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Parshat Ki Teitzei                                                     September 14, 2019  14 Elul, 5779

                     TORAH                      Rabbi Sacks on Parshat Ki Teitzei
             ARTSCROLL  1046           Many years ago, Elaine   command in today’s parsha:   not pass by. Help him load
                  HERTZ   840          and I were being driven to  “Do not see your kinsman’s   it.” They said that, all other
                                       the Catskills, a long-time   donkey or his ox fallen on the   things being equal, if there is
                  HAFTORAH             favorite summer getaway  road and ignore it. Help him lift  a choice between helping an
            ARTSC. 1201 & 1199         for Jews in New York, and  it up” (Deut. 22:4). On the face  enemy and helping a friend,
                                                                                           helping an enemy takes
                                       our driver told us the
              HERTZ  857 & 818         following story: One    of it, this is one tiny detail in a   precedence since it may
                                                               parsha full of commands. But
                                       Friday afternoon, he was   its real significance lies in telling  “overcome the inclination”,
                                       making his way to join his  us what a covenant society
                 Bar Mitzvah                                         should look like. It is a place   that is, it may help end the
                                                                                           animosity and turn an
                                       family in the Catskills for
                       of                                                       where people are good   enemy into a friend. This,
                                       Shabbat when he saw a
                Noah Kerben            man wearing a yarmulke,  neighbors and are willing to   the ethic of “help your
                                       bending over his car at   help even a stranger in distress.  enemy” is a principle that
                 Bar Mitzvah                                         Its citizens care about the   works, unlike the ethic of
                                       the side of the road. One
                       of                                                       welfare of others. When they   “love your enemy” which has
                                       of the tires was flat, and
                Maxwell Stein          he was about to change   see someone in need of help,   never worked and has led to
                                       the wheel. Our driver told  they don’t walk on by. The   some truly tragic histories of
                     Times             us that he pulled over to   sages debated the precise logic  hate.
                                       the roadside, went over to  of the command. Some held
           Candle Lighting      6:49 pm   the man, helped him   that it is motivated by concern   In general, as the Rambam
                                       change the wheel, and   for the welfare of the animal   states, one should do for
           Mincha               6:50 pm   wished him “Good     involved, the ox or the donkey,   someone you find in distress
                                       Shabbos.” The man       and that accordingly tsa’ar   what you would do for
           Hashkama             8:00 am                                                    yourself in a similar
                                       thanked him, took his   ba’alei hayyim, prevention of   situation. Better still, one
           Parsha Shiur         8:30 am   yarmulke off and put it in  suffering to animals, is a biblical   should put aside all
                                       his pocket. Our driver   command. Others, notably the
           Main                 9:00 am   must have given him a   Rambam, held that it had to do   considerations of honor and
                                       quizzical look, because   with the welfare of the animal’s   go “beyond the limit of the
           Beit Midrash         9:15 am   the man turned and   owner, who might be so      law.” Even a prince, he says,
                                       explained: “Oh, I’m not   distressed that he came to stay   should help the lowliest
           Gemara Shiur         5:40 pm                                                    commoner, even if the
                                       Jewish. It’s just that I   with the animal at a risk to his   circumstances do not accord
           Mincha               6:40 pm   know that if I’m wearing   own safety – the keyword here   with the dignity of his office
                                       one of these” – he      being “on the road.” The
           Shabbat Ends         7:55 pm   gestured to the yarmulke   roadside in ancient times was a   or his personal standing.
                                       – “someone Jewish will   place of danger. Equally the   All of this is part of what
           Sun. Sept. 15     7:30/8:30 am
                                       stop and come to help   sages discussed the precise   sociologists nowadays call
           Mon. & Thurs.     6:35/7:45 am   me.”               relationship between this   social capital: the wealth
           Tues., Wed. & Fri.    6:45/7:45 am   I mention this story   command and the similar but   that has nothing to do with
                                                               different one in Exodus (23:5):
                                                                                           money and everything to do
           Mincha               6:40 pm   because of its obvious   “If you see your enemy’s   with the level of trust within
                                       relevance to the
                   Latest Times for                            donkey fallen under its load, do
                Shema/Shemoneh Esrei
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