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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5780                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Jonathan Brisman and Stacey Brisman on
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Zoe.
         GREAT NECK AREA PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW.         The Mikvah hours for November will be 5:30 - 10:30 pm.
         Tuesdays 10:00-12:00; Thursdays 1:00-3:00. He can                                     st
                                                             On Saturday evening, December 21  at 8:00pm there
         always be reached via 516.637.3674/    will be an event in Great Neck for unmarried people in their
                                                             30’s and 40’s to meet each other. If you are interested in
         Women’s Tefila is sponsored by the Brisman Family in            attending or know someone who is interested, please
         honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Zoe.     contact Rabbi Lichter at for more
                                                             HOLOCAUST WALL
         Considering Buying a Home in Israel? Top 10 Things to   We have identified 20 out of the 78 pictures and are still
         Know. Join us tonight Monday Nov. 25th at 8:00 pm at   asking people who donated pictures for the Holocaust Wall
         Great Neck Synagogue for a panel presentation led by    to call the office and identify their photo. Thank you!
         Gedaliah Borvick of "My Israel Home". For more
         information, please contact   CANDLES FOR MEOROT — CHANUKAH CAMPAIGN
                                                             Please support Judaic Studies Special Education within our
         RAFFLE PRIZES FOR GNS ANNUAL DINNER NEEDED          community by participating in the Candles for Meorot
         If you would like to sponsor or partially sponsor two special   campaign. Purchase of gift boxes of wax or oil candles are
         grand prizes for the upcoming annual dinner or if you   available, as well as, Sponsorships of Learning at Meorot.
         would like to donate a raffle prize, please contact raffle   To contribute visit:
         chairs Dina & Natan Hamerman at
         (, Michal & Steven Rosenzeig   TOUR DE SIMCHA AND BIKE4CHAI
         ( or Ilana & Aaron Wallenstein   Are you interested in joining a ride of a lifetime?
         ( Thank you!                       Tour de Simcha - July 14th, 2020
                                                             Bike4Chai - August 12-13th, 2020
         SISTERHOOD CHALLAH BAKE                             For more info: Chazan Spinner at
         Join the Sisterhood on Wed., Dec. 11th at 6:30 pm for a   BAR AND BAT MITZVAH PROJECT WITH THE JDC
         Challah Bake led by Mindy Leventhal. The cost is $20/  If you are interested in a bar or bat mitzvah project with the
         person and $26/person if a not a Sisterhood member.   JDC, the leading Jewish humanitarian organization, then
         RSVP is required to Ilana Kroll at 917.653.5224 or via   consider My JDC Mitzvah Project. For more information,
         email at                        please contact Sophia Rein at
         KENSINGTON GATE CHANUKAH LUNCH AND LEARN                                 Saturday, 2 Kislev
         Back by popular demand, please join Rabbi Polakoff for a            Cindy Ludwig for Florence Gelber
         Chanukah Lunch and Learn at the home of Joan & Henry               Michal Malen for Rhoda Hoschander
         Katz, One Kensington Gate, Apt. PH19 on Monday,                      Arthur Kirsch for Ruth Kirsch
         December 16th at noon. Dairy lunch will be served. We             Carol Karobowitz for Leopold Schwartz
         encourage you to sponsor the lunch in honor, in memory,   Y       Lynn Steinberg for Leopold Schwartz
                                                                                  Sunday, 3 Kislev
         and/or for refuah sheleimah for a love done at $36, $72, or      Anthony Berkowitz for Barney Berkowitz
         $180 levels. Rabbi Polakoff will read out the dedicated   A          Cindy Ludwig for Frank Gelber
         names at the luncheon. RSVP to Mark Twersky at                      Evelyn Henis for A. Richard Henis
                                                             H is required to attend and for                        Reuben Kerben for Lawrence Kerben
         sponsorship.                                        R            Moselle Berkowitz for Lawrence Kerben
         CHALLAH DELIVERY FOR GNS BIKUR CHOLIM                                Maxine Nasser for Jay Nasser
                                                                                  Monday, 4 Kislev
         Many people bake Challah for the refuah sheleimah of the   Z      Michal Rosenzweig for Claire Khazzan
         cholim in our community and we invite you to deliver                     Tuesday, 5 Kislev
         homemade (or store bought) challah or baked goods on   E            Norma Bilbool for Shimon Bilbool
         Friday, December 20th to enhance the upcoming holiday of   I           Lili Weiss for David Buch
         Chanukah for the ill and homebound GNS members. Please           Benjamin Lunzer for Julius Peter Lunzer
         contact Diane Rein at to participate.   T             Wednesday, 6 Kislev
                                                                            Roya Shavolian for Elyahu Amirian
         GNS YOUTH SATURDAY NIGHT PROGRAMMING                         Asher Davoudpour for Aharon Dovid Davoudpour
         6:00-8:00 pm: Boys & Girls Soccer for Grades 1-5                     Joseph Esrail for Saied Esrail
         Soccer with Coach Chris, Game Room, Movies, Pizza (for               Evelyn Henis for Albert Noah
         purchase).                                                       Elliot Diamond for Molly Diamond Shalm
                                                                                   Friday, 8 Kislev
         8:30-10:30 pm: Middle School & High School                        Michael Hoenig for Dr. Edward Hoenig
         Basketball (open gym); Fortnight games; Movies; Big               Abraham Krieger for Nathan Krieger
         Games on TV; Game Room; Pizza (for purchase).                       Magda Yehaskel for Mendel Wohl
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