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              A Message from the Editor

                                         Diane Rein

                             Great Neck Synagogue Magazine
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        Welcome to the Passover edition of
        SCOPE magazine!

        I hope you enjoy reading the varied articles. I encourage you
        to write for the next SCOPE edition (Rosh Hashanah) and share
        your own personal and meaningful stories or experiences with
        our readers.
        I would like to express thanks to the many people who, since
        SCOPE was restarted fifteen years ago, have contributed to our
        many issues and provided strong support. This includes Rabbi
        Polakoff, Rabbi Lichter, each President of GNS over the past 15
        years, Chazzan Spinner, each Rabbinic Intern of GNS over the
        years, Ellen Polakoff, Katie Lichter, Rabbi Jensen, Dr. Mike Atlas,
        Morah Zehava Atlas, and the leadership of the GNS Sisterhood
        and Men’s Club. Behind the scenes, Mark Twersky, Jimmy Frisch
        and Paula Minsky are always helping to make each issue suc-
        cessful. Thank you very much!
        Andrew Allen, our wonderful Art Director, spends countless hours
        always thinking about how to create and re-create this beautiful
        magazine.  Please email him at to
        thank him for his dedication, effort and hard work. I am grateful
        to have the privilege of working with him on every issue for the
        past 15 years!
        This year, like last year, may be a difficult Pesach for many people
        so please reach out to the ill, elderly and homebound members of
        our shul to wish them a Happy Pesach and let them know we are
        thinking of them and available to help them if they are in need.
        If you would like to be a member of the Bikur Cholim committee
        to call, visit or bring food to someone or if you know someone
        who can benefit from our outreach, please email me at drein@

        On behalf of my husband, David, and our children, Alexander, Oli-
        ver and Sophia (and our puppies Pecan and Winter), I wish you all
        a Chag Sameach!

        Diane Rein

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