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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5780                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Ilene & George Schuman on the upcoming
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               marriage of their son Brian to Ashley Dreyfus, daughter of
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Lisa Rothblum and Stephen Dreyfus. Mazal Tov as well
         GREAT NECK AREA PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW.         to grandfather Paul Weinberg.
         OFFICE HOURS FOR RABBI POLAKOFF                     Mazal Tov to Brenda & Ed Parver on the Bar Mitzvah of
         Tuesdays 10:00-12:00; Thursdays 1:00-3:00. He can           r grandson Binyamin, son of Michele & Sean
         always be reached via 516.637.3674/    Rosenblum.
         SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST                                        TOUR DE SIMCHA AND BIKE4CHAI
         Sunday Morning Breakfast is sponsored by Carol & Chuck   Are you interested in joining a ride of a lifetime?
         Berlin in memory of Carol’s mother Lotte Bravmann z”l.   Tour de Simcha - July 14th, 2020
                                                             Bike4Chai - August 12-13th, 2020
                                                             Learn more at a parlor meeting at the home of Talia & Sol
         The info session for the trip is tonight - Monday, January   Goldwyn, 22 Vista Dr. on Feb. 12th at 7:30 pm.
         13th at 7:30 pm. The deadline to register is February   For more info: Chazan Spinner at
         15th. For more information, email
                                                             SHAARE ZEDEK NYC HALF MARATHON
         Join us for a Shabbat luncheon with Brad Gordon and            Please join Team Shaare Zedek as a runner in the NYC Half
         AIPAC on Shabbat, February 1st.  Cost is $40/adult;   Marathon for Shaare Zedek Medical Center to support the
         $25/children under 12; $140/family maximum. Sign up at   Emergency Room expansion. The NYC Half Marathon will
                                                             take place Sunday, March 15, 2020. For further info please or by calling the office at 516.487.6100.
                                                             contact Sharon Goldwyn at
                                                                                 Saturday, 21 Tevet
         Join the Sisterhood at SoulCycle in Roslyn on Thursday,              Lev Dynkin for Rashe Dynkin

         February 6th at 7:15 pm. Sign up by Jan. 25th at                      Semyon Dynkin for Rashe Dynkin Non riders are welcome         Helaine Helmreich for Dorothy Gewirtz
         to sponsor.                                                       Helaine Helmreich for Perry Gewirtz
         SECURITY COMMITTEE                                                    Lisa Adler for Irma Swartz
         If you are interested in serving on the GNS Security                 Joyce Swartz for Irma Swartz
         Committee, please contact either Erran Kagan or Mark                Ronald Swartz for Irma Swartz
         Twersky.                                                            Steven Swartz for Irma Swartz
                                                                                  Sunday, 22 Tevet
         PESACH SCOPE DEADLINE AND SPONSORSHIP                               Carol Berlin for Lotte Bravemann
         Please submit all SCOPE magazine articles, recipes,                  Arnie Flatow for Miriam Flatow
         photos, ads, sponsorships and any other material by          Y   Anita Beretz for Seigfried Reischenberg
         Monday, February 3rd to Diane Rein at                                    Monday, 23 Tevet  Thank you very much to our SCOPE   A            Susan Mayer for Hans Abramson
         sponsors (we have about 80!) for their strong support by          Judith Weinstein for Ruth Kloogman
                                                                              Klara Brand for David Sabov
         sponsoring 3 issues (Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and              H     Ivor Schneider for Lily Schneider
         Pesach) for a total cost of $100 for the year. We strongly          Linda Bunim for Isadore Shapiro
         encourage others who are not currently SCOPE sponsors to  R           Mel Fox for Leah Solomon
         have their names added. You can dedicate the sponsorship            Sue Talansky for Moty Stromer
         in honor or in memory of a loved one. Thank you so much!   Z     Mansour Farhadian for Yedegar Yedegar
         HOLOCAUST WALL                                                                           Tuesday, 24 Tevet
                                                                              Albert Benak for Esther Benak
         This is the picture of the Holocaust Wall. We have already   E      Laura Danoff for Sonia Herman
         identified the pictures that are outlined in black but still      Jerrald Weinstein for Sara Weinstein
         need your help to identify all the pictures. Please call the   I       Wednesday, 25 Tevet
         office to identify the photo. Thank you!                         Mordechai Ahdut for Ezat Miriam Ahdut
                                                             T                Pauline Levy for Phyllis Cohen
                                                                            Tzipporah Gruber for Paula Mandell
                                                                            Omid Rahmani for Enayat Rahmani
                                                                           Robin Bours for Theresa Lynn Siegel
                                                                                 Thursday, 26 Tevet
                                                                            Seymour Cooper for Miriam Cooper
                                                                           Akiva Fishman for Rabbi Eli Fishman
                                                                          Sharon Goldwyn for Abraham Goldwyn
                                                                                   Friday, 27 Tevet
                                                                          Tina Machnikoff for William Machnikoff
                                                                           Zehava Atlas for William Machnikoff
                                                                           Daniella Muller for William Machnikoff
                                                                            Sydelle Knepper for Michael Marin
                                                                             Harriet Nathel for Gerald Nathel
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