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                           President’s Message

                                            Jordan Wolf

       Two of the central themes of Pesach
       are the concepts of redemption and
       freedom from oppression.

       There is no question that the last year has been deeply harrow-
       ing for so many of us, whether physically, or emotionally.  I have
       heard countless descriptions of people feeling trapped in their
       homes, overwhelmed by the monotony of the day, or exhausted
       beyond compare from the challenges of juggling family life, work
       life or just trying to carve out even an iota of personal space.  We
       have lost so many, too many, to this tenacious virus and seen fear
       creep into our very beings as we worry for ourselves, our families,
       our friends, our community, and our businesses.

       And yet, through the miracles of modern day science, we have a
       vaccine. As of a few weeks ago many members of our community,
       our medical heroes, our incredible educators, our parents (includ-
       ing thank God mine), and our grandparents have navigated the
       intricacies of the system and begun the healing process.

       Our shul has remained a beacon of hope for so many of us during
       this unprecedented year. Through online classes and social
       events, we have managed to not only sustain our community, but
       strengthen it. Despite all that we faced, we have found ways to
       celebrate together, to mourn together and to find ways to con-
       nect and engage in meaningful ways.

       While we are not out of the woods yet, the light is finally shining
       through and I do believe our redemption is near.  I will forever
       remember this time and the lessons I have learned about what
       is truly important in my life.  I pray that soon we will all be able
       to come together in person, without masks, and joyfully resume
       davening together, sitting side by side (and maybe even getting      Our shul has remained a beacon of
       to talk a little in shul).                                           hope for so many of us during this
                                                                                    unprecedented year.
       Rivka, Jonathan, Carrie, Olivia and I wish you all a Chag Sameach.

       Jordan Wolf

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