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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5780                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Emma & Bart Baum on the Bar Mitzvah of
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               their son Jakob.
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Mazal Tov to Hindi & Ben Lunzer on the engagement of
                                                             their daughter Rachel to Mordy Weinsten, son of Chaim
                                                             & Rachel Weinstein.

                                                             NSHA OPEN HOUSE
                            Guests of Honor:                 Save the NEW Date - Open Campus Day and BBQ at NSHA -
              Lorraine & Harold Domnitch and Erica & Eliot Heisler    Sunday, November 10th, 16 Cherry Lane, Great Neck, NY
                                                             Prospective AND Current NSHA Families - join us for a Sunday
         Join us this Motzai Shabbat, Oct. 19th at 9:30 pm for a shiur   Funday NSHA experience including Early Childhood programming,
         by Rabbi Peysach Krohn in honor of Hoshana Rabbah. There will   simulated classrooms, science lab live, ed-tech pop up, music,
         be a dairy Melava Malka served.                     sports, NSHA Mercaz After School Activities and much more!
                                                             10:00-11:00: Prospective family breakfast with NSHA
                                                             administration and faculty 11:00-1:00: Open campus events and
         We are asking people who donated pictures for the Holocaust   BBQ for prospective and current NSHA families. Activities for
         Wall to call the office and identify their photo and who is in it.    parents and children of all ages! Register and read on about NSHA
                                                             Open Campus Day at The best way to
         The North Shore Mikvah hours for the month of October are   experience our exceptional academic programming is to visit us
         6:30 - 10:30 pm.                                    during a school day and see our talented and passionate faculty in
                                                             action. Schedule a private tour at
         GNS BIKUR CHOLIM THANKS YOU VERY MUCH               Questions about admissions? Contact Abigail Weiss
         The GNS Bikur Cholim is grateful for the tremendous outpouring (516) 487-8687 Ext. 167
         of support from so many members who sponsored beautiful
         Rosh Hashanah flowers, CD players and delivered delicious Yom   YESHIVA HAR TORAH OPEN HOUSE
         Tov challah/dessert to approximately thirty ill/homebound    Please join us at Yeshiva Har Torah's Open House on Monday,
         members. Thank you to our generous sponsors (in ABC order):   November 4th at 7:15PM. Experience firsthand what makes our
         GNS Sisterhood; Devorah & Phil Hanfling; Helaine & William   school, award-winning faculty, parent body, and administration so
         Helmreich; Debbie & Robert Hollander; Lisa & Erran Kagan;   unique. Nursery transportation options are available. To find out
                                                             more about the admissions process, call us at (718) 343-2533
         Dahlia & Mervin Klein; Tina Machnikoff; Annie & Robert
         Mendelson; Rivka & Carl Rosenberg; Michelle & Norman Rutta;   or register for the Open House at We look
         Rachel & Chazzan Yitzy Spinner; Jill & Ron Swartz. Thank you to   forward to seeing you on Nov 4th!
         our amazing volunteers who delivered challah/dessert (in ABC   BAR AND BAT MITZVAH PROJECT WITH THE JDC
         order): Sharon Ahdut and Sarah Ahdut; Lida Esrail; Sara              If you are interested in a bar or bat mitzvah project with the JDC,
         Feldschreiber and Molly Feldschreiber; Rebbetzin Katie Lichter;   the leading Jewish humanitarian organization, then consider My
         Rebbetzin Ellen Polakoff; Rachel Spinner; Marci Rabinowitz.   JDC Mitzvah Project. For more information, please contact Sophia
                                                             Rein at
         SHED THE MEDS

         The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District invites its                          Saturday, 20 Tishrei
         residents to SHED THE MEDS on Sunday, October 20th from           Jeffrey Freedman for George Freedman
         10:30 am-1:30 pm. Residents can drop off pharmaceutical              Mitchell Siegel for David Siegel
         waste at the district’s drive-thru located at 236 East Shore Road     Gail Setton for Morton Sorkin
         in Great Neck.                                                           Sunday, 21 Tishrei
                                                                                Jack Lipsky for Bill Lipsky
         MEN’S CLUB EVENTS                                                    Elaine Schneider for Otto Mayer
         Sun. Oct. 27th at 10:00 am: Rabbi Evan Hoffman will be                   Monday, 22 Tishrei
         speaking on a topic entitled “Deadly Betrayal.”      Y               Henry Katz for Maurice Fischer
         ANNUAL DINNER                                        A               Henry Katz for Rebecca Fischer
                                                                               Paul Brody for Nathan Weiner
         Please join us on Saturday night, Nov. 9th at 7:00 pm for a   H          Tuesday, 23 Tishrei
         “Night of Laughs & Intrigue.” Cost is $75/pp for MC members          Irene Dicker for Norman Dicker
         and $90/pp for non-MC members. New location is Temple Beth   R      Sharon Goldwyn for Morris Goldwyn
         EL of Great Neck with a great new dinner menu. RSVP with Mark       Florence Spira for Sydney Samson
         Friedman or the GNS office.                          Z               Robin Bours for Bernard Siegel
         CHANUKAH SCOPE DEADLINE AND SPONSORSHIP              E             Jerry Siegelman for Morris Siegelman
                                                                            Robert Sperber for Abraham Sperber
         Please submit all SCOPE magazine articles, recipes, photos, ads,      Drora Brody for Nissim Yeffet
         sponsorships and any other material by Monday, October   I             Wednesday, 24 Tishrei
         28th to Diane Rein at Thank you very much        Howard Lorber for Benjamin Lorber
         to our SCOPE sponsors for their strong support by sponsoring 3   T    Michael Maller for Rose Maller
         issues for a total cost of $100 for the year. We strongly             Ivor Schneider for Joseph Schneider
         encourage others who are not currently SCOPE sponsors to have        Drora Brody for Zecharia Yeffet
         their names added. You can dedicate the sponsorship in honor            Thursday, 25 Tishrei
         or in memory of a loved one. Thank you so much!                     Barbara Shaw for Hyman Schwartz
         CHAVERIM CENTER                                                  Leon Schwechter for Rachelle Schwechter
                                                                                   Friday, 26 Tishrei
         The next time Chaverim will meet will be on Wednesday,              Karen Ben-Sorek for Clarisse Perez
         November 6th.                                                        Phyllis Safdieh for Jack Shampan
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