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THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THE FOLLOWING SCOPE SPONSORS FOR THEIR STRONG & CONTINUED SUPPORT                                                                    • General Dentistry
                                                                                                                                                 • Braces & Invisalign for Children, Teens & Adults  Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center
                            Sharona Abraham                                          Joan & Henry Katz                                                      • Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentistry             of Greater New York
                            Lisa & Alan Adler                                      Carol & Jeffrey Kaufman                                                • Implant Surgery and Reconstruction
                          Marcy & Daniel Aharon                                   Sydelle & Robert Knepper                                                              • Pediatric Dentistry     
                 Ellen & Andrew Allen in memory of their parents                    Tami & Greg Kramer                                                            • Digital Impression Scanner
                                                                                                                                                                          • Snoring Devices
              Harriet & Louis Allen z”l and Eleanor & Sheldon Schaffer z”l          Celia & Jack Lemonik                                                        • Complete Smile Rejuvenation                  844-44snore
                             The Allen Family                    Larry Levitas & Sharon Janovic in memory of Sharon’s brother, Louis Meltz z”l
                in memory of Paul Allen z”l, beloved son, dear brother          Judy & Richard Lillien and Family                                       • Patented “Whitening For Life” Program
                                                                                                                                                                • Dental Sleep Apnea Devices
                       Ellen & Andrew Allen in honor of                            Cindy & Glenn Ludwig                                                          • Soft Tissure Laser Dentistry
                    Rabbi Dale Polakoff and Rabbi Ian Lichter
                                                                                    Michal & Ron Malen                                                        • 3D Digital Cone Beam Scanner
             Ellen & Andy Allen in honor of Rabbi Sholom & Aksana Jensen
                                                                  Susan Mayer, children & grandchildren in memory of Steven M. Mayer z”l,
               Ellen & Andy Allen in memory of Sandra “Sandy” Katz z”l       devoted husband, father & grandfather
              The Allen Family in memory of Silton “Jim” Prudhomme z”l  Annie & Robert Mendelson in memory of her mother Mali Meisel z”l
                         Rona & Reuben Askowitz                                    Ruth & Milton Mitzner
              Sheila Bachman & Family in memory of Allan Bachman z”l
                          Eva & Frank Bachrach                           Belkis & Morris Nasser in memory of Jack Nasser z”l,
                                                                              Victoria Hercz z”l and Selma Suveke z”l
                          Avigayil & David Bakst
                            Ronit & Efi Basal                            Belkis & Morris Nasser in memory of Ezra Nasser z”l,
                           Emma & Bart Baum                                        Dina & Jon Ohebshalom
                          Lisa & Jeffrey Benjamin                                  Janet & Fred Pomerantz                                                                                               Written Up in NY Times, Best Dentists in America,
                 Esor Ben-Sorek in memory of Rahel Ben-Sorek z”l     Diane & David Rein in memory of her mother Helene M. Fink z”l                                                                           Who’s Who and the Queens Courier
                                                                               and his father Dr. Howard Rein z”l                                                                                        Listed in New York Magazine - Best Doctors Issue
          Moselle & Daniel Berkowitz in memory of her sister Hannah Kerben z”l
                         Robyn & Steven Blumner                          Marlene Rutkin in loving memory of Philip Rutkin z”l
                         Viviane & Arnold Breitbart                               Michelle & Norman Rutta
                                                                                    Aliza & Dov Sassoon                                                                                      Danoff Dental & Associates, LLP  Orthodontic Office
        Drora & Paul Brody & the Brody Bunch in honor of their daughter and sister Dana’s                                                                                                    49-33 Little Neck Parkway
              recent Aliyah, wishing her “Hatzlacha Rabba” in her new venture       Susan & David Sedgh                                                                                                                       4 Vista Drive
                  as an “Orechet Din” (attorney) at an Israeli Law Firm.  Anita & Aaron Seligson in memory of Abraham Seligson z”l                                                           Little Neck, NY 11362            Great Neck, NY 11021
                            Carol Buckmann                                            Chava Shalmon                                                                                          - (Handicap Accessible)          (516) 773-4133
                           Debbie & Hal Chadow                          Arlette & Raphael Shaya in memory of David Shaya z”l                                                                 (718) 229-4933
                          Roslyn & Zachary Dicker                       Arlette & Raphael Shaya in memory of Victoria Shaya z”l                                                    
                         Lorraine & Harold Domnitch                      Arlette & Raphael Shaya in memory of Vita Dayan z”l
                        Jacqueline & Stanley Fischer                    Arlette & Raphael Shaya in memory of Tikva Ambar z”l
                Sylvia & Norman Fisher in memory of their parents                 Florin & Howard Silberstein
                Esther & Saul Hirsh z”l and Molly & Henry Fisher z”l              Shoshana & Martin Sokol                                                                                    Dr. Scott Danoff  - Prosthodontist
                      Sadie Frank & Family in memory of          Karen & Robert Spitalnick in memory of his grandfather Oscar Spitalnick z”l                                                 Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
            their beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Murray Frank z”l  Alan & Orly Steinberg in honor of SCOPE’s editor, Diane Rein                                                   Diplomate of the American Academy of Sleep and Breathing
       Marilyn & Jeffrey Freedman in memory of Hessie & George Freedman z”l       Pamela & Baruch Toledano                                                                                   University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
                                                                                                                                                                                             Postgraduate Prosthodontic Degree
                          Meryl & Mark Friedman                                       Roselin Wagner                                                                                         Former Chief of Prosthodontics at LIJ Hospital
                 Linda & Bob Glaser in memory of David Glaser z”l        Jeanne Walfish in memory of her sister Freda Fell z”l                                                               Fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics
             Sharon Goldwyn in memory of Belle & Solomon Goldwyn z”l                                                                (clockwise) Dr. Laura Danoff, Dr. Scott Danoff,
                                                                          Jerry Weinstein in memory of Judy Weinstein z”l           Dr. Jaclyn Danoff Rudick & Dr. Kate Danoff Geft
            Rita Gordonson in memory of her husband, Lew Gordonson z”l                                                                                                                       Dr. Laura Danoff - Orthodontist
                                                                                    Nate Weisel & Family
                           Erica & Eliot Heisler                           Lili & Alex Weiss in memory of Ignatz Weiss z”l                                                                   Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics
                                                                                                                                                                                             University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
            Helaine Helmreich in memory of Leo, Willy and Alan Helmreich z”l        Ellie & David Werber                          We now participate with:                                   2020 VIP Platinum Plus Provider of Invisalign
                 Cindy & Morris Hodkin in memory of their parents                Cynthia & Jeffrey Wiesenfeld                                                                                Top 5% of All Invisalign Providers
                Elizabeth & Louis Hodkin z”l and Bernard Korman z”l                                                               CIGNA
                                                                          Michele & Howie Wolf in memory of their parents,        Delta                                                      Awarded Top 25 Women in Dentistry in U.S.
                          Alisa & Michael Hoenig                         Ruth & Philip Berman z”l and Carrie & Julius Wolf z”l    MetLife
                Debbie & Robert Hollander in memory of her mother,                                                                                                                           Dr. Kate Danoff Geft - General Dentist
               Judith Sokol z”l and her sister Sharon Sokol Heisler z”l                                                           Assurant                                                   New York University College of Dentistry
                  Trudy Jettelson in memory of Jules Jettelson z”l                                                                Guardian                                                   Residency at North Shore University Hospital
                              Leslie Kahn                                                                                         United Concordia                                           Chief Resident at LIJ Dental
                          Louise & Leonard Kahn             Great Neck Synagogue Magazine  Great Neck Synagogue Magazine  Great Neck Synagogue Magazine  S | C | O | P | E  Principal Financial Group  Fourth Generation Dentist
                                                                                                            Great Neck Synagogue Magazine
                                                                            S | C | O | P | E
                                                            S | C | O | P | E
                                                                                            S | C | O | P | E
                                                            | Generation to Generation  on to   Passover 2019  Rosh Hashana 2020  Chanukah 2019   | Generation to Generation on to   Passover 2018  DDS inc.  Dr. Jaclyn Danoff Rudick - Orthodontic Resident
                                                                                  Tishrei 5781
                                                                  Nissan 5779
                                                                                                                  Nissan 5778
                                                                                                  Kislev 5780
                                                                                      Our Synagogue
                   We encourage our readers to be SCOPE sponsors.   Interview with Chazzan Yitzy Spinner     By Rabbi Dale Polakoff       Interview with David Mavashev,   United Healthcare  Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine
                                                                                     During a Pandemic
                                                                                                    GNS Youth Alumnus and
                                                                                                     Current IDF Soldier
                                                                      By Sophia Rein
                                                                                                      By Tsofia Atlas
                                                                     Two Tickets to Paradise  Faith in Uncertain Times            BCBS (PPO & GRID)
                                                                      By Scott Mayer
                         If you would like your name to be listed on   Mysteries of the Aleppo Codex  William Helmreich z”l  From Shekel To Chanukah Gelt     | Generation to Generation |   Residency at North Shore University Hospital
                                                                                     By Rabbi Ian Lichter
                                                                                                     A Modern Day Exodus
                                                                                                     By Pnina Gabler
                                                                     By Dr. Arnold Breitbart
                             this page in our next issue of SCOPE,    | Generation to Generation |  Toscanini, Huberman and   Professor & Author  City of David Excavations                  Fourth Generation Dentist
                                                                                                     By Stanley H. Fischer
                                                                                      By Diane Rein
                                                                      the Birth of the
                                                                                                    Top Ten Finds From the
                                                                                      Adapting to
                                                                     Israel Philharmonic
                                                                                     Remaining Faithful
                              please contact Mark Twersky in the     By Carol Buckmann     By Andy Allen     By Dr. Arnold Breitbart                Open Sunday Through Friday               Currently attending NYU Langone Orthodontic Specialty Fellowship
                                                  SCOPE Magazine Passover 2021   10
                               Synagogue office (516) 487-6100.
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                                                               SCOPE Magazine Passover 2019    1  Great Neck Synagogue adapting and remaining hopeful
                                                                The Haggadah, The Family at the Seder
                                                                  Arthur Szyk ©1935            ‘When the Woodcutter Leaves For Home’,
                                                                                                 Watercolor, ©Alan Falk 2005
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