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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5780                      COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               TOUR DE SIMCHA AND BIKE4CHAI
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               Are you interested in joining a ride of a lifetime?
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Tour de Simcha - July 14th, 2020
         GREAT NECK AREA PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW.         Bike4Chai - August 12-13th, 2020
                                                             Learn more at a parlor meeting at the home of Talia & Sol
         OFFICE HOURS FOR RABBI POLAKOFF                     Goldwyn, 22 Vista Dr. on Tuesday, Feb. 11th at 7:30 pm.
         Tuesdays 10:00-12:00; Thursdays 1:00-3:00. He can
                                                             For more info: Chazan Spinner at
         always be reached via 516.637.3674/
         Deadline to register for the GNS trip to Central Europe for   Sunday, Feb. 23rd from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm at YU’s Wilf
         July 13-21, 2020 with Chazzan Spinner is February 15th.    Campus, Furst Hall, 500 West 185th Street. Conference
                                                             entitled “Who Shall Live & Who Shall Die?”: Patient
         YOUNG FAMILY FRIDAY NIGHT AT GNS                    Autonomy & Decision-Making in Modern Medicine.
         Join us Friday evening, Feb. 28th for a Shabbat evening   Pre-Register online at
         filled with great food, friends and entertainment for the
         kids. Cost is $125/family and $150/family for non-  GATHER & GIVE SINGLES EVENT
         members. RSVP by Feb. 21st at or 516.487.6100.   Wednesday, Feb. 26th at 7:30 pm at Leonard’s of Great
                                                             Neck. Come help pack groceries for families in need while
         BIKUR CHOLIM – MISHLOACH MANOT                      meeting new people! Singles only: Ladies 23-35/Men 25-39.
         For Purim, the GNS Bikur Cholim Committee is planning to   RSVP in advance preferred - text 516.410.6869.
         distribute Mishloach Manot to members of our shul that are
                                                             Irvin Spira & Family would like to thank Rabbis Polakoff &
         ill or homebound. If you would like to volunteer to make
         deliveries or sponsor Mishloach Manot ($18/person and   Lichter, Mark Twersky, the Shiva Chesed Committee and the entire
         there are about 36 recipients), please contact Diane Rein at   community for their outpouring of support following the passing Thank you very much!             of his beloved sister, Agnes Shkarofsky z”l.
         SISTERHOOD                                                                                        Saturday, 20 Shevat

         The Sisterhood Soul-Cycle event was a SOLD OUT event             Amy Goldberg-Reiss for Marvin Goldberg
         and great success! Many thanks to Tami Secunda Kramer             Lynn Steinberg for Benjamin Katzwer
         for organizing the event and to our 50 riders for making it a     Carol Karbowitz for Benjamin Katzwer
         great night. Thank you also to our sponsors: Lillian Chubak,      Robert Knepper for Elizabeth Knepper

         Doreen Hadid, Erica Heisler, Deborah Hollander, Dalia                  Ruth Seif for Norman Seif
         Jacob, Vivian Kron, Ilana Kroll, Judy Secunda, Tami                                Tricia Moslin for Harry Solomon
         Secunda Kramer and Lili Sedaghatpour. We truly appreciate           Robert Sperber for Pearl Sperber
                                                                                  Sunday, 21 Shevat
         everyone’s support!                                                 Idida Kaplan for Aba Abramovsky
         SISTERHOOD PURIM CARDS & MISHLOACH MANOT            Y               Iraj Kashani for Monavar Kashani
         Sisterhood’s Purim card designed by Celia Lemonik is                 Gitty Louzoun for Israel Malek
         available for purchase, $18/10 cards or $2.50 each. Pick up         Gitty Louzoun for Pessel Neuwirth
         at the shul office or call Judy Lillien at 516.487.6845. Look   A   Annie Mendelson for Mali Meisel
                                                                                 Monday, 22 Shevat
         also on page 5 for Mishloach Manot from the Sisterhood!              Arnie Flatow for Morris Flatow
         SPIKEBALL TOURNAMENT                                H                Diane Seidle for Louis Melnick
         Join us on February 17th - President’s Day, at 10 am                 Rita Silverman for Dora Pentol
         for a Spikeball Tournament benefiting Emunah at North   R         Perry Schneider for Samuel Schneider
         Shore Hebrew Academy High School, 400 N. Service Rd.                    Tuesday, 23 Shevat
         For more information, contact event chairmen Aron Orbach   Z       Shelia Bachman for Max Bachman
         & Josh Shatzkes or visit                    Halina Greenwald for David Greenwald
                                                                             Albert Safdieh for Irene Lipstein
         FLORENCE SHAFFER SCHOLARSHIP                                                               Phil Hanfling for Julius Schneider
                                                                                Wednesday, 24 Shevat
         For all high school girls who are seniors and are concerned      Matt Gartenhaus for Stanley Gartenhaus
         about finances during their first year in College or gap year   I       Thursday, 25 Shevat
         learning in Israel, contact Mark Twersky for a Florence    Mark Abraham for Shalom Yitzchak ben David Abraham
         Shaffer Scholarship Application.                    T            David Birnbaum for Andor Jack Birnbaum
         FRIENDS OF ACCESS ISRAEL                                                               Moselle Berkowitz for Hannah Kerben
         Yasher Koach to Joe Sokol for participating in the “Friends        Reuben Kerben for Hannah Kerben
                                                                            Abraham Krieger for Tonia Krieger
         of Access Israel” - Kilimanjaro 2020 Family Trek Climb to            Joshua Olshin for Morris Olshin
         the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of 27 people from         Carol Karbowitz for Johanna Schwarz
         around the world. Some with severe disabilities, Joe will          Lynn Steinberg for Johanna Schwarz
         help push them up the mountain in a specialized wheelchair               Friday, 26 Shevat
         engineered in  Israel to prove people with disabilities can         Raphael Shaya for Tikvah Ambar
         be included and live a normal life. If you’d like to make a          Ruth Seif for Hadassa Dolinsky
         donation, please visit                   Diane Rein for Helene Marcia Fink
         campaign/carpe-diem5/josephsokol1                                 Sharon Goldwyn for Abraham Kessler
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