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Parshat Shemot                                                          January 18, 2020  21 Tevet, 5780
                                                 Rabbi Sacks on Parshat Shemot
             ARTSCROLL   292           She is one of the most   fetch it. Opening it, she saw   and got the child’s own
                 HERTZ  206            unexpected heroes of the  the boy. The child began to   mother. “Take this child and
                                       Hebrew Bible. Without   cry, and she had pity on it.   nurse it,” said Pharaoh’s
                 HAFTORAH              her, Moses might not    “This is one of the Hebrew   daughter. “I will pay you a
            ARTSCROLL   1146           have lived. The whole   boys,” she said (Ex. 2:6).   fee.” The woman took the
                                                                                           child and nursed it. (Ex. 2:7
                                       story of the exodus would
                 HERTZ  225            have been different. Yet   Note the sequence. First, she   –9)
                                       she was not an Israelite.   sees that it is a child and has
                    Aufruf                                               pity on it. A natural, human,   The simplicity with which
                                       She had nothing to gain,
                                                                                           this is narrated conceals the
                                                               compassionate reaction. Only
                                       and everything to lose,
                       of                                             then does it dawn on her who   astonishing nature of this
               Brian Schuman           by her courage. Yet she   the child must be. Who else   encounter. First, how does a
                                       seems to have had no    would abandon a child? She   child – not just a child, but
                     Times             doubt, experienced no   remembers her father’s decree  a member of a persecuted
                                       misgivings, made no
                                       hesitation. If it was   against the Hebrews. Instantly  people – have the audacity
           Candle Lighting      4:35 pm   Pharaoh who afflicted the   the situation has changed. To   to address a princess?
           Mincha               4:35 pm   children of Israel, it was   save the baby would mean   There is no elaborate
                                                               disobeying the royal command.  preamble, no “Your royal
                                       another member of his
           Hashkama             8:00 am   own family who saved   That would be serious enough   highness” or any other
                                       the decisive vestige of   for an ordinary Egyptian;   formality of the kind we are
           Youth Minyan         8:30 am                        doubly so for a member of the  familiar with elsewhere in
                                       hope: Pharaoh’s                                     biblical narrative. They
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   daughter. Recall the   royal family. Nor is she alone   seem to speak as equals.
                                                               when the event happens. Her
                                       context. Pharaoh had
           Main                 9:00 am   decreed death for every   maids are with her; her slave-  Equally pointed are the
                                       male Israelite child.   girl is standing beside her. She  words left unsaid. “You
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am                        must face the risk that one of   know and I know,” Moses’
                                       Yocheved, Amram’s wife,   them, in a fit of pique, or even  sister implies, “who this
           Gemara Shiur         4:00 pm   had a baby boy. For three   mere gossip, will tell someone   child is; it is my baby
                                       months she was able to
           Mincha               4:30 pm   conceal his existence, but   about it. Rumors flourish in   brother.” She proposes a
                                       no longer. Fearing his   royal courts. Yet she does not   plan brilliant in its
           Shabbat Ends         5:44 pm                        shift her ground. She does not  simplicity. If the real
                                       certain death if she kept   tell one of her servants to take  mother is able to keep the
           R’ Reisman Video     7:30 pm   him, she set him afloat   the baby and hide it with a   child in her home to nurse
           Shiur                       on the Nile in a basket,                            him, we both minimize the
                                       hoping against hope that   family far away. She has the
           Sun. Jan. 19      7:30/8:30 am   someone might see him   courage of her compassion.   danger. You will not have to
           Teen Minyan          9:30 am   and take pity on him.   She does not flinch. Now   explain to the court how
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   This is what follows:   something extraordinary   this child has suddenly
                                                                                           appeared. We will be spared
                                                               happens: The [child’s] sister
           Tue., Wed. & Fri.     6:45/7:45 am   Pharaoh’s daughter went   said to Pharaoh’s daughter,   the risk of bringing him up:
           Mincha               4:45 pm   to bathe in the Nile, while   “Shall I go and call a Hebrew   we can say the child is not a
                                       her maids walked along   woman to nurse the child for   Hebrew, and that the
                   Latest Times for    the Nile’s edge. She saw   you?” “Go,” replied Pharaoh’s   mother is not the mother
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   the box in the reeds and   daughter. The young girl went   but only a nurse. Miriam’s
                                       sent her slave-girl to
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           Jan. 25          9:39/10:28 am
                                                        in honor of the upcoming marriage
                    Next Shabbat                                             of their son Brian to Ashley Dreyfus
           Candle Lighting      4:44 pm         Bima Flowers are sponsored by Paul Weinberg
                                           in honor of the aufruf of his grandson Brian Schuman
           Mincha               4:45 pm
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