazine, prompted by Martin Sokol and Norman
      Rutta. Martin had been writing articles under the banner of SCOPE
      for the Great Neck Synagogue in years prior and now wished to
      embrace a new format. With Martin’s journalistic talent and Nor-
      man’s fiduciary and diplomatic skills, the two connected Diane
      Rein and myself together. Diane, as editor and me as art director.
      The chemistry was ideal, the stage was set to incorporate the
      great minds and varied pursuits of the congregation in contrib-
      uting to a full-fledged magazine. Esor joined us early on, writing
      in the second issue with his masterful stories delighting all our
      readers. We included many other members to contribute articles
      of adventurist travels, Judaic history and images of GNS events,
      showing a truly vibrant synagogue.
      The contributors in our first year were: Rabbi Polakoff’s trip to
      Israel, Robert Spitalnick and Rabbi Marvin Tokayer’s trip to India,
      Lewis z”l and Rita Gordonson’s mission to Cuba’s Jews, and an
      impressive article by William Helmreich z”l. The beginnings of a

                                                   SCOPE Magazine Passover 2021    9
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