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Parshat Vayeilech/Shabbat Shuvah                                       October 5, 2019  6 Tishrei, 5780
                                                       Rabbi Sacks on Vayeilech
             ARTSCROLL  1094           What do you do when     Lord has told me, ‘You shall   family and career. They had
                  HERTZ   887          you have achieved it all,   not cross this Jordan.’” Rashi   a vision of the self they
                                       when you have risen to   points out that the “I can no   wanted to become. By age
                  HAFTORAH             whatever career heights   longer” does not mean that he  70, some had achieved it
                                                                                           and were happy. Others had
                                       fate or providence has in  lacked the strength. It means
              ARTSCROLL 1204           store for you? What do   that he no longer had      achieved it only to find it
                  HERTZ  891           you do as age lengthens   permission. The moment had   not entirely satisfying. Yet
                                       its shadow, the sun sinks,  come when he had to hand on  others had been knocked off
                                       and the body is no longer  the role of leader to his   the mountain by
                     Times             as resilient or the mind   successor and disciple, Joshua.  misfortune. At a certain
                                       as sharp as it once was?   He himself stayed full of vigor,  age, though, many
                                       That has become a major  as the passion of his speeches   identified a second
           Candle Lighting      6:15 pm
                                       problem as life         in the book of Devarim,     mountain they wanted to
                                       expectancy has increased  delivered in the last month of   climb. This mountain was
           Mincha               6:15 pm   in most parts of the   his life, testify.        not about achieving but
                                       world. There has been                               about giving. It was less
           Hashkama             8:00 am   nothing quite like it in   To understand what Moses   about external
                                       history. In America, in   epitomizes at the end of his   accomplishment (success,
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   1900, average life   life, two closely related   fame) than about internal
                                       expectancy was around   concepts are helpful. The first   accomplishment. It was
           Main                 9:00 am   41 years, in Europe 42.5.   is Erik Erikson’s idea of   spiritual, moral; it was
                                       Today in Britain, for men   generativity, the seventh of his   about devoting yourself to a
                                                               eight life stages. Relatively late
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   it is 79, for women 83.   in life, he argues, many   cause or giving back to the
                                       Much of that has to do                              community. It is often, he
                                       with a huge reduction in   people’s perspective changes.   says, a yearning for
           Mincha                                5:45 pm       They begin thinking about
           Eat SS at home              infant mortality. None the   legacy, about what will outlive   righteousness, an inner
                                       less, the sheer pace in   them. Their focus often shifts   voice that says, “I want to
           Shabbat Shuvah       6:05 pm   the rise in longevity –   from self to others. They may   do something really good
           Drasha                      every decade since 1900,                            with my life.” This second
                                       life expectancy has risen   devote more time to family, or   peak, associated with later
           Shabbat Ends         7:20 pm   by about three years –   community, or care or   life, may well prove more
                                       remains remarkable.     voluntary work. Some mentor   significant to our sense of
           Sun. - Fri.        See Page 3   What will keep you young   young people who are   self-worth than the ego-
           Week’s Schedule               in spirit even if the body   following in their career path.   driven ascent of the first
                                       does not always keep    They make commitments to    mountain.
                                       pace?                   others. They ask themselves,
                   Latest Times for                            how can I contribute to the   The case of Moses sets all
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei   The biblical case study is  world? What trace will I leave   this in dramatic perspective.
                                       Moses, of whom we are   on those who will live on after   What do you do if you have
                                       told that even at the end  me? What, in the world, is   already achieved what no
           Oct. 5           9:49/10:47 am   of his life, “his eye was   better because of me?   human being had ever done
                                       undimmed and his                                    before or would ever do in
           Oct. 12          9:51/10:48 am   natural energy     The second and related idea is   the future? Moses had
                                       unabated.” At the       David Brook’s concept of the   spoken to God face to face.
                                       opening of today’s parsha
                    Next Shabbat                                             second mountain. Speaking to   He had become His faithful
                     Ha’azinu          he says, “I am now a    people over 70, he found that   servant. He had led his
                                       hundred and twenty      early in their lives they had   people from slavery to
                                       years old. I can no longer   identified the mountain they   freedom, put up with their
           Candle Lighting      6:03 pm                        were going to climb. They had
                                       come and go, and the                                complaints, endured their
                                                               specific aspirations about
           Mincha               6:05 pm
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